According to a StackOverflow survey, over 9.21% of professional developers use React Native in their coding. The framework is on par with its main competitor, Flutter, and continues to be beloved by the app development community. This technology allows businesses to create applications that feel native while using cost-effective cross-platform tools.

However, finding the right talent is never easy. Discovering candidates, conducting multiple interviews, creating technical tasks, and making a final choice are overwhelming parts of the process. In this article, we will walk you through the steps of locking in the best React Native developer for hire.


Quick Facts About Hiring React Native Developers

  • React Native is the 2nd most popular cross-platform mobile framework. Today, 32% of mobile developers use it in their coding.
  • Outsourcing to an IT partner in Eastern Europe will save money and deliver high-quality work. Rates here start from $40-$60 per hour. In comparison, in the US React Native developers charge $90-120 per hour.
  • 11.11% of apps in the top 500 of the US Play Store rating run on React Native. In total, there are more than 20,000 React Native apps with over 60 billion downloads.
  • React Native is most popular among the Food & Drink (16.85% of all), House & Home (16.53%), and Shopping (14.46%) app categories. It's also an excellent choice for building social media platforms, networking apps, on-demand service apps, marketplaces, e-commerce, and retail apps.

Hire React Native developers



Middle React Native Developer


Krakow, Poland


Part-time, 30 hours/week

Tetiana has 3 years of dedicated experience in mobile application development, specifically with React Native. She is proficient in JavaScript and React Native and has a solid understanding of Redux and REST APIs. Tetiana also has experience with Firebase and React Navigation. She has worked on integrating third-party libraries and APIs. She is familiar with Agile methodologies and tools like JIRA and Confluence. Among her recent projects is developing a travel and tourism app, where she implemented features for personalized itineraries and local recommendations.


Part-time, 30 hours/week

Tetiana’s work on our React Native app was exemplary. Her ability to quickly adapt and solve complex issues with REST API integrations was instrumental in our project's success.

Mobile App Development

Tetiana is a real asset. She knows her way around React Native and is always up for a challenge. Her work is solid, and she's super cooperative.

Mobile App Development

It's great having Tetiana on the team. She's quick, understands what needs to be done, and her coding skills in React Native are impressive for her level.




Senior React Native Developer


Kyiv, Ukraine



Oleh has 8 years of experience in software development, with the last 5 years focused on React Native. He is an expert in JavaScript (ES6+), React Native, and Redux. He has strong skills in GraphQL, Docker, and CI/CD pipelines. Oleh also has experience working with Android and iOS native modules and is proficient in using version control systems like Git and collaborative tools like Asana. He recently spearheaded a project for a smart home automation app, integrating IoT devices and ensuring seamless user interaction.



Oleh played a crucial role in developing our flagship product. His deep understanding of React Native and ability to integrate complex native modules set our app apart in the marketplace.


Simply put, Oleh is a React Native wizard. He's the guy you go to when you hit a tough problem. Always delivers and his code is top-notch.

Software Development

Oleh's technical skills are matched by his leadership qualities. He's been a mentor to many in our team, always pushing for excellence in our React Native projects.

Software Development



Junior React Native Developer


Odesa, Ukraine



Andrii has 2 years of experience in mobile app development, with a focus on React Native. He is skilled in JavaScript and React Native. He has experience with Expo, MongoDB, and Docker. Andrii is also familiar with Git, Trello, and the basics of Agile and Kanban. He recently contributed to developing an educational platform app, particularly in creating interactive and engaging user interfaces.



Andrii is a promising young developer. His enthusiasm for mobile development and quick learning ability in React Native have been a great asset to our team.

Mobile App Development

This guy's got talent. Even as a junior, Andrii shows a lot of promise with React Native. He's quick to learn and always ready to tackle new challenges.

Software Development

Andrii is a hard worker and a fast learner. Great at React Native and always eager to explore new technologies. He’s a great team player.

Healthcare Technology



Middle React Native Developer


Sofia, Bulgaria


Part-time, 20 hours/week

Ivanka has 4 years of experience in mobile development, focusing on React Native. She excels in TypeScript and React Native. She also has a good grasp of GraphQL and Node.js. Additionally, Ivanka is experienced in using tools like Bitrise for CI/CD and is familiar with Scrum methodology. She recently participated in creating an innovative fitness-tracking app focusing on real-time data synchronization across multiple devices.


Part-time, 20 hours/week

Ivanka's contribution to our project was pivotal. Her expertise in React Native and TypeScript helped us develop a highly responsive and user-friendly application. She is a dedicated and highly skilled developer.

Software Development

Ivanka is awesome to work with. She gets React Native like nobody else and always delivers on time. Her code is clean and easy to understand.

eCommerce App Development

Working with Ivanka is a breeze. She’s got a solid grip on mobile app development and is super helpful to the team. Always brings good ideas to the table.

Digital Marketing



Senior React Native Developer


Kyiv, Ukraine



Ivan has over 7 years of experience in mobile application development, specializing in React Native. He is an expert in JavaScript, React Native, and Redux. Also, he has extensive experience with RESTful APIs, Firebase, and AWS. Additionally, Ivan is proficient in using Git, JIRA, and Agile methodologies. Ivan recently led the development of a cross-platform e-commerce app, enhancing user experience and integrating advanced payment solutions.



Ivan's work on our mobile app overhaul was nothing short of exceptional. His proficiency in React Native and seamless integration with backend systems using AWS significantly boosted our app's performance. His contributions to the project were invaluable.

Software Development

Ivan is a real pro. He knows his stuff with React Native and always finds a way to solve tough problems. A reliable guy to have on your team.


I've worked with Ivan on several projects, and he never fails to impress. Great with code and easy to work with. He's always up for a challenge and nails it every time.

Mobile Solutions



Middle React Native developer

Vlad is a developer with a passion for mobile technologies and a focus on React Native. His experience includes working with startups to build responsive, user-centric applications.

Tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, Redux, Realm, GraphQL, Axios, Visual Studio Code, XCode, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, GitHub Actions



Lead React Native engineer

Sophia is a seasoned developer with more than 8 years in mobile development, specializing in React Native. She recently coordinated the launch of an e-commerce platform that led to a 30% increase in the client’s online sales.

Tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, React Navigation, Redux, Jest, Detox, Axios, Firebase, Fastlane, Jenkins, Git, Reactotron, Google Cloud Platform, XCode, Android Studio



Senior React Native developer

An innovative software engineer with more than 6 years of experience. Recently, Liam led the application development designed to streamline healthcare services, improving accessibility for thousands of users.

Tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, React Native, Redux, Jest, Detox, Node, Babel, Yarn, Git, Fastlane, CircleCI, Firebase, MongoDB Compass, Amazon AWS, Docker, Kubernetes, Terraform, Flipper, Adobe XD, Storybook, XCode, Android Studio



Middle React Native developer

Nataly is an experienced mobile app developer who specializes in corporate and industrial applications. The most recent project she worked on was an order management app for the retail industry.

Tech Stack: JavaScript, React Native, Redux, TypeScript, Java, C++, SQL, Realm, SQLite, Gradle, Visual Studio Code, XCode, Android Studio, Microsoft Visual Studio, Git, Windows, Linux, macOS



Senior React Native developer

A skilled developer with more than five years of experience in web and mobile development. Volodymyr is passionate about the high-quality development of powerful applications. Also, he has a little experience with developing backend parts for applications.

Tech stack: React, React Native, Redux, Saga, Preact, Expo, Node, Express, MongoDB, Amazon AWS, AppSync, DynamoDb, Firebase, Webpack, Gulp, HTML, CSS, Stylus, Adaptive layout (Media Queries, FlexBox), Bootstrap (framework), Xcode, Android Studio, Docker, Workbench, React Debugger, MongoDB Compass, Postman Photoshop, Illustrator

Looking for custom React Native app development services?

DOIT Software is a reliable IT partner that will assist you in finding the best candidate for your project. Get in touch with our Staff Augmentation specialists to discuss your ideas and bring them to life.

When to Hire Dedicated React Native Developers

React Native is a UI framework for building applications on Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. A platform-agnostic tool, React Native allows companies to create native-like applications with lower costs. The framework has already garnered a good reputation in the software development community, and for a good reason. Namely, it enables developers to create high-performance apps with incredible user experience.

Here are the most crucial reasons for hiring React Native developer:


React Native development company will improve your app performance.

Arguably, a native application trumps cross-platform solutions in regard to performance. However, React Native comes in a close second. The framework’s architecture allows developers to utilize the device’s features to create complex applications. Moreover, RN leverages the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) acceleration to render high-quality interfaces across devices.

React Native agency will save on your budget.

The ability to use the same codebase to launch apps on both Android and iOS is a great cost-saving approach. Moreover, your company will be able to release the product a lot faster than in native app development. As a result, you will have a high-functioning software solution that is 30% cheaper and twice as fast.

Hire dedicated React Native developers to access a large community.

This technology has attracted a significant community of loyal contributors. Whatever issue you might face, you will easily find a corresponding solution. Developers are welcome to create new tools and expand the technology.

React Native developers for hire

Contact DOIT Software to access a database of talented and seasoned React Native developers for hire. In our vast pool of candidates, you will certainly find a gem to complement your development team and bring your project to fruition.

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How to Hire the Best React Native Developers?

To hire React Native developers who are able fill in the skill gap, you need to conduct a thorough vetting process. A lot goes into choosing the right candidate on both the technical and personal levels. In this part, we will give you some pointers for hiring dedicated React Native developers.


3 Ways to Find React Native Developers

When deciding how to hire a React Native developer, you can choose among three main models: in-house, freelancing, or staff augmentation. Each option has its strengths and weaknesses that we will cover in this section.

hire dedicated react native developers ways to find developers

Hire an in-house React Native app developer

The traditional model, hiring React Native app developers in-house, is the most widespread recruitment model. You can find an expert in your area using platforms like LinkedIn and Indeed. The primary advantage of this model is introducing the coder as a team member. This way, they can be involved in long-term projects and become an integral part of the business.

The internal hiring option also has its downsides. Namely, the recruitment process is lengthy, tedious, and expensive. You must carry HR costs, including taxes, benefits, office equipment, signing bonuses, etc. On top of that, the industry is highly competitive, making it difficult to find the right candidate. Finally, this model lacks flexibility. If the person does not perform well, ending the contract is a challenging step.


Hire a React Native freelancer

Platforms like Fiverr and Upwork provide access to an infinite pool of freelance coders. This model is perfect for short-term projects that require specialized expertise in a certain topic. Peruse reviews and comments to find a candidate that matches your profile, personally and professionally. The most significant benefit of using this approach is cutting the costs of hiring.

However, freelancing can be detrimental if done poorly. To hire React Native experts that will perform their duties properly, you need to sift through hundreds of profiles. Moreover, if you fail to identify a reliable candidate, you can end up with a low-quality outcome.


Hire Dedicated React Native Developers

Also known as staff augmentation, this model implies contracting one or more React Native experts for the project’s duration. Such software development firms have a pool of candidates ranging from coders and testers to designers and project managers. Collaborating with IT agencies allows you to hire a specialist based on their experience and skill set.

The staff augmentation model suits businesses seeking flexibility and a faster hiring process. These companies will provide you with a list of the best candidates for the role. After a series of interviews, you will take your pick while the vendor will draft contracts. The same goes for the costs: your IT partner will carry all the expenses associated with recruitment. You will be simply issued a bill at the end of the month to cover the developer’s rates.

hire dedicated react native developers pros and cons of staff augmentation

The biggest deterrent from the staff augmentation approach is cost. There is a common misbelief that this type of employment is more expensive compared to other models. In reality, you will be paying a monthly fee for a coder’s work without worrying about other expenses such as benefits.

Hiring challenges and how to overcome them

Hiring dedicated React Native developers can be a daunting task, regardless of whether you’re building an in-house team, utilizing staff augmentation, or seeking freelancers. Here are the top 3 challenges you may encounter during the process and best practices on how to overcome them:


Skill Assessment

Identifying the best React Native developers requires a thorough evaluation of their skills and expertise. To mitigate this challenge, consider conducting coding tests, reviewing portfolios, and checking references.

Communication Barriers

Remote teams may face language barriers, time zone differences, and misinterpretations due to a lack of face-to-face interaction. Companies need to establish clear communication channels and schedules to bridge these gaps.

Project Management

Keeping everyone on the same page, tracking progress, and addressing issues promptly can be challenging when working with remote teams. Implementing project management tools and methodologies can help streamline this process.

By implementing an effective hiring process, you can successfully find the best React Native developers. Let’s dive deeper into developers’ skills evaluation.


How to validate a React Native developer?

The candidate vetting process comprises two main aspects: soft skills and hard skills. Hire dedicated React Native developers who possess the technical acumen necessary, as well as fit into your corporate culture setting. In this part, we will focus on the particular skill set that should be listed in the React Native developer job description.

Soft skills

Time management:

Hire a React Native developer who is capable of meeting deadlines. A good way of assessing time management skills is via a coding test. If the candidate submits the test before the deadline, they will likely meet them in the future. Although time trackers are widespread among companies with remote employees, having a team of developers who respect strict timelines is a big plus.

Communication skills:

Being a part of a team, React Native programmers are expected to have decent communication skills. Hire a React Native development team who can voice their concerns, resolve conflicts without escalation, and build professional relationships with colleagues.


The ability to work in a team is arguably the most critical soft skill for a React Native engineer. Teamwork is the backbone of any complex process and requires much effort from everyone involved. Not only are team members expected to support and help each other but also share their knowledge.
Hard skills for junior level

React Native

Obviously, candidates need to be familiar with the framework itself. The level of knowledge might differ depending on the rank, from junior to senior. However, even a junior candidate needs to have an understanding of React Native tools, including APIs and libraries.


JS coding skills are a must for almost all developing positions, and React Native is no exception.


A Javascript library that allows React Native application developers to build solutions that run in different environments.

Debugging and testing

Hire dedicated React Native developers who are familiar with scripting and running tests, as well as debugging activities.
Hard skills for mid-level positions

Mobile features

A React Native expert at this level should be able to develop device-specific features using this framework.


This position implies the usage of databases, such as Realm and Firebase, and data caching.

Third-party integrations

A mid-level developer has experience in integrating the application with external services such as PayPal and Google.

Application deployment

Hire dedicated React Native developers capable of installing, configuring, and maintaining an application.
Hard skills for senior level

Native languages

Senior engineers are expected to be well-versed in one or more native languages like Kotlin or Swift.

Near-native experience

By integrating frameworks and libraries, senior developers should be able to create applications that perform at the native level.


Continuous integration and delivery pipeline is a vital concept that senior developers must master. This practice allows companies to build clean code at a higher speed.

Hire dedicated React Native developers with DOIT Software, professionals with a focus on customer satisfaction. Get access to our best talent to extend your team and bring your ideas to fruition.

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Interview questions to hire a React Native developer

Assessing skills can be challenging, especially for someone inexperienced in React Native app development. To help you evaluate the candidate, we will provide you with some common interview questions and baseline answers. Using this cheat sheet, you will be able to identify your applicants’ expertise and make an informed hiring decision. Here are the most helpful React Native interview questions:


Name the main benefits of React Native.

The primary advantage that teams unlock with React Native is the ability to use a single codebase to build apps for Android and iOS. The framework is also user-friendly and allows developers to use JSX to create applications on React Native. In the end, businesses benefit from building apps cheaper and faster, while users receive high-functioning solutions that have a native feel.

What is JSX?

JSX is a syntax extension in Javascript that allows developers to write HTML within the code. To display dynamic information, React Native utilizes JavaScript functions that include markups. JSX is needed to represent the said markups. Typically used to define UI components, JSX is essential to React Native software development.

Why is JavaScript used in React Native?

For starters, Javascript code is embedded in every platform, including iOS and Android. For this reason, building upon widespread technology is a good strategy. On top of that, Javascript is an event-driven language, making it a perfect tool for creating dynamic interfaces. Whenever a user interacts with their screen, React Native recognizes the action and outputs relevant data.

What are React Native threads?

There are three threads in React Native processing: native or UI, Javascript, and background threads. The UI thread deals with the design of the application. Additionally, it is responsible for the native feel of the solution and event processing. The Javascript thread handles the logic of the application. Finally, the background thread builds a clear layout tree that the chosen system, Android or iOS, can understand.

What is the React Native Bridge?

The React Native Bridge is a thread manager of a sort. Whenever a user interacts with the app, the UI threads send a signal to the Javascript thread. This system connects the native side with the React Native side and allows the app to function properly.

What is the React Native boilerplate?

The React Native boilerplate is a set of tools that aid coders in writing clean code faster. It comprises templates and libraries to develop features and functions. For example, you can quickly set up user profiles and authentication without spending hours writing code lines.

How to onboard remote React Native developers

hire dedicated react native developers onboarding

Onboarding is not a simple straightforward process. Whether you hire an in-house employee or use a React Native consultancy, this step is vital to a fruitful collaboration. A personalized approach to every individual will aid you in growing your talents inside your company. Here are some tips that will facilitate a smooth and effortless transition:


Set up the development environment

To provide a seamless onboarding experience to newcomers, offer a quick technical setup. For example, the necessary hardware required for a React Native development firm includes a laptop or computer with enough processing power and memory. As for software requirements, install the IDE, debugging tools, version control, etc.

Introduce them to the codebase

If the React Native developer jumps on to an ongoing project, find the time to introduce them to the existing codebase. Communicate the current project stage, the roadmap, the architecture, and the next steps. The newcomer should also become familiar with the general workflow in the organization, including project management and communication tools. Finally, explain the standards and best practices of coding in your company.

Integrate them into the company culture

Convey the company’s mission and values, primary and secondary duties, traditions and regular events, etc. These actions will help to ease the transition and make the recruits feel more comfortable and welcome in their new place.

Inquire about their plans

If you expect the new employee to grow within your organization, ask them about their plans and aspirations. Working in an environment where communication is open allows people to flourish and reach their potential.

React Native Developers' rates

The developers’ rates will heavily influence the overall costs of the project. Hiring a team in the United States or Germany will leave you with a much bigger bill than React Native development agencies in India or Eastern Europe. Some companies value physical proximity over lower costs and prefer to hire dedicated React Native developers in their area. However, working with offshore teams also has its advantages.

hire dedicated react native developers rates

Outsourcing to an IT partner in Eastern Europe will save money and deliver high-quality work. This region is known for growing some of the most knowledgeable and experienced programmers. If you choose India or the Philippines, you will circumvent the language barrier. The biggest concern companies have with outsourcing overseas is the time difference. Albeit an issue, it can be solved with continuous communication, regular meetings, and cutting-edge project management software.

Here is a breakdown of the average React Native developer salary per year:

Monthly salary

United States

$100,000 to $162,000


$62,000 to $88,000

United Kingdom

$55,000 to $97,000


$40,000 to $75,000


$43,000 to $65,000


$15,000 to $32,000

The choice of country depends on your priorities. If you prefer to host in-person meetings on a regular basis, hire dedicated React Native developers in your location. If you are based in the United States and prefer operating in the same time zone, Brazil or Mexico could be decent choices. However, time differences can be handled using communication tools. If you prioritize resource optimization, Eastern Europe is arguably the best area. Countries like Ukraine and Poland offer reasonable rates while providing top-notch React Native mobile app development services.

Looking for remote React Native developers?

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The Most Common React Native Projects

React Native is a highly popular framework used due to its ability to create cross-platform apps with a native feel. Thus, it has become a go-to choice for many. Here, we will explore how the best React Native specialists leverage this framework.


#1 Social Media Apps

Social media apps require a seamless and engaging user experience across different platforms, which is where React Native shines. The framework allows React Native developers to build applications that perform well on both iOS and Android with a single codebase. This efficiency is essential for features like real-time notifications, news feeds, and multimedia content.

Instagram is known to have incorporated React Native into its app. The development team initially adopted this framework to enhance velocity and deliver the application faster for both iOS and Android platforms.

#2 eCommerce Apps

For eCommerce applications, providing a consistent and intuitive user experience on various devices is crucial. Thus, a company can hire a React Native developer to create solutions with a native look and feel. Moreover, they aim to achieve smooth navigation and quick load times, which are vital for keeping customers engaged and driving sales.

Shopify has adopted React Native for all its new mobile apps and is migrating its flagship merchant admin app, Shopify Mobile, to React Native. This strategy highlights Shopify’s commitment to utilizing RN’s cross-platform efficiency for its mobile applications.

#3 On-Demand Service Apps

On-demand service apps, like those for food delivery or ride-sharing, require real-time updates and location services. RN’s compatibility with third-party plugins and its ability to access device hardware like GPS make it an excellent choice. A React Native expert can easily implement complex functionalities specific to on-demand services.

UberEATS leveraged React Native to build its Restaurant Dashboard. This tool allows restaurants to manage orders and communicate effectively with delivery partners and customers. UberEATS’s use of React Native showcases the framework’s capability to handle real-time data and complex functionalities in on-demand service apps​.

#4 Fitness and Health Apps

Weather apps require real-time data updates and a seamless user experience across various devices. Thus, a company in this industry might want to hire a React Native developer, as the framework provides cross-platform capabilities. It also supports efficient data fetching and handling, which is crucial for displaying up-to-date weather information.

A notable example of a weather app developed using React Native is the Foreca Weather app. The team created a unified customer experience for both iOS and Android users, enabling agile development and efficient app maintenance. This approach allowed the developers to respond quickly to customer feedback and adapt smoothly to device and technology updates.

#5 Enterprise and Productivity Apps

For enterprise and productivity applications, React Native’s cross-platform functionality and seamless integration with enterprise systems are key. Businesses can hire React Native developers to create apps that integrate with various enterprise systems and databases.

Microsoft uses React Native in several well-known apps, such as Microsoft Office, Microsoft Outlook, and Microsoft Teams. The company utilizes the framework for both mobile and desktop platforms​

As we can see, many organizations ​​hire React Native programmers due to RN’s flexibility, efficiency, and ability to create a native-like experience. The framework empowers React Native application developers to build high-quality, cross-platform solutions that meet the diverse needs of today’s mobile users.

How to Hire React Native Developers: Summary

In this section, we will allow you to peek behind the curtain and explore the process of hiring React Native developers at DOIT Software. We have developed five simple steps for delivering the best candidates to our clients. It all starts with gathering project information from your organization to get an understanding of what you need. The second step is shortlisting candidates that meet your requirements. Next, we set up a series of interviews with your stakeholders and pre-selected developers to assess their expertise. Once you make a final decision and all the contracts are signed, our team helps the developer integrate into your team. Lastly, we provide ongoing support throughout the entire project.

As a result, you can hire React Native developers that meet your technical needs and cultural background. All you have to do is get in touch with DOIT Software to initiate the process and get a perfect placement within two to four weeks.

Hire dedicated React Native developers with DOIT Software and fill in the skill gaps on your team with the best talent in the industry. Reach out to our team to access the pool of seasoned coders and start your project in just a few weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to hire dedicated React Native developers?

The costs of React Native coders are contingent on the area of residency and their seniority level. For example, in the US, the average salary lies between $100,000 and $162,000. If you want to hire a dedicated React Native developer in Ukraine, the costs can be much lower: from $43,000 to $65,000. The discrepancy in the numbers stems from the differences in experience. In this case, a senior React Native developer’s salary would be closer to $65,000, while a junior coder would receive $43,000.

How do I hire React Native app developers?

First, choose the hiring model based on your needs and resources: in-house, freelance, or staff augmentation. Next, begin looking for the best React Native experts using various platforms and conduct interviews to assess their expertise. Aside from hard skills, ensure the interviewee possesses appropriate soft skills so as to work in a team environment successfully. Finally, don’t skip the onboarding process in order to facilitate a smooth transition.

What is the easiest way to hire dedicated React Native developers?

The simplest way to hire dedicated React Native developers is by using the services of a staff augmentation agency. These companies offer a straightforward hiring process that allows you to find the perfect candidates within a few weeks. Furthermore, this method is also cost-effective. With a React Native app development company, you will only pay the hourly rates of the chosen talent. In other words, the additional recruitment costs are entirely on the agency.

What are the top React Native app development companies?

The best React Native firms include Cheesecake Lab, a software development firm that focuses on strategic consulting and mobile app development. Their experts are well-versed in IoT, blockchain, AR/VR, and React Native app development services. Another prominent React Native mobile app development company is ScienceSoft. The agency, which has been around for more than 30 years, concentrates its efforts on mobile solution development across multiple industries. You can also outsource React Native app development services to DOIT Software, an IT Staff Augmentation company that specializes in hiring React Native developers for businesses of all sizes.

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