Flutter was created by Google in 2017 and despite being so young, this technology has vastly spread across the market. If you decide to hire Flutter developers, your cross-platform applications will have a faster time-to-market with a single codebase for all the platforms that this technology uses. This is both cost- and time-effective.

hire flutter developers stats

According to the stats above, about 42% of devs are using Flutter. If you look more closely at the charts, Flutter has had much more growth than other cross-platform development technologies.

So, let’s find out how you can hire a Flutter developer to power up your team!

Who is a Flutter developer?

A flutter app developer creates cross-platform applications that work and look like native ones. By creating apps with Flutter, development companies can quickly evaluate ideas, reduce time-to-market, and leverage the competition. It can be beneficial for startups and established companies due to the high productivity and cost-efficiency of this SDK. So, let’s get familiar with what it is and what benefits it brings to a business.


What is Flutter?

hire flutter developers

As we’ve stated above, Flutter is an open-source UI SDK meant for cross-platform development. Cross-platform development stands for the creation of an application that is compatible with a few operating systems. It’s cost-efficient since your tech team doesn’t have to create separate code for a different OS.

Aside from this, Flutter has a layered architecture that accelerates rendering and makes development quicker. You can engage a Flutter development company to create a smooth and user-friendly design since this technology is ideal for it. This will ensure that a user has the best in app experience possible and will use your app again. To learn why Flutter is the best choice for your app development, check out our article.

However, if you’re planning on hiring a Flutter app developer, you need to understand their areas of expertise. This will help you to evaluate their skills during their interview and their test tasks.

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Flutter developer responsibilities

A Flutter app developer would be a great addition to your team, due to the high versatility of the SDK. This technology makes it exceptionally easy to build an app design to engage users, enables the creation of custom widgets, and allows innovative ways of interaction with end-users, such as gamification, AR, etc. And with hands-on experience in mobile development, an expert like this can change the game for you by building a working MVP within 2 months.

So, if you’re going to hire Flutter developers, here is what you should expect from them:

  • Knowing what an Agile methodology is and how it can improve the workflow of your entire team;
  • Writing clean and readable code;
  • Following your company’s core values;
  • Being able to keep up with your deadlines;
  • Knowing how to optimize the code for the end-client. This makes an application user-friendly for devices with low-powered CPUs, short battery life, etc. Overall, optimized code makes your application attractive for all kinds of users.

To hire Flutter developers you should double-check their portfolio. If it’s possible, try using their applications and see how they work. Their apps must work smoothly, have an intuitive interface, and be fast and responsive. You should hire Flutter developers only if you’ve evaluated the projects they’ve worked on.


Skills to look for in a Flutter app developer

We can say a lot about how high-skilled a Flutter expert should be, but here are the most crucial things you need to evaluate.

Hard skills required for a Flutter developer:

Experience with:

Flutter technology (depends on the desired level, from 2 to 5 years);

Version control tools like Git;


Strong knowledge of:

ScoopedModel or Business Logic Components;

Dart (the programming language used for Flutter framework);

backend web services, like Node.js or Firebase;


Following the steps of the software development life cycle



Kotlin or Swift;

mobile development for Android or iOS specifics;

Unit tests.

To hire Flutter developers you need to ensure that they understand that the application must be responsive and productive. Flutter isn’t a simple technology to master and despite a lot of specialists knowing and working with this technology, the top ones are always hard to come by. So, keep reading to learn more about the evaluation process for hiring the best Flutter developers.

Flutter developer requirements: soft skills

Communication skills

The core specialists of any team always need to be on the same page. In IT, communication skills are the ability to wrap the technical details in words. This will make the development process more efficient from a business point of view, and assure that the app covers all of your requirements.



Flutter app developers will have to cooperate with UI designers as well as QA engineers and others to ensure the app’s optimization, high-quality UI, and code balance.



You can expect initiative and creativity from a Flutter developer, asking them to come up with ideas to improve the project overall.



One of the essential soft skills for any developer is a dedication to the project and the desire to improve it for a better customer experience.


Good English

A high level and understanding of English is needed if you decide to hire Flutter developers from anywhere outside of the English-speaking countries.

Soft skills are not to be disregarded, so please pay enough attention to them. For example, you might hire Flutter developers with lots of hands-on experience, but if they don’t share the same view on the project, you won’t achieve the desired results.

How to find high-skilled Flutter developers

Flutter has been holding the spot as the third most loved development tool in 2020 and it doesn’t seem to be letting go of its position.

Here are some steps you can take to hire Flutter developers who are qualified enough to make your mobile app development more efficient.


Choose the engagement model

hire flutter developers models of cooperation

There are several engagement models to pay attention to. You may hire Flutter developers to work onsite, find freelance devs, or try staff augmentation services. Each of these engagement models has its own benefits and downsides.

For example, it might be more expensive to hire Flutter app developers to work in-house. And moving on with staff augmentation or freelance specialists might be more cost-effective. So, let’s take a closer look at the engagement model so you can find the best one for your business.

Staff augmentation

You may hire Flutter developers to work onsite, but this is the most expensive option. You will have to pay a developer with middle experience level about $110,000-$160,000 annually.

Augmenting your staff with a Flutter engineer is a more cost-effective option since the rates will vary depending on the software provider. For example, if you hire Flutter developers from Eastern Europe, you’ll have to pay them only $4,000 - $6,000 monthly. And besides, you don’t have to spend any of your budget on recruiting.

Hiring Flutter developers as freelancers is the cheapest option. They may charge around $35-65 per hour.

In-house Flutter developer for hire is the best option in terms of communication. They work in your office and know everyone on your team personally, so they will likely have a unified vision of the project.

If you augment your staff with a Flutter developer from a vendor, they will most likely share the view on the project with you. They are interested in delivering the best result for your business.

Usually, you don’t pay freelancers for calls and meetings, so there might be gaps in your communication.

The qualifications of an in-house specialist is your primary concern. It all depends on who you hire and your desire to upskill them. If you want to cooperate with highly-skilled professionals, be prepared to pay more; the decision to work with juniors means that you have to train them and grow their skill level.

Staff augmentation allows you to hand on the talent pool research to someone else. The provider will find the best specialists that correspond with your requirements and will help integrate them into your team.

Usually, you don’t get to learn a lot about the freelancers’ previous experience. So, you can’t always evaluate their skills properly.

If you hire Flutter developers full-time, you have control and transparency over the development process. You can manage everything they are doing and can change the direction whenever you want to. But all the management is on you and you’re the only one to make your people deliver results on time.

Staff augmentation gives you the same feeling of control and if a developer decides to quit, you can replace them without losing much time or money. Choosing a dedicated team model of cooperation to find Flutter developers for hire, will allow you to focus on the business part of your project. Meanwhile, a project manager will ensure that the team keeps up with the deadlines.

Freelancers can resign from your project whenever they want to. In this case, you’ll waste more time and money replacing them.

To wrap it up a bit:

In-house development may seem like the best option at first, but it requires a lot of resources. Freelance might be the most cost-effective option, but it has a lot of risks. And staff augmentation is the safest choice to hire Flutter developers and get the quality results you desire.

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Where to find Flutter developers?

If you’re going to look for in-house Flutter app developers, you should check out their previous work experience on LinkedIn. This is the best social network for official communication and you can look at the specialists’ experience right there. Also, look at the Indeed website. It’s one of the best options for recruiting talent.

To hire a freelance Flutter developer you can check out several platforms: Freelancer, Fiverr, Upwork, etc.

And last but not least, if you’re looking for staff augmentation, you can find a reliable IT partner. They will allow you to hire Flutter developers according to your company’s needs and business requirements. You can look for the top Flutter app development company on Clutch or contact us to learn more.


Hiring offshore Flutter developers

The best way to make the development budget-friendly is by cooperating with offshore specialists. Compared to the Flutter app development companies in the US, Eastern European countries have the best software development rates.

Flutter development rates ($/hour)

Czech Republic




Eastern Europe


United States




So, what option should you choose? We strongly advise you to work with Flutter app development companies from Eastern Europe. It’s not only about lower rates, but some other benefits that define this country as one of the best choices for outsourcing.


Wide talent pool.

About 39% of respondents consider the limited pool of talent a number one hiring challenge, according to DigitalOcean. Hiring app developers should be easier in Eastern Europe, where you can find a specialist among 200,000 IT professionals.

Eastern Europe has the most convenient time zone.

If you live in the US or Canada, you will get the results of a developer’s working day delivered in the morning. If your place of residence is Western Europe or the UK, you won’t even feel the time zone difference since it’s just 2 hours apart.

High level of education.


Startups like Grammarly, GitLab, AJAX were born in Eastern Europe.

However, if you’re going to hire Flutter developers, you have to figure out how to perform a tech interview. So, let’s dive deep into these details!

How to hire the best Flutter developers?

So, when you’ve chosen the engagement model, the outsourcing destination, and researched the main areas of the Flutter dev’s responsibilities, you need to focus on how to evaluate their skills. Here are some tips that will help you conduct an effective tech interview.


Technical interview with Flutter developers

hire flutter developers skills

The technical interview allows you to find out more about the developer you’re potentially going to hire. They should have the following qualifications:

  • At least an Upper-intermediate level of English (if you’re working with an offshore specialist);
  • 2+ years of experience in Dart;
  • Have at least two apps developed with Flutter (that are deployed on AppStore/Play Market or the code samples are available on GitHub);
  • Experience with third-party libraries and APIs;

Aside from the qualifications, you may ask your future employee to pass a quiz or test assignment. This will allow you to see their skills in action and ensure that their theoretical knowledge is as good as their practical experience.

You should ask your technical lead to review their work and consult you on the best candidate if you lack a technical background. However, you may order a staff augmentation service and let the vendor do all this for you.

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Interview questions for hiring Flutter developers

Flutter developer skills are the first thing you should focus your attention on. Look for a candidate with strong hard skills to get the job done, and soft skills that would allow building seamless communication on your team.

So, here are the questions you should ask during the interview:


What’s your experience in Flutter?

This is a relatively new technology and a lot of people aren’t so proficient in it. You also may ask them what makes them passionate about this SDK to see how determined they are. The ideal candidate should have 2+ years of experience in Flutter development.

What additional qualifications do you have?

Maybe they attended courses or Bootcamp,developing skills that will be useful in their future job.

Do you have experience as an Android/iOS native developer?

This isn’t an obligatory skill, but it might be seen as an advantage and help you understand the background of a candidate.

Do you have a sample of your code on GitHub?

If so, ask them to share it with your in-house specialists to review. It’ll allow you to see their work beforehand and make some conclusions as to their applicable skills.

What differs in the handling of functions in Flutter?

In Dart, functions are first-class objects that can be passed as parameters. This helps write more clear and readable code.

How to ensure consistent formatting in Flutter code?

Use the DartFMT command to replace whitespaces.

How to format layout files?

There are none; Flutter uses Widgets instead.

How would you handle a stressful situation?

If they answer that they’d learn something from it even if they make a mistake, they can make conclusions out of failures and help your business evolve. This means that they won’t repeat the same mistake twice and will help others on the team refrain from making this mistake as well.

How to onboard Flutter developers

hire flutter developers onboarding

Up to 20% of new hires resign during the first 45 days of work, that’s why the onboarding process is essential.

Here are some tips regarding the onboarding process for Flutter developers:

  • Give them time for learning on their first days. Being a newbie in a company is complicated and they might need some time to get familiar with your processes.
  • Introduce them to other colleagues. Ensure that your new employee feels comfortable and knows who they can go to if something seems confusing.
  • Regular sync ups. Usually, check-ins are coming on days 30, 60, and 90. You’ll hear their thoughts and share feedback on their performance.
  • Let them know you hear them. If a new employee is proactive, let them share their ideas with the team.
  • Help your new staff member learn and understand their responsibilities; confirm and clarify tasks when they ask you to.
  • You may try to use pair programming if you have other Flutter developers engaged. For this, you unite the newly hired staff member with someone who has worked with your team for some time. This should smooth out the development process.
  • Use knowledge transfers to tell the new employee about the project, working process, and all other details they might need to know.
  • Build smooth task management with tools like Trello, Asana, or any other ones. Share instructions on how to use them to build a steady and seamless workflow.
  • Share with a new employee SRS and all the needed documentation related to the project’s architecture, etc. It’ll help them be on the same page with the rest of the team and have a clearer understanding of their responsibilities.

Now, let’s wrap it up with a short summary on how to hire Flutter developers!

Summary: How to hire Flutter developers

It’s essential to get the right people on board, that’s why DOIT Software focuses on hiring the top 5% of developers.

What will you get?

  • Flexibility to find the right person that will power up your team;
  • Predictable costs due to lower labor fees and 60% decreased taxes in Eastern Europe;
  • Fast scaling by extending your team with needed resources.
  • Clear communication, since 77% of Eastern European tech specialists speak Upper-Intermediate English.
  • Easy replacement of the staff, as it costs you $0 to find someone more relevant to your project.

DOIT Software will provide you with relevant developers just in 2 – 4 weeks. We validate and interview all candidates. That’s why the Flutter developers you will work with will have good communication skills, proactivity, Upper-Intermediate English, and strong hard skills.

Just share your requirements and receive relevant Flutter developers’ CVs within a week!

Frequently Asked Questions

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How much does it cost to hire a dedicated Flutter app developer in Eastern Europe?

It depends on the seniority level of the Flutter developer for hire. However, on average, it’s going to cost you about $40-60 per hour; but a Futter app development company from the USA will probably charge around $90-120 an hour.

How to choose the best company offering Flutter developers for your development project?

Review their website and portfolio, check customers’ testimonials, and set up a call. After you discuss all the questions, conduct tech interviews with the candidates to evaluate their experience.

What makes Flutter a start-up-friendly technology?

It’s fast and responsive. Flutter is a cross-platform framework that allows you to get Android and iOS apps without spending an extra 20-30% of your budget on development.

How much does it cost to build a project on Flutter?

It depends on the software complexity, the Flutter companies you work with, and your team size. On average, the development of a mid-sized Flutter app development cost is about $80,000.

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