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Fast scaling


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Wide pool of IT talents

Fast scaling

Be able to scale your core team quickly and without recruitment challenges to timely respond to the market changes. No team retention headaches.

Team Management

The development team, fully dedicated to your business, can be managed both on your and DOIT Software sides. Control your project quality as with an in-house team.

Hassle-Free Recruiting

Don’t waste months seeking candidates for your tech team. Rely on your IT partner for the dedicated team setup, avoiding the long-lasting hiring process and high local hourly rates.


Reduce costs by scaling resources up and down as needed. Save up to 60% of your budget on software development by hiring a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe.

Wide pool of IT talents

Expand your opportunities to find the right team with a wide pool of top-notch tech experts in particular niches, using nearshore or offshore dedicated team service.

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Dedicated development team with DOIT Software

2-4 weeks

Time to find relevant developers for your project

$0 recruitment costs

As you only pay the hourly rate of our top experts

Free replacement

If there is a need + knowledge transfer facilitation

Payroll management


Office accommodation

Team Retention activities

Powerful Workstations

Team vacations

HR, Administrative and Legal support


Gather your dedicated development team

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Data Science & AI

Design & IT Operations staff

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Oracle BI Publisher


Design & IT Operations staff


Project Mananger


Business Analyst


Quality Assurance Engineer




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      What do clients say about DOIT Software?

      Kjell Garatun-Tjeldstø


      Jarbtech Solution Group

      DOIT Software's efforts have increased the business' bandwidth, allowing the internal team to concentrate on other processes. They have strong communication skills and have managed to adhere to project deadlines despite the tight timelines.

      Gil Dror


      Human Care Systems

      Their expertise, diligence, and proactiveness stand out the most. They’re highly productive and demonstrate great communication, teamwork, and architecture skills. They’re well-versed in best practices and design methodologies, so they’re often the go-to people for questions. I see DOIT Software as a core part of our team, not just an addition.

      Larissa Paschyn


      Citizens to the Rescue

      I'm working with DOIT Software for a year already and I like that I don't need to go in detail describing every moment, team members are proactive and always open to share good ideas with us.

      Dean Dzurilla

      Product Manager

      Visible Impact

      DOIT Software understands that their business is about more than just writing a piece of code. They go the extra mile to make sure they’re servicing their customers’ needs. They’re driven by a desire to make their customers succeed at all costs.

      Dedicated development team

      Case studies

      DOIT Software has helped companies in Fintech, Healthcare, Retail, IoT, and other industries to find perfect-match dedicated development teams.

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      Norwegian niche ERP system market leader


      R&D office in Eastern Europe, 4 employees


      A team of iOS and Web developers, a QA Engineer and a UI/UX Designer picked for them exceeded their expectations in terms of coding quality, performance, and energy added to the whole team.


      R&D office in Eastern Europe helped this client continue to develop his ERP system and save the costs for hiring an in-house team in Norway.


      US-based healthcare company specialized in patients’ engagement and adherence solutions.


      Dedicated development team, 7 employees


      The gathered team of 6 Senior developers and a Senior Automation QA has specific experience with similar complex solutions.


      Long-term cooperation and a 90%+ average ongoing satisfaction rate with the remote developers’ performance. The team improved the existing project, helped the project to migrate from a monolithic architecture to microservices.


      US-based prescriptive analytics solutions company


      Staff augmentation


      DOIT Software attracted two experienced mobile developers (Android and iOS Developer) who have been a perfect match for the client's needs.


      The company was acquired by a NASDAQ-listed enterprise and still (for more than 3 years) continues to work with the remote team provided by DOIT Software.

      Dedicated Development Team vs Outsourcing

      Dedicated resources
      Best for
      Project duration
      Your engagement
      Dedicated Development Team

      Monthly salary for the team


      Medium and large projects, especially complex solutions

      Long-term cooperation, 1-2 years on average.

      Practical involvement in the development process in order to monitor the performance of a certain work schedule in accordance with the expected results.

      You can manage the team on your side as well as rely the product development on DOIT Software project manager

      Custom software development (Outsourcing)

      Time & Material

      Not assigned

      Small, medium, and large projects

      Average and long-term cooperation, from 2-4 months

      You’re involved only in your solution’s requirements scoping and clarifying.

      DOIT Software supports your product development with a project manager

      Dedicated team service will fit your needs if you

      Have a talent shortage

      Are planning a complex project

      Manage an unexpected shift of priorities

      Deal with a tight budget

      Want to scale fast

      Need a team of top-notch software engineers?

      Gather a dedicated software development team to speed up your product development.

      How do we create dedicated teams?


      Share requirements

      Get in touch with us with the project details, required skill set, and specific expectations for the needed dedicated development team.

      Shortlisting candidates

      Our DOIT recruiting team performs the talent pool analysis, selecting top engineers that meet your requirements. This stage also includes multiple video interviews done by our team and the technical testing of candidates.

      Interviews and selection

      Together with you, the DOIT Software team goes through a set of online interviews to meet these strong pre-selected developers and make sure their skills fit your project. Then you decide on the best pick to make a job offer to.

      Integration into your team

      The final candidates are ready to work on your project through DOIT Software. All papers are signed and the onboarding process starts.

      Ongoing support

      Understanding your total focus on the technical project side, DOIT assists you and covers all administrative questions. Should you need to extend your team with additional developers, an updated candidate shortlist will be prepared.

      How do we evaluate a tech staff fit?

      Technical skills

      Each developer performs a unique relevant test task. DOIT Software’s senior developer also conducts a technical interview to confirm the candidates’ ability to deliver.

      Cultural fit

      It’s very important to find developers who are on the same page with the culture of your company. DOIT Software evaluates the candidates' cultural fit to your company values.

      Communication skills

      DOIT Software staffing experts check must-have traits like initiative, proactivity, English level, and great communication skills.

      Need to save your budget on your product development?

      Cut overhead costs and decrease tax expenses by up to 60% with a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe.

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      Frequently Asked Questions

      What is a dedicated development team?

      A dedicated development team model is an approach to hire a team of developers who work on nothing else but your project. It can be managed by a hired project manager or on your own.

      What are the benefits of a dedicated development team model?

      Fast scaling Cost-effectiveness Hassle-free recruiting Team management Access to a wide pool of IT talent

      How can I control a dedicated development team?

      Clearly-defined KPIs for effective team performance Daily/Weekly project updates via communication channels and video meetings Regular product demos to fully control the progress

      Will I have time-zone issues working with Eastern European developers?

      Working with teams in Eastern Europe brings no time-zone issues for the EU. DOIT Software teams adapt to a half-day intersection with the USA and Canada on average, with an option of having full office hours (EST) intersection for some specialists.

      What is the difference between staff augmentation and dedicated team models?

      The dedicated team model allows you to hire the whole team for your project. The staff augmentation model helps you to extend your in-house team with new additional expertise or particular skills.

      What's the difference between a dedicated team and time & material, engagement models?

      With a Time & Material model, you pay only for the spend hours on your product development. With a Dedicated Team, you pay the salaries of team members and a company fee during the entire contract.

      What about English proficiency for remote teams?

      There is no communication issue because 100% of our international team members speak English.

      What is a dedicated development team?

      A dedicated development team model is an approach to hire a team of developers who work on nothing else but your project. It can be managed by a hired project manager or on your own.

      What is the difference between staff augmentation and dedicated team models?

      The dedicated team model allows you to hire the whole team for your project. The staff augmentation model helps you to extend your in-house team with new additional expertise or particular skills.

      What are the benefits of a dedicated development team model?

      Fast scaling Cost-effectiveness Hassle-free recruiting Team management Access to a wide pool of IT talent

      What's the difference between a dedicated team and time & material, engagement models?

      With a Time & Material model, you pay only for the spend hours on your product development. With a Dedicated Team, you pay the salaries of team members and a company fee during the entire contract.

      How can I control a dedicated development team?

      Clearly-defined KPIs for effective team performance Daily/Weekly project updates via communication channels and video meetings Regular product demos to fully control the progress

      What about English proficiency for remote teams?

      There is no communication issue because 100% of our international team members speak English.

      Will I have time-zone issues working with Eastern European developers?

      Working with teams in Eastern Europe brings no time-zone issues for the EU. DOIT Software teams adapt to a half-day intersection with the USA and Canada on average, with an option of having full office hours (EST) intersection for some specialists.

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        Hiring a dedicated development team surely is a common approach to building a sustainable and profitable business. Both startups and established entities go for it to beat the competition and reap their reward.

        A brilliant business idea may get lost if it is not delivered to market in time; and by market, we mean the Internet primarily. It does not matter what you do or what your plans are. It will need at least a user-friendly, neat, and functional website or app.

        Here is where dedicated software development teams step in.

        What is a dedicated development team?

        A dedicated development team is a group of developers who work on nothing else but your project. A dedicated team will operate as if it belonged to your organization but, unlike an in-house team, it may be stationed off-shore, in a cost-effective region.

        A dedicated team provider will take care of recruiting additional experts, development workflow tools and overall infrastructure, and setup a convenient communication model.

        The general cases in which a business needs to hire dedicated software development teams are:


        When a decision to hire a development team that is geographically close to the company headquarters would lead to unreasonable expenses.

        This is typical for US- or Western Europe-based companies.

        When the speed of delivery matters.

        Whoever comes to market with a fresh idea first, gains recognition and a loyal audience, even if another company is ready to deliver a higher-quality product.

        When adaptability is in-demand.

        For example, say you must be able to rescale your dedicated software development team often because of unstable loads. The team provider will take care of the required office space and the corresponding process.

        When you are looking for a highly specialized team.

        The access to a global pool of professionals comes with a high level of certainty that you’ll find the right dedicated development team with sufficient experience.

        To take the load off the main team.

        Hire offshore developers on a per-project basis to keep the main team focused on maintaining the core infrastructure and outsource the rest.

        The COVID-19 outbreak has changed the way modern businesses work – not necessarily in a bad way! It helped the software development industry and for those ready to outsource their development tasks, to see new opportunities and thrive. This Deloitte research proves that an all-remote organization of the business improves its short-term resilience and ensures the long-term growth of a business.

        dedicated development team Outsourcing

        Source: 2020 global outsourcing survey by Deloitte

        “Outsourcing remains an essential tool for client organizations to support their strategic goals.” — Deloitte.

        What kind of businesses need dedicated teams?

        All of the general reasons to hire a dedicated software development team (listed above) are valid for any size of business.



        Time-to-market is crucial for startups. Everything that takes that precious time away is a hindrance, and every penny counts.

        Backed up by a dedicated development team, an owner doesn’t need to hire developers for a startup one by one. They are free to focus on their core tasks, such as business decisions. The team of their choice will have the necessary skill out of the box: their portfolio will be the evidence for this.

        At the same time, the startup owner will be in full control of the newly acquired team via their internal task management system (e.g. JIRA) and will be in a position to scale it as needed. Daily or weekly meetups are possible through Google Meet or Zoom, for example.


        Small and Medium-sized businesses

        SMBs may be less concerned about the expenditures involved in software development than startups, but the salary difference in their home region and the region where the dedicated development team is stationed may definitely be a sufficient reason to outsource. Take a look at our detailed developer salary breakdown (based on Glassdoor data) that reveals that your project may cost up to five(!) times less if outsourced to the right country.

        Dedicated programmers fit well into the dynamic environment of SMBs: these niche players would best suit themselves to the adaptability of dedicated development teams. Make dedicated developers your core team or augment the in-house staff fast. It may be a crucial step to entering new lucrative markets in time.


        Large businesses

        It is obviously convenient for large businesses to outsource some of their development tasks to remote dedicated development teams. This way, they’d skip the recruitment and screening stage altogether and still be able to handpick the members of the team.

        Such companies usually face the challenge of overcoming the growth crisis. Dedicated teams help to mitigate the issue. They do require intense and productive communication with a client company representative who would, in fact, be a Product Owner inside the dedicated team. Apart from that, they don’t need any extra human resources and/or management effort.

        Need to extend your team with additional expertise?

        Get first interviews with top-notch developers scheduled in a week. Request CVs

        What does a typical dedicated development team structure look like?

        The structure of a software team, dedicated to the solution of a specific task, must correspond to the said task.

        So, for example, if one is looking to hire web development teams, it must invariably include Front End and Back End specialists.

        • A Front End developer takes care of a website or app’s user interface: its looks, functionality, accessibility, and inclusivity on all target platforms.
        • UI/UX design artists add custom looks to the bare UI that the Front End dept. has provided them with. The unique design will make it recognizable and memorable.
        • Back End developers implement the business logic that runs on the server days and nights and powers up the website or app’s functionality, safely processing user data.
        • Content Marketers help to produce all types of content, build up presence on social media, overlook the creation of ads and newsletters, and attract organic traffic.

        The development tasks are not restricted to the web. It is not unheard of that employers outsource embedded development tasks and send hardware samples by mail.

        Quality Assurance has become a customary position in every dev team. If you encounter one without QA Engineers, it is probably because Junior Developers are the ones who write and run tests.

        DevOps manage Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery workflows and automate repetitive tasks within a dedicated development team. Their autotesting frameworks sometimes replace QA departments.

        A Business Analyst is a team’s expert generalist. They may focus on studying a given niche and thus work as a Subject Matter Expert or master complex Data Science tools. They also document software requirements and features while everyone else is immersed in their own job.

        A Project Manager or a Technical Team Lead is a team’s frontman and a driving force. The importance of their leadership skills is paramount. Not only do they tie the team together and guide it according to a chosen methodology, but the communication with the client is all on them.

        A Product Owner’s (PO) engagement in the development process is as much important for the project’s success as is PM’s. They either act on behalf of the client company or are the client in the flesh themselves.

        dedicated development team specialists

        Working together with a PO, a Chief Technical Officer overlooks the development process and may directly supervise the development team’s work. Their contribution is useful when the client’s in-house team has certain coding conventions or other internal regulations.

        Dedicated development team or another outsourcing model?

        There are three mainstream pricing models when it comes to outsourcing development tasks: monthly per team (which is used by dedicated developers), fixed-price (also known as project-based), and time-material.

        None of them is meant to completely replace the core team model. In other words, in-house developers can work in parallel with a remote team dedicated to solving other tasks.


        Project-based outsourcing model pros and cons

        Project-based IT outsourcing requires a client to finish the work on the requirements before making a contract. Even a perfect description must be explained to the Project Manager and Business Analyst of the team of their choice. The reason for this is that the client pays for the end result. It is in the best interest of a given team to properly estimate the scope of the project and deliver it in time.


        Unambiguous requirements ensure the quality of the product.

        Little to no control over the development process and the team assigned to it.

        Fixed price excludes the possibility of extra expenditures.

        Extra services each come with a separate price tag attached to them: quality assurance, niche analysis, documentation, etc.

        An outsourcing company manages all stages of development from start to finish.

        Full product specification must be designed prior to the start of development.

        Project-based outsourcing model works best when:

        • The project requirements are clearly defined, understood by an offshore team provider, and are not going to change.
        • The project scale allows fast execution (up to a few months or less). Small scale also reduces the chance of error and the cost of its mitigation.
        • The client does not intend to actively partake in the process of development.


        Dedicated team vs project-based model comparison table

        Based on the dedicated development team definition, let us now compare how it is different from teams working on the project-based model.

        Dedicated team model
        Project-based model

        Initial requirements

        May evolve and build up in the course of development

        Must be designed and explained before the start

        Best suited project scopes

        Mid to large projects

        Small projects



        Set before the start


        Fixed per month (team salaries plus provider fee)

        Fixed per project unless the requirements change


        The team is scalable and open to contributions of its client’s in-house Team Lead

        A client has no access to the internal structure of the team or its size


        Time-materials model pros and cons

        The Time & materials model is close to the dedicated development team model, and it will be easier to understand its applications in comparison to the latter. As the name suggests, the pricing is fixed per hour for the actual labor and equipment (plus other resources) used. A client and a contractor agree between themselves on the frequency of payments and the project milestones.

        Note that this model does not necessarily imply the need for a team: it is the de-facto standard for most freelance developers, say for example on Upwork.


        The budget is bound to time and thus, predictable.

        The budget is not tied to project goals.

        Allows the immediate start of development when the requirements and scope of the project are not yet known.

        A development service provider must consider overhead expenses.

        Generally flexible and transparent.

        Requires the client’s deep involvement to confirm the progress on the projects scope.

        This model allows  for tracking the progress of each hired developer individually, and works best in the following cases:

        • The immediate start of development is desirable.
        • The requirements will likely change in the course of development.
        • The goal of development is the minimal working version.
        • The market is not well-investigated (e.g. in the case of an innovative idea).

        If your project has the potential to scale up and down, hire dedicated developers.


        Dedicated vs time-materials model comparison table

        It is possible to choose the time-materials model for long-term projects when the requirements cannot be described in detail before the start of development, the speed-to-market is of lesser importance, and there are many minor markers of the project’s completion, as opposed to a few major ones (as in the case of hundreds of small fixes and improvements to an existing project). Otherwise, the overall budget risks getting out of hand.

        The dedicated development team model grants better control over the project’s milestones thanks to a professionally performed discovery phase.

        Dedicated team model
        Time-materials model

        Initial requirements

        Determine the criteria of completion and matter for long-term budget planning; may change

        Less important; may change; the planning phase may be absent altogether

        Best suited project scopes

        Mid to large projects

        Small projects (raw concept)


        Fixed per month (team salaries plus provider fee)

        Difficult to estimate the scope of the whole project, but stable and predictable

        Have a project in mind?

        Let's have a discovery call.

        What are the pros and cons of the dedicated team model?

        Regardless of project scope and domain, dedicated development teams can always be used to the  the client’s advantage best. There are certain cases when it’s not advisable to hire a dedicated software development team, because its potential will not be fully utilized.

        A teams pros and cons will all come into play in the long run. Make an informed decision with the help of our checklist.



        Playing to the strengths of a dedicated team ensures that not a drop of its precious experience is wasted, while you get the maximum benefit.



        As the Deloitte survey shows, the pandemic has helped numerous businesses to establish mutually profitable trade relations across the globe.

        The mere comparison of software developer salaries in the US and EU against that of the most financially attractive regions implies that outsourcing from the US or EU would mean saving around 50% of project development costs.

        dedicated development team


        Cost efficiency


        Well-established processes


        Focus on the project


        Flexible approach


        Full control


        Increased productivity


        Faster time to market

        The dedicated development team services are paid monthly and are easy to track (the same way as for in-house employees). The payment would include nothing more but team members’ salaries and the provider fee (which includes infrastructure, management, and overhead expenses).


        Core team augmentation

        The dedicated development team outsourcing model works best when experts hired offshore are seen as a part of the core team. A staff augmentation outsourcing model is sometimes confused with the dedicated team model. The difference is that, sticking to the staff augmentation model, you may hire a single specialist (e.g., a software engineer) instead of an entire team.

        Hire a dedicated team of experts to cover the tech domains where your core team lacks expertise. This is what indisputable tech giants like Google, Slack, Microsoft, Alibaba, and GitHub do, oftentimes in Eastern Europe.

        The choice is yours as to whether or not to terminate the contract after the completion of the project. The dedicated development team may keep adding new features and supporting the product indefinitely.



        Dedicated teams help to save precious time in many ways.

        • Skip the recruiting stage and hire a team as a whole. When it is time to scale, the team provider will hire more talent or assign them from their talent pool immediately.
        • Downscaling and dismissing the team will take minimum effort and time as well.
        • The actual work on the project will start faster than in the case of using a fixed-price model. It prevents the ridiculous situation when the planning stage lasts more than the development, testing, and deployment phases.
        • At the same time, the initial agreements on project milestones and deadlines minimize the common risks of the time-materials model. As a result, your solution arrives at the market in the optimum time.


        Transparency and control

        A dedicated development team model keeps all the advantages of agile development workflow.

        • It welcomes and promotes frequent change. The product is going to be designed correspondingly: with adaptability in mind.
        • It does not withhold vital information about the product in-development from the client, preferring direct communication for that matter, rather than attempting to write highly detailed documentation.
        • It encourages client input. With Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery tools, a working software that reflects the change will appear in just a couple of weeks (possibly hours!) later.

        Transparency is equally important before the development starts and even before the contract is signed. The agreements on how to handle deadlines, how often to expect product releases, and so on, will all be considered when it’s time to evaluate progress.

        If a client wants to have as little engagement in development as possible, this is negotiable also.


        Top talent produces top quality

        The Global software development labor market is highly competitive and versatile. No wonder! The demand for development service is ever growing:

        dedicated development team

        Which is why, when you notice a team that has accumulated a portfolio of successful cases, it means that it’s been in the trenches for some time.

        A dedicated development team that has finished a project similar to what you have in mind is a true gem. Finding it is like winning the lottery if you’re dealing with a highly complex and narrow niche. One could say that by choosing a dedicated development model you access the top 5% of professionals right away. Can there be any doubt about the quality they’ll deliver?

        Here’s but a few examples of how blatantly cheap it can be:

        • AppSumo started out as a $50 contract.
        • Groove founder outsourced early development to an agency.
        • Klout founder once slept on a developer’s couch in Singapore.

        Although the last two examples do not provide the exact price of outsourcing, eventually selling a company for 1,000 times the initial investment is obviously a great deal.



        It is important to be able to scale a core team to quickly respond to the market changes, and one of the most distinctive features of dedicated development teams is that they require little effort in this regard.

        One won’t be bothered with ethical or legal issues when scaling down their dedicated development team while in the case of a core team it would mean firing an employee and following all the procedures that it entails.

        Discuss your situation with a dedicated team provider, and your team can grow threefold or shrink to three specialists in total – it’s no big deal either way.



        Dedicated development teams fulfill a large spectrum of business tasks. Nonetheless, using them as a one-size-fits-all tool would be counter-efficient.


        Not so good for short-term projects

        Cooperation with dedicated development teams implies passing through the stages of preliminary planning, recruitment, and approval. A client who only needs a few quick fixes here and there or a low effort working prototype, should keep their eyes open for the time-materials model.

        As a dedicated team familiarizes itself with a problem domain, they become more efficient at improving a product and proactively suggesting better solutions. Simultaneously, a client’s confidence in the team grows.

        After all, there is an option to hire a tiny minimal-build dedicated team (if the agency has a proven record of successful cases in the niche of your interest). This option is viable if a project is expected to evolve.


        Timezone difference

        As usual, dedicated development teams shift their schedule so that it overlaps with a clients’ office working hours.

        The considerable difference can even be used to a client’s advantage. For example, if they want to maintain their server at night or provide 24/7 customer support services.


        Which team to choose?.

        Now that you’ve arrived at the conclusion that the dedicated development team model will best fit the scope and budget of your project, the next question persists: which team exactly?

        Searching for the team will take hours of googling for sure. Software development service providers sometimes register their account on freelance platforms like Upwork. B2B Clutch reviews and of course, the suggestions of your fellow entrepreneurs will come in handy.

        Optimize your budget on hiring a development team

        Hire a dedicated development team in Eastern Europe.

        Where should you look for a dedicated team?

        It does not matter whether the budget you run on is tight or virtually unlimited. The goal of any business is to deliver a great product to their community, making as much profit as possible on the way, which is why the region of outsourcing matters.

        Here are some locations that usually save their international customers a pretty penny:


        Eastern Europe

        Eastern Europe steadily crawls up in the global ranking of service providers, occupying the top 20 in the Kearney Global Services Location Index 2019 (GSLI). Its financial attractiveness score is literally the highest on the top 20 list. It is noted in the report that the countries that previously had a higher score have been ranked lower because of the price differential: Poland, for example.

        dedicated development team

        Eastern European specialists set up game servers, work on human-machine interfaces and computer vision algorithms in cutting-edge self-driving vehicles, upgrade various legacy software, safely process TiBs of statistical data, and do many, many other wonderful things.



        Poland scored just one hundredth of a point score less than Eastern Europe in 2019 GSLI, still remaining a great place to hire software development teams. The balance between prices, talent availability, and business environment conditions attracts business owners who want to expand their influence across the EU and pay much less than they would to a Germany- or UK- based company.

        It would be fair to say that a bunch of other Eastern European countries successfully compete with Poland in the trade of digital services: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Romania, and Bulgaria are also recognized for their talented and dedicated development teams.



        The advantages of outsourcing to India are as follows:

        • All of India de-facto speaks English (although it takes time to accustom oneself to their peculiar accent);
        • The balance of low price and high talent availability has brought it to 1st place on the GSLI list.

        Consider some other Asian countries: China, Malaysia, Indonesia, Vietnam, and Thailand. Their overall rank and the digital resonance metric are high enough to be worthy of attention, if there are no significant cultural and legal gaps between their country and yours, of course.



        Last but not least, there are remarkable countries in the Americas and Africa that might offer effective niche-targeted solutions for those looking to hire dedicated development teams

        Egypt, for example, hosts multiple R&D centers: Mentor Graphics and Valeo being most notable. IBM, Dell, Microsoft, Vodafone International Services, and Orange Business Services have captive centers there; it creates opportunities for education and the subsequent emergence of masterful teams in their respective domains.

        Mexico, Colombia, and Brazil have likewise attracted the attention of international investors and saw major tech infrastructure improvement as a result.

        Some countries have failed to keep up with the pace of change in the tech world, and now fall behind, having a low service price alone not being enough to make up for the lack of skill. After all, the companies that plan to station their services offshore hire only highly specialized experts.

        How to choose a dedicated team provider

        When you have a chance to study a team’s organization from the inside, here is a couple of approaches to consider:



        This team estimation model lists the aspects of team organization in descending priority: Goals — Roles — Processes — Interpersonal Relationships. Relationships are the basis of the whole structure. Roles rely on Processes and, in turn, ensure the achievement of Goals. If any of the aspects is lacking, the whole structure will fall apart like an unstable house of cards.

        To build a team, start with Goals. To examine why it’s failing, start with Relationships.



        Michael Lombardo and Robert Eichinger came up with a witty system of team success factors, all the words starting with “T”. Five of them are internal. The other two, external:

        dedicated development team


        It’s pretty self-explanatory. Each of the factors is easy to recognize and evaluate when you have a close look at a given team during the interview stage.

        It is merely natural that every team member’s performance is high in favorable conditions. People feel content with their management if it fosters individual growth and provides them with the tools they need. They do what they enjoy, surrounded by friends. Their team leaders are skilled professionals themselves.

        Look for providers that care about their teams.

        Also, evaluate how a given provider performed in the past. Check out the specifics of their finished cases and client reviews. Finally, give preference to a provider that has every specialist you need in their stack already.

        How do you build your dedicated team with DOIT Software?

        We are confident that we meet global quality standards, and there’s an ever-increasing number of cases that prove our experience.

        In no time, you’ll be able to hire a software development team to augment your core team, or work single-handedly on your main project.

        Have you checked out our portfolio? We enjoy developing mobile apps to drive your company forward!


        5 simple steps to your dedicated development team


        Outline the requirements and milestones

        There’s no need to get into nitty-gritty details here, but we must understand your goals to agree upon the roles within your future dedicated team and pick the pros with the appropriate skills. At this point, we also discuss the technological stack of the project.

        Review and approve candidate CVs

        After we select the top experts for the job, it’s your turn to accept or reject them.

        Interview the chosen engineers

        This step presents a perfect chance for your CTO to verify the skills of the selected candidates.

        Work towards the project’s completion

        Now we’re good to go! Your new team will adopt your core team's conventions and focus on their task, regularly reporting back on the progress, as agreed.

        Improve and strengthen your team

        A dedicated Client Manager will oversee the communication to promote healthy relationships across our teams. We also take care of the privacy and security within our shared working environment.


        With the exception of small simple projects, the dedicated development team model fits all scopes and all businesses.

        All the benefits of this outsourcing model made it the preferred choice of dozens and hundreds of companies all around the globe. This choice keeps helping small startups flourish and large multinational corporations scale and adapt.

        We’d be happy to provide you with a perfect team. Powered by our strong talent pool, your organization will move fast and achieve its purpose.

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