Hiring programmers is often challenging for businesses of all sizes, from startups to SMEs to enterprises. And it can be hard for different reasons, including the scarcity of the required developers and the inability to analyze their skills, evaluate their code, or measure their cultural fit with your company.

But at the same time, Statista reports that the number of software engineers will reach 27.7 million in 2023 and 28.7 million in 2024. So, how can your company find programmers for the project, especially if you have no technical background? Below, you will find a detailed guide on how to find a developer for your startup, where you can do that, and what critical things you have to consider before looking for programmers. Enjoy!

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7 Things to Consider Before Finding a Programmer for Hire

find programmers things to consider before hiring programmers

You must take some time to get the answers to several critical questions before you decide to find a developer for a startup. Clarifying such things will allow your organization to realize which programmers you must have on your team. Besides, that helps you correctly explain your expectations to all potential candidates regarding their expertise, experience, soft skills, etc.

Below, you will see a list of questions you can use to define your project objectives and hire programmers depending on their responses:

  • How does your product differ from other available solutions? What makes it unique?
  • What is your target audience?
  • Who are your main competitors? Why do customers choose their solutions?
  • How are you planning to earn money with your product? What monetization model will you select?
  • What must-haves and extra features would you like to apply to make your product succeed?
  • What platforms will your product be available on?
  • What tech stack will you use to develop a product?

Ultimately, before you find programmers for your project, you have to determine whether you will build a minimum viable product (MVP) or a full-fledged solution. For instance, your organization may hire a small team of seasoned Flutter or React Native engineers from MVP software development companies to create an MVP, which takes 2-3 months. Meanwhile, the second case requires more diverse tech specialists who will work on your product longer.

Flutter is the best option for MVP development.

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How to Hire A Programmer: Engagement Models

When considering hiring a programmer for a startup, you should pay attention to the following options:

find programmers models of cooperation


Outsource to a remote team.

The outsourcing partner you will delegate tasks to may be responsible for either full-cycle product development or just some project parts.

Hire freelance programmers.

You can find these individual software engineers on platforms such as Upwork and Toptal.

Hire an in-house team.

Here, you should find programmers who will work for your organization from your office.

Augment your staff with additional expertise.

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing model that allows for easily scaling up and reinforcing your in-house expertise. Also, you can consider hiring a dedicated development team as a perfect option and rent the entire team for your project.

So, let’s analyze these four engagement models in detail.



Outsourcing is among the most common options when planning on how to find developers for your project. It requires you to delegate the development process to a software agency. For instance, many US companies prefer Latin America or Eastern Europe as outsourcing destinations. Meanwhile, Deloitte reports that the key reason for outsourcing (70%) is the desire to reduce costs.

find programmers types of it outsourcing


Access to a global talent pool.

Numerous businesses find programmers using an outsourcing model since it brings access to qualified talent worldwide. So, if you need a specific expertise, expanding your search is crucial.

Proven workflows.

Your outsourcing partner undoubtedly has experience working with various clients. Thus, it can adopt workflows and processes that have already shown efficiency when cooperating with companies within a particular industry.

Quality and reliability.

Outsourcing vendors are fully responsible for the product’s quality and performance. Therefore, they prepare a relevant agreement to regulate project deadlines, payments, penalties, intellectual property rights, etc.

Lack of control.

When you find programmers with outsourcing, your organization gives up some control. That is because you hire a vendor, not individual employees. And since these developers do not work from your office, you will find it hard to maintain the desired level of control. But also, the development process can be controlled by a project manager from your vendor and a product owner on your side.

Communication restrictions.

You should pay great attention to time zones and differences in languages. After all, these drawbacks may affect the entire project realization and communication process.

Risk of data theft.

Since outsourcing requires sharing ideas, innovations, and information with third-party companies, they can potentially use them for their own purposes. Although you may sign a nondisclosure agreement (NDA), you will not get full control over the project.

With DOIT Software, you will find programmers to transform your business ideas into high-quality applications smoothly. Share your thoughts regarding the project, and we will help you build the desired up-to-date product.

Freelance Programmers

If you need the best programmers to do simple tasks such as creating landing pages, fixing bugs, or integrating payment gateways, you should hire a freelance programmer. But if you want to find programmers for a startup and develop your solution from scratch, you will face great issues with freelancers because of insufficient communication and management.


Lower price.

Since cost is a driving factor in almost all hiring decisions, hiring a freelance programmer is advantageous. They come at a lower cost because the size of their market is enormous and they don’t need any work benefits.


A freelancer-programmer chooses which hours for work on their own, which makes them more flexible in terms of scheduling. Thus, if your project is struggling with a pressing deadline, you should ideally consider freelance programmers for hire.

Easy to find.

How to find freelance coders? Fortunately, their number is constantly rising, and there are many popular marketplaces where your organization can connect with them. You can check out the most widely used platforms in the following section. When working with freelancers, do not forget to check the quality of their work appropriately.

Less commitment.

As companies typically hire a freelance programmer for a one-off project, they will potentially provide less effort on your project. That is because they have no strong commitment to your business and no expectations regarding a long-term partnership.

Inefficient management.

Since freelance software engineers are temporary members of your team, you will find it challenging to manage them. Therefore, you must promote open communication to ensure the progress of the project.

Narrow expertise.

When deciding to find freelance programmers, you should remember that they can only cover some aspects of your project. They specialize in particular areas, so there is a possibility they will not meet your expectations.

In-House Team

Hiring an in-house software development team means that you will find programmers in the local market who will work from your company’s office. The particular model is perfect when you have years of future work and want to get complete control over everything. However, it is often time-consuming and costly to find programmers to hire for your in-house team.


Better communication and management.

Face-to-face interactions are vital for seamless workflow and efficient project management. Besides, it is much easier to create a company culture naturally.

Improved data protection.

An outsourcing model requires providing a third-party software development vendor access to your network and information. That may bring significant security risks to your organization. But if you find programmers as in-house employees, you will be responsible for data security.


Using an in-house model helps create a fantastic aura of motivation within your company. Therefore, your staff gains a chance to climb up the corporate hierarchy and are ready to put more effort into ensuring their career growth.

High costs.

Finding a website coder for hire for your in-house team may become quite expensive. For example, the average salary of a programmer in the US is $82K per year. That is because you must not only spend expenses on salaries but also on the recruitment process, HR management, workplace equipment, sick and vacation days, etc.

Lack of talent.

When you want to find a programmer for a startup, for instance, you may suffer from a limited number of local tech specialists.

Delays in the workflow.

Hiring an in-house team often requires extended adoption of process flows and employee training and leads to delays in production. The reason is that this model is associated with recruiting less experienced candidates.

Staff Augmentation

Companies prefer staff augmentation to find a programmer who will strengthen their expertise level. Due to the flexibility that this model can bring to your project, you obtain much faster app development and launch. It makes staff augmentation beneficial for startups, SMEs, and large enterprises.

find programmers pros and cons of it staff augmentation



With staff augmentation, your organization can hire as many developers or other tech specialists as it requires for the project. Thus, you can quickly scale up or down depending on your business needs. Establishing a staffing agency contract can help you manage that flexibility effectively, and that all parties understand their roles and responsibilities.

Reduced costs.

Using this model to find programmers eliminates recruitment costs and office rental. Besides, software engineers’ average rates in Eastern Europe, Latin America, or Asia are much cheaper than in North America and Western Europe.

Administrative support.

Traditionally, an IT outstaffing provider is responsible for all bills, payroll, and administrative and legal issues. That frees up more time and resources and allows you to focus on your core business tasks.

Inefficient management.

Combining remote and in-house developers is often challenging and may require time and effort. But with an experienced partner, you can streamline the integration process and make it easier.

Security threats.

Since your augmented developers have access to confidential data, you can struggle with data leakage or theft. Thus, apart from signing an NDA, you must ensure that your outstaffing vendor has strong security policies.

Poor workflows.

Businesses may need help in maintaining cooperation with their remote developers. However, partnering with a reliable vendor allows for streamlining communication and work processes.
small cover staff augmentation companies

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Top-8 Resources to Find Programmers

Where to find programmers for a project? This question bothers many companies opting for software development. And although developer conferences, tech forums, cooperation with recruitment agencies, and even internship programs are still effective ways to find a coder, we have decided to focus on popular web resources.

So, let’s consider the top eight places on the Internet where you can hire programmers:


Niche job boards

Product Hunt
IT Job Pro


Niche tech communities

Stack Overflow


B2B ratings and reviews websites

IT Firms



Freelance platforms



Slack communities



Tech forums



Social media


Tips on How to Find Programmers for Your Project

Now, after you have learned about engagement models, critical things to consider, and where to find programmers, it is time to get some valuable tips regarding the hiring process.

To enhance your hiring process, consider incorporating video presentation tools into your recruitment strategy. These apps can help you create engaging job openings that stand out to potential candidates. For example, Veed, a versatile video presentation and editing tool equipped with video trimmer function, elevates your hiring process by adding a dynamic visual element to job openings.


Effective Hiring

Before reaching out to potential candidates, you should create an appropriate presentation of opening positions. This will allow for attracting the necessary people. So, what does the efficient hiring process look like?

find programmers job description


Define clear requirements.

Prepare a list of duties and skills your future developer must handle.

Create a presentation to describe your company and a relevant position.

That helps market your business to candidates and brings a reliable employer profile.

Write a job advertisement.

With a detailed job ad, you can simplify the hiring process significantly.

Conduct interviews:

  • Build the proper structure for an interview
  • Provide a technical task and a live coding session
  • Run the final interview

Make a job offer.

After choosing the perfect fit for your development team, you should present the job offer covering the employment terms, work strategy, etc.

How to Validate Programmers?

Depending on your project needs and their complexity, you should find programmers with a particular experience and expertise level. For example, you may require a senior full-stack developer to assist in delivering a web platform. But apart from evaluating developers’ tech knowledge, you should also pay great attention to their soft skills.


Soft Skills

These relevant skills represent personal traits defining how an individual manages his heavy workload and meets deadlines. Also, they help determine what approaches he uses to complete tasks effectively. Which makes them crucial for your potential employee to become an integral part of your team.

Below, there is a small list of questions that will help you find a programmer suitable for your project and team:

  • How would you react if we ask you to do something you have never done before?
  • What would you do if your colleagues do not support your proposal?
  • Tell us about your biggest work failure. What did you learn from it?
  • How can you stay motivated when coping with tasks that you do not like?
  • How would you behave in the case of getting constructive criticism from your team lead or colleagues?

If you want to find programmers on freelance websites, you should also evaluate candidates’ cooperation skills and response time.


Hard Skills

Since hard skills refer to tech and subject-specific expertise, you have to understand that they may vary depending on the type of coders you want to hire. So how to find a programmer with the right hard skills?

Firstly, you must define what technical tasks your potential employee will perform. This allows for determining the level of required professional competence and specialization. As tech candidates can outsmart recruiters, most organizations use chief technology officers (CTOs) to evaluate developers’ hard skills properly.

However, if you have little or no technical background but you are responsible for interviews, you can consider the following tips to find programmers:

  • Ask an in-house developer for help
  • Analyze the products candidates have made previously
  • Ask about extra expertise with other technologies and tools
  • Analyze candidates’ portfolios on websites such as GitHub

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Technical Interview of a Programmer

Conducting a tech interview is among the most effective ways to evaluate a programmer for your project, especially if you utilize specific virtual recruiting platforms such as Talentspace and Brazen. This approach enables your recruiters or CTO to evaluate candidates according to previously defined tech requirements.

In addition, utilizing online coding test task tools such as HackerRank and Qualified.io can be helpful in evaluating programmers’ skills without spending too much effort. Ultimately, conducting live coding test tasks is the most effective way to define a candidate’s tech expertise.


How to Onboard Remote Developers?

find programmers collaboration with remote developers

Now you know how to find a developer to build a top-notch product. So, what should you do next? The answer is to ensure the proper onboarding process. But when it comes to remote developers, it can be a bit challenging compared to in-house employees. Below, we have defined five critical steps to make onboarding more efficient and prevent potential issues:

  • After you find programmers, provide them with all the necessary equipment such as laptops, smartphones, or other devices and software tools necessary for their work.
  • Create a detailed roadmap and project documentation to welcome remote devs into your organization.
  • Provide some training to help newbies enter their routines more quickly and comfortably.
  • Introduce your new programmers to all the team members.
  • Provide new devs with some time to interact with colleagues to promote team-building.


Hiring a programmer for a startup or SME requires some effort. Now you know some helpful resources to find talented coders for hire and are aware of the staff augmentation benefits. However, the most significant challenge is to rent a programmer who will meet your project needs as related to experience, availability, and skill sets.

Fortunately, with staff augmentation services, you can extend your team with extra expertise and launch your product faster. That is because the DOIT Software team can provide you with the top 5 % of tech specialists. Hiring programmers with DOIT Software is much simpler since we ensure tech personnel fit by evaluating their:


Technical skills

All engineers do unique test tasks and pass tech interviews.

Cultural matching

We guarantee that hired developers will match your company’s values.

Soft skills

Initiative, proactivity, proper knowledge of English, and communication are among the must-haves for each programmer.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How can I hire a programmer to make an app?

If you need a programmer, you must analyze the available engagement options (outsourcing, freelance, in-house, and staff augmentation). Then you should check specific resources such as niche job boards, tech communities, freelance platforms, or social media used to find software engineers and their portfolios. And finally, you need to interview the relevant candidates.

How much does it cost to hire a programmer?

The cost of programmers for hire can vary depending on their tech expertise, experience, and their location. Thus, the wages may range from $20 per hour to over $100 an hour. For instance, the average middle/senior developers’ rates in Eastern Europe, particularly Ukraine, are $40-65.

If I need a programmer, where can I hire them?

The platform where you can hire a programmer depends on the type of developer you need. Thus, you can find freelance coders on Upwork or Toptal. Meanwhile, Indeed or Glassdoor are perfect for in-house staff, and Clutch or GoodFirms will help you find a reliable outsourcing or staff augmentation partner.

How to hire programmers for a startup?

Suppose you want to find developers for a startup. In that case, you have to first create a list of must-haves and unique product features, define the platforms to cover (e. g., mobile, desktop), and prepare the UI design of your future application in advance. Thus, you will understand what tech expertise and experience your candidates should have. And after selecting a suitable engagement model, you can find the most appropriate coders using job boards, tech forums, social media platforms, or B2B reviews websites.

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