As the coronavirus pandemic continues to bog down the world, both businesses and individuals are searching for ways to adjust to a new way of living.

Remote work and self-isolation have become the new normal for a large portion of the world. While it’s a change to what many people are used to, the ability to rely heavily on technology has removed some of the burden.

When it comes to mobile apps, some areas are seeing exponential growth during what many consider to be one of the biggest healthcare scares the world has ever experienced.

Here are a few areas that are trending:

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This comes in many forms, ranging from food to medicine to consumer goods (and that’s just the start).

With self-isolation and social distancing remaining more important than ever, fewer people are venturing out. And even if they are, they don’t have many places to visit, as businesses in many parts of the world are closed.

This has increased the need for delivery services, with many businesses and corporations relying heavily on technology.

For example, some local restaurants have been forced to close their doors. Fortunately, they’re able to remain open for takeout and delivery, which has led to an uptick in the number of people visiting their website and using their app.

Online Learning

Let’s face it: when you can’t get out of your home, online learning is extremely important. This holds true for everyone from elementary school students to college students to business professionals and entrepreneurs.

In today’s world, there’s an app for almost every type of online learning. Popular categories include:

  • Foreign language
  • Marketing
  • Sports
  • Sales
  • Graphic design
  • Entrepreneurship

Take for instance someone who was laid off as the result of coronavirus. Rather than search for a traditional job, maybe they’re interested in taking control of their own destiny.

An app that provides access to online courses, including those in business and entrepreneurship, would be perfect for someone in this position. And since they have plenty of time to learn, they also have plenty of time to rely on a variety of apps.


The coronavirus scare has more people than ever concerned about their health. And not just related to this pandemic. But their health and well-being in an overall sense.

Digital healthcare apps are seeing a huge pickup in activity. These are designed for many different reasons.

One of the most popular categories at the present time is healthcare apps that allow medical professionals and patients to connect without the need to physically be in the same room. This allows for video conferencing and visual communication, all without taking the risk of spreading any germs.

Another gem here is building a sports app. Spending time at home during the lockdown forced people to think more about their health.

Even after the coronavirus pandemic is in the past, it’s likely that health-related apps will remain extremely popular.

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Wearable Devices

Wearable devices have been picking up steam for many years. Now, just the same as healthcare apps, those associated with these devices are getting more downloads.

Wearable devices are designed to provide a variety of health-related information, including but not limited to pulse, heart rate, body temperature, and the number of steps taken in a given time period.

With people understanding that they’re personally responsible for their health, these apps are trending.

Social Networking

When you can’t see others in person, you need to find additional ways to communicate and stay in touch. And that’s why social networking apps are hot, hot, hot.

You may not be able to see your friends and family like you usually do, but you can rely on social networks to communicate in real-time, share pictures, and simply stay in touch.

It’s hard enough staying inside alone or with only a small group of people. While communicating via social networks isn’t a replacement for personal interaction, it’s better than nothing in the meantime.

Banking and Finance

Coronavirus is a health pandemic, but it’s far-reaching. Economies the world over are collapsing, thus putting a lot of financial strain on people.

Through the use of banking and finance apps, you’re able to better manage your money. For example, if your bank has an app, you can use it to transfer money, live chat with a customer service agent, apply for a loan, and more.

With many branches closed to the public, it’s these apps that are keeping consumers and financial institutions in touch.

Final Thoughts

There are more than two million apps on the Apple App Store alone. Given the current crisis, many of these apps are experiencing more downloads than usual.

Thanks to technology, the millions of people living and working remotely in self-isolation are able to stay connected with the outside world. Can you imagine how difficult it would be without the availability of apps?

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