When you plan to design an app that truly stands out and offers an amazing and unique experience to users, there are several things you should consider. The first thing is to hire an iOS developer and choose the platform your app is going to be built on. A lot of businesses are choosing iOS and for good reason. As a business, you want an app that has unique features, high return on investment, increases customer satisfaction, and offers high levels of security to users. All this is catered to with iOS apps.

Other things you need to include are an organized project manager, defined IT architecture, well-planned requirements, and all these need to be brought together by a skilled iOS expert will ensure the success of your project.

Finding and hiring a competent iOS developer is never a simple task. Most people who use iPhones spend a considerable amount of money paying for apps and premium features; therefore, the apps should be flawless. In this article, we explain in depth how you can find an iOS professional who will meet your expectations.


Quick Facts: How to Hire iOS Developers

  • Before building an iOS app, define your project and business needs, identify your target audience, and choose the engineering team.
  • Globally, iOS developers charge an average of $81-$100/hour.
  • Choose Eastern European countries for hiring the best talent, as it is possible to get a middle to senior iOS developer at about $45-$65/hour.
  • Instead of hiring an in-house team, consider using IT Staff Augmentation services to save the budget and get access to a broader pool of iOS developers.

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Senior iOS Developer

Tech stack: Swift, Objective-C, SwiftUI, Combine, CoreData, ARKit, iOS SDK, Agile Methodologies, Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD)

With over 7 years of experience in iOS development, Yulia specializes in building robust, high-performance applications. Her portfolio includes several award-winning apps featured in the App Store. She is proficient in both Swift and Objective-C and familiar with the latest iOS technologies like SwiftUI and ARKit. Yulia’s expertise extends to leading development teams and implementing agile methodologies.



Middle iOS Developer

Tech stack: Objective-C, Swift, Xcode, RESTful API, JSON, XML, Parse, Parse-Server, Firebase, Coredata/ Realm, AdMob, iAd, Flurry, Crashlytics

Andriy has been developing the iOS platform for more than 4 years. Making high-quality applications and providing well-optimized code is his main goal at work.



Middle iOS Developer

Tech stack: Swift, Git, UIKit, Xcode, REST API, MVC, CocoaPods, OOP, GCD, JSON, Autolayout, Jira, CoreLocation, Push Notifications, MapKit, Firebase, Design Patterns, Realm

Valeriia is a highly skilled mobile developer with 3 years of experience in iOS mobile development. She is a result-oriented person and a good team player. Among her portfolio are a delivery service app, a scheduling app for the healthcare industry, a public transport tracking app, a home and office inventory storage app, and much more.



Middle iOS Developer

Tech stack: Swift, Objective-C, Xcode, Core Data, Core Animation, RESTful APIs, Git, Firebase

As an iOS Developer with 5 years of experience, Bohdan has successfully delivered a diverse range of applications, from e-commerce platforms to educational tools. His strengths lie in versatility and ability to adapt to various project requirements. He is proficient in both Swift and Objective-C.



Middle iOS Developer

Tech stack: Swift, Objective-C, iOS SDK, Xcode, UIKit, CoreData, RESTful APIs, Git

An enthusiastic iOS developer with over 3 years of experience developing and maintaining iOS applications. His strengths include a deep understanding of Swift and Objective-C, proficiency in working with the iOS SDK, and a keen eye for UI/UX design. Oleksandr is skilled in collaborating in team environments. Also, he is passionate about learning new technologies and approaches in mobile development. Recently, he took part in designing and implementing a popular mobile banking app, focusing on enhancing user experience.

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The Importance of iOS Development for Business

Regardless of the fact that about three-quarters of smartphone users have android phones, when it comes to the paying potential of clients, Apple still has the lead. Research shows that people who use Apple devices are more willing than android users to make app payments. This doesn’t really come as a surprise, considering that Android is open source in nature.

Besides the paying potential, iOS users are generally more satisfied with their devices; this, therefore, empowers them to be the first choice when it comes to business apps. At its core, Apple mainly focuses on perfect hardware, smooth customer care, and exceptionally good software. This means that iOS apps are less likely to glitch on apple devices. Each app works smoothly, which is crucial for business.


Mobile App Development: The Latest Trends

Over the years new iOS app development trends have led to cost-effective, faster, easier and smarter programming. Mobile app development is getting bigger and better. As of January 2021, the cumulative payout to developers selling goods and services through the App Store was over 200 billion U.S. dollars. The previous year’s figures had amounted to 155 billion U.S. dollars.

hire ios developer apple appstore earnings

These improvements also apply to the language used to code iOS applications. A lot of businesses are currently gravitating towards using the Swift 5 language. The reasons are quite simple: it’s scalable, flexible, efficient, and it is highly secure. Another reason for this language’s popularity is its stable Application Binary Interface (ABI). With the way things are looking, Swift and its libraries probably will be incorporated into most iOS, macOS, wearables, and tvOS devices.

Other app development trends to look out for currently are Augmented Reality (AR) and ARKIt. For those who are intending to develop AR-based iOS apps, ARKit 3 reality composer is a necessity. There are a lot of cutting-edge features that make ARKit quite exciting. For instance, it comes with multiple face tracking and collaborative sessions, and these two are currently popular at the moment.

Last but not least, a lot of businesses are starting to take more of an interest in AI. The research recently compiled by Accenture indicates that incorporating AI technologies in iOS apps will boost labor productivity for businesses by up to 40%. This only goes to show that most of the current trends in mobile app development are bringing in significant changes that can be very useful to businesses.

Benefits of creating an iOS App

For SMBs and Big Companies

Business Growth and Expansion Into New Markets
One of the most important expansion goals for any business is to establish its roots in as many countries as possible, starting with developed countries. Creating an iOS app can greatly assist a business in achieving this goal. iPhones and iPads are quite popular in developed countries, and having an iOS app is one way to reach the population of people using these devices and get a solid position in those markets.


Highly Secure Platform – Fosters Customer Trust
It is also important that a company not only focuses on building a flawless app, but also that they make that app for a platform that is secure, trusted, and has a lot of other exciting features. iOS has a reputation of being highly secure; therefore, users can trust that they are safe from external threats. Most iPhone users are not really worried about malware and viruses; hence they can even trust that their financial credentials are safe, allowing them to make more transactions online.


High ROI
Statistics show that iOS apps have a relatively high return on investment. This can contribute to companies having financial returns that are healthier as a result of gaining access to investment-worthy clients. This will, therefore, increase the reach of a business and enable them to add more value to their clients.

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For Startups

Loyal Audience
The IOS target audience is loyal and that’s a crucial ingredient for growing any business, especially a newly established one. When you develop an app as a business, you need to know that the target audience will not switch to another platform and leave your app with a smaller user base. With iOS, that is almost guaranteed.


Specialized Device Focus
Apple closely watches the type and quality of its iOS devices. As a result, iOS is not offered on third-party devices. This helps to lower the app maintenance costs for businesses since the operating system only runs on one type of device with a known quality and hardware specification. Simply put, there is no need to cater to the hardware specifications of a large range of devices or invest in a high-priced coding programmers monitor.

5 Things to Consider Before Building Your Own iOS App

Define your project needs – Before you set out to hire a developer, regardless of the project or work you need to be done, understand your project needs fully. This will enable you to understand which skill level and experience are necessary for the project. You also have to come up with a budget, outline your team duties and set some milestones.

Understand your business goals – Before starting the process of hiring iPhone app developers, you also need to set clear business goals. This will enable the developer and everyone on the team to have a clearer picture of how you want the app to be useful for your business. This, coupled with feature lists and development requirements, will help you narrow down and identify the specific developer you need.

Identify your target audience – Understanding who will use your application before you build it is crucial when creating it. Even if you already have existing customers, not all of them will jump on board and start using your app. Therefore, it is essential to do some extensive market research and know which niche of your existing and potential customers will be using the app.

Choose the engineering team – Engaging tech talent is one of the most crucial steps in building your app. It would help if you choose wisely depending on what you need. Some apps will require a long-term commitment from the developers to upgrade, update and maintain them. You should therefore spend enough time finding the best place to hire iPhone app developer.

iOS Developers: What Should You Look For?

The emergence of app development has changed the software industry forever. The field of mobile app development is packed with unending discoveries and innovations. A lot of businesses are starting to want apps of their own, in an attempt to create a more streamlined online experience.

This has led to an increase in the demand for iOS developers as many businesses are starting to see why they need to integrate modern technology into their businesses and take advantage of the unique solutions it offers. Before you hire an iOS developer, you need to understand what an ios developer is.


What does an iOS Developer Do?

An iOS developer makes applications for mobile devices that run on Apple’s iOS. Ideally, they should be proficient in at least two programming languages that are used to code iOS apps. These include Objective-C or Swift. The developer should also have a firm grasp of the standard operating procedures that govern the iOS platform. Therefore, whenever you want to build an ios app for your business, this is the first person to look for.


iOS Developer Hard Skills

The decision to hire an iOS developer will depend on various things. These include the developer’s grade, area of expertise, and relevant experience. You should also know that iOS developers who have worked in specific fields tend to be ranked higher than others. For instance, an iOS mobile developer who has completed projects in eBanking, eHealth, and Internet security demands heftier pay than those with mostly eCommerce projects in their repertoire.

what is swift hire ios developers

In addition to the field a candidate has previously worked in, there are standard hard skills that all iOS engineers should possess. These skills will enable them to deal with basic issues and be able to effectively manage the development process. Below are some of the must-have skills that you should look for:

  • Xcode IDE experience
  • Standard awareness of UI / UX
  • Knowledge of the Apple Human interface guidelines
  • Language proficiency - Objective-C/Swift iOS
  • Proficiency in Advanced code versioning instruments
  • Practical experience with Core Data or Realm
  • Knowledge of Metal and OpenGL is nice to have
  • An understanding of APIs and API integration experience

hire ios developer swift vs objectivec

So, these are some of the hard skills that an iOS developer should possess. As the iOS platform keeps getting better and pushing into newer realms such as augmented reality, iOS developers might have to master skills like ARKit 3 and Reality Kit. When you hire an iOS developer with knowledge of these skills, they will be able to deliver next-generation experiences. However, some of these skills might only be used here and there since not all clients will need AR-based experiences.


iOS Developer Soft Skills

Besides experience and skill set, you need to look at other factors like cultural background, values, and professional work attitude before you hire an iOS developer. These factors also contribute to whether or not a project will be a success in some way. There are numerous good developers who are very skilled, but some prefer to work alone and will not integrate well with a team. Gathering such people and trying to merge them with others might quickly result in misunderstandings, which will affect progress greatly.

Your candidate should also have a majority of the following soft skills.




Critical thinking


Sticking to deadlines


Ability to work as part of a team




Self-presentation and negotiation skills


Diligence and persistence


When you want to hire an iOS developer, finding one with relevant experience is like winning the lotto. If a developer has undertaken similar-sized and structured projects, they will need a very short time to understand the needs of your project and proceed in the right direction.

You will find that there are three main levels of expertise when it comes to iOS developers. These are Junior, Middle, and Senior developers. The key differences between these three stages are mainly to do with how much experience a developer has working with different projects.


Junior iOS developer

This is the least experienced developer, or entry-level when it comes to iOS developers. Many of these professionals possess a primary understanding of iOS together with all the related frameworks. They either acquire their knowledge from Universities or by attending boot camps and taking developer courses.

While they cannot handle entire projects on their own, the Junior iOS developers can assist senior developers and complete smaller tasks. It generally takes about four years or so for a junior to ascend up to mid-level or senior. If you are in search of someone to hire for a project that has a pending deadline, it might not be advisable to hire a junior developer. It is better to hire an iOS developer who is just starting out if you are building a permanent in-house team where they can learn from the more experienced team members.


Middle iOS developer

A middle-level developer will have developed multiple projects. When you are looking to hire an iOS developer, anyone classified as mid-level has at least 2-4 years working as an iOS developer. This means that they can now at least handle projects on their own from start to completion. They also possess the know-how of the UI/UX app design process. Apart from what a junior developer knows, the mid-level professional should also be familiar with the following:

  • They should be able to create apps in both the Swift and Objective-C programming languages.
  • They should also have a grasp of Core Data, SQLite, and offline caching logic.
  • Substantial know-how of concurrency and asynchronous programming in iOS.
  • They should possess experience with Core Location, store kit and map kit.
  • The mid-level developer should have a clear picture of how push notifications work.
  • Finally, they need to understand how to sign apps and deploy them to App Store Connect.


Senior iOS developer

A senior iOS developer has been working professionally for more than five years. They have handled a lot of projects and successfully undertaken the deployment process countless times. Such a developer is usually very organized, and they possess strong leadership skills. Senior iOS developers handle highly complex tasks daily. They can test, debug, and review code as well. A considerable part of the life of senior developers involves the following:

  • Driving key architectural decisions throughout app development, especially on challenging features
  • Mentoring and advising junior and middle developers
  • Structuring technical documentation required for further application development
  • Outlining and handling the development standards that align with industry best practices and current trends
  • Running candidate interviews and validating candidates for posts.
  • Coming up with job requirements, targets and deadlines.
  • Assemble development teams and define GitFlow.
  • Taking part in job interviews.

Depending on your project’s requirements, you might want to hire an iOS developer from one or all of the above iOS developers’ classes. Therefore, it is crucial to understand who you are hiring and what they will deliver for you.

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A candidate’s portfolio affords you the opportunity to take a more in-depth look into their skillset, knowledge, and relevant experience before you hire an iOS developer. It will also help you to structure the interview questions that you will pose to them. You can inquire about their most recent projects’ details, what roles they occupied, and their responsibilities.

hire ios developer portfolio

The portfolio will also inform you about the preferred style of work and other related achievements they have made. Most iOS developer portfolios will also have links to the apps that the developer worked on. You can check out those apps with an iPhone and check out how other people reviewed those apps.


Cultural fit

Over the past few years, the cultural fit of a person has become an increasingly important factor to consider when you want to hire an iOS developer. Regardless of how experienced and knowledgeable a candidate is, there is always the risk that they won’t be able to merge perfectly with your existing team and, therefore, your requirements. Some of the most successful professionals take time to learn and stick to the company’s values and traditions.

A difference in culture can quickly result in a lot of misunderstandings and quarrels, which is what you don’t need in a working environment. You will also find that prejudice, language barriers, etc. are sometimes occurring with people who have different cultural backgrounds, and they are all factors that can lead to halts in the workflow.

To achieve your goals in record time, you need to hire an iOS developer who will easily integrate with your team to have a similar mentality that will deliver faster.

How Much Does it Cost to Hire an App Developer?

What are the rates of iOS Developers in Different Countries?

The demand for iOS developers at the moment is generally high, and so are their hourly rates. Globally, iOS developers charge an average of $81-100/hr. However, it is crucial to keep in mind that these rates can go up or down, depending on hiring needs. Developers will charge differently depending on whether it’s on a part-time, full-time, or contract basis. Also, the expense when you hire an iOS developer remotely and when you hire an in-house developer might also vary.

The table below shows some of the average hourly rates for iOS developers in different countries.






Why should you hire iOS Developers in Eastern Europe?

When looking for offshore iOS developers, Eastern Europe is a good starting point. It particularly has a lot of proficient and intelligent engineers who can deliver excellent results. These engineers are highly skilled in various technologies, and they are familiar with most programming languages. Furthermore, Eastern European engineers have a good reputation for their mindful and unconventional approach to dealing with problems.

Another critical factor that makes Eastern Europe a lucrative hunting pool when looking to hire an iOS developer or iOS development services is the price. It is not the cheapest offshore destination, but it undoubtedly provides the best price/quality ratio. While engineers from Eastern Europe don’t charge an arm and a leg, they are always up-to-date with recent innovations. It is possible to get a middle to senior developer at about $40-$65/hour. Additionally, their minds are western-oriented; hence they are never really behind when it comes to tech-related stuff.

It is not a secret that Eastern Europe is one of the best places to find iOS developers. The wages for programmers there are significantly lower than the rest of the European Union. That, combined with the fact that their quality work is top-notch, makes this an area of interest.

Last, but not least, developers in Eastern Europe are well known for their efficiency. When you hire an iOS developer team from Eastern Europe, they usually come with project managers who will ensure that the entire process goes smoothly, and they serve as the link between the client and the rest of the development team.

How to Hire iOS Programmers: 5 Steps

When it comes to finding the best ios programmers for hire or an iOS development company to help you, there is no easy or fast solution guaranteed to land you the top ios developers who build the best ios apps. You can follow some steps that will increase your chances of getting the best out there when you hire an iOS developer.


Prepare a Description of Your Project

There is no single best way to come up with a description of your project when you want to hire an iOS developer, but there are many terrible ways to do it. To prevent disaster, it is crucial to ensure that your project is clearly described, so that whoever reads it gets to know precisely what you want to be done and what you want to achieve with your app. If you’re going to solve a business issue with your mobile app, indicate that in the most understandable way possible in the project description. You should also ensure that the report contains your organization’s goals, the app you need, and the functionalities that it should include. Try as much as possible to be straightforward and concise when describing how your app should work.

Check out these best practices for writing an effective iOS developer job opening:


Clear and Concise Title

Use a straightforward job title like "Senior iOS Developer / Swift" to attract relevant candidates only. Avoid vague or trendy titles.

Detailed Job Summary

Start with a brief overview of the role, emphasizing the primary responsibilities.

Specific Skill Requirements

Clearly list the essential skills and qualifications required for the position, including proficiency in Swift or Objective-C, iOS SDK, and familiarity with development tools.

Project Descriptions

Describe the projects the developer will work on, whether it's building consumer-facing apps, enterprise solutions, or gaming applications.

Company Background

Provide information about your company's culture, mission, and values to help candidates assess their fit within your organization.

Benefits and Perks

Highlight the benefits and perks that come with the job, such as competitive salary, flexible work hours, remote work options, and opportunities for professional development.

Expectations and Goals

Clearly outline the goals and expectations for the role, including project deadlines and performance metrics.

Team Collaboration

Mention the level of collaboration required with other team members, such as designers, product managers, and QA engineers.

Career Growth Opportunities

Discuss potential career growth paths within your organization, such as opportunities for leadership roles or specialization in specific areas of iOS development.

Application Instructions

Provide clear instructions on how candidates should apply, whether through an online form, email, or a specific applicant tracking system. Notify about your hiring process, mentioning stages an applicant should expect, such as tech interview, live coding, or test task.

When writing an iOS developer job description, using these best practices will help you attract the right talent.


Choose the Most Suitable Model

Depending on the work you need to do, several hiring options are available when you want to hire an iOS programmer. You could either outsource, deal with an agency, engage a freelance ios app developer, or hire a full-stack ios app developer to build your in-house team. There are pros and cons to each hiring method, and all this should be considered before you start the hiring process.


Freelance iOS Developers
In-house Developer
Outsourcing Company

It is easier to find an iPhone app developer for hire if you want someone with a specific skill set of rare expertise.

Since the developer will be a part of your team, they will have enough time to fully familiarize themself with the product(s) you will be developing. They, therefore, become an expert quickly. Furthermore, even post-development, they can also handle the support side of things and help to maintain the app to be up and running efficiently.

When you hire an outsourcing company, there is already a complete team waiting to tackle your project and give you results. The only thing you should do is sign a contract with the development vendor.

There is no regional limitation. This means you are free to hire ios app developers from anywhere in the world.

There is effective and swift communication between team members and various departments.

You will not take part in the handling of the project; therefore, you get to save a lot on costs in several ways, and you will not need to deal with conflicts and delays.

The ios developer freelance rate is usually lower than in-house teams.


Freelance iOS Developers
In-house Developer
Outsourcing Company

There is a higher risk of not being able to meet deadlines when working with freelancers.

You need to pay a full salary when you hire iPhone app developers even if the available work might not be adequate to fill the developers time table.

Much like hiring a freelancer, there are many time zone-related, communication, and cultural issues that you are more likely to encounter when dealing with an outsourcing company.

Communication between the in-house employees and the freelancers won't be smooth. This might result in some misunderstandings.

Hiring and retention problems.

Conduct the Interviews

Preparing to interview a candidate when you want to hire an iOS developer position is very important. It is not only the candidate who needs to prepare, but the interviewer as well. Asking the right questions during the developer’s interview will not only make the entire process more manageable, but it will help you find the best ios developer for what you need. Some developers are deep-thinkers, some are high-performers, and a few are real all-around standouts. Your interview questions should uncover all of these aspects that a person has. Consider some of the following interview questions.

Question: How can you prevent retain cycles when utilizing closures/blocks in Swift?
Before you hire an iOS developer, this question will enable you to find out whether a candidate fully understands the retain cycle. This type of knowledge is a necessity for all developers to have. The correct answer should be that when a candidate is working with closures, they should capture any value being used in the closure using unowned or weak.

Question: Tell me about a time when you were asked to do something you had never done before. This is a soft skills question that will allow you to understand how a developer thinks in general and how they handle unexpected situations.


Criteria for Shortlisting iOS App Development Candidates

When shortlisting iOS developers for your team, these criteria will help you identify the best candidates who possess the skills and qualities required for your project.


Technical Proficiency

Assess candidates' expertise in iOS app development by evaluating their knowledge of programming languages (Swift or Objective-C), iOS SDK, and experience with relevant tools and frameworks.

Portfolio Quality

Examine the quality and diversity of their previous iOS projects. Look for apps that demonstrate their ability to design, develop, and maintain iOS applications effectively.

Problem-Solving Skills

Evaluate their problem-solving abilities by presenting real-world scenarios or coding challenges relevant to iOS app development. Assess their ability to find efficient solutions.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is crucial for collaboration. Ensure candidates can articulate their ideas clearly and interact well with team members and stakeholders.

Team Fit

Assess how well candidates align with your team's culture and values. Compatibility and collaboration are vital for a successful iOS development team.

Finalize the agreement and sign the contract

The iOS app development services contract lays out how your project is to be delivered and what you will get on project completion when you hire an iOS developer. An essential aspect of such agreements is defining what is to be done in case of a dispute. Generally, such contracts define the when, how, what, and how much.

In most ways, this contract is similar to any other agreement made for all other services. It should encompass all the standard sections. For instance, the contract should state how matters regarding termination should be handled. It should also cover how disputes are to be dealt with.

Below are the critical components of an iOS app development contract.

  • Services to be provided
  • Project time and cost
  • Acceptance testing
  • Intellectual property rights
  • Confidentiality

Onboarding: Checklist

It is difficult to find ios developers that are truly skilled and easy to work with. Once you manage to hire an iOS developer, it is vital to ensure that you do not lose them. When hired, developers are usually thrown into the deep end, and expected to find their own way around the company and discover things they don’t understand by themselves. This might work for some individuals, but most new hires will find such experiences quite stressful and complicated. Therefore, it is crucial to ensure that a smooth onboarding process is done to increase retention and ensure employee happiness.

Below is an onboarding checklist that can be followed after hiring a new developer to ensure that they do not meet unnecessary hurdles.


Send the contract.


Review the contract with the developer


Grant building access if the developer is working within your offices. This includes a parking space, keys and select permissions, wifi passwords and the like.


Add them to the project management team.


Establish a knowledge-sharing system.


Add them to the payroll.


Prepare any other necessary documentation.

Fortunately, if you work with an IT Staff Augmentation partner, they will be able to assist you with almost all the processes involved when you hire an iOS developer, including the onboarding process. They have probably gone through the same process a lot of times already, therefore they are less likely going to miss any of the onboarding steps;

Why Should You Hire iOS Developers With DOIT Software?

The DOIT Software team can find you highly skilled iOS developers for hire based on an assessment of soft ios developer skills and technical ability. Before you hire an iOS developer, DOIT Software checks what the developer can achieve or has already achieved in the past; it also analyses aspects such as cultural fit and communication skills. These aspects are fundamental, as mentioned before in the article.

Before you use someone to find iOS developers for you, it is crucial for you and the people who you are working with to communicate effectively with each other and to share the same values and principles. For a developer to be available for hire via the DOIT Software, they are requested to perform some specific tasks that are very field relevant to place them and match them with the perfect employers.

The DOIT software also checks for soft skills like initiative and proactivity. You are guaranteed that you land a developer with the necessary skills and background who will integrate seamlessly with your existing team.

Bottom line

We hope the information in this article will help you find and hire an iOS developer who is an excellent fit for your requirements. Don’t forget to clearly define the level of proficiency you need, together with the requirements, qualifications, and level of experience that is needed. When all that is in order, visit the relevant sites and choose wisely. If you don’t want to trouble yourself with interviewing candidates and searching for talent, you can also hire an iOS developer with DOIT Software and get the best options available.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What does an iOS Developer do?

They are responsible for apple mobile development services. iOS developers also have a deep understanding of how applications work; hence they can deploy, maintain and update iOS applications and be part of iPhone dev teams.

What skills are required for an iOS developer?

An iOS developer should know their way around both the Swift and Objective C programming languages. They should also be able to use Apple’s Xcode IDE. They should also be able to employ spatial reasoning and understand the Apple Human Interface Guidelines.

How do I Hire an iOS developer?

You can hire an iOS developer on credible portals like GitHub and Upwork. It is also possible to hire iPad app developers using partner recommendations. Another viable option would be to use an IT Staff Augmentation Partner. This is a form of outsourcing whereby a software engineering company offers their engineers for external hire.These methods can be used to hire an android developer too.

How much does it cost to hire an iOS Developer?

On average, it costs about $80,000/yr to hire an iOS developer in the European Union and about $120,000/yr in the US. In Eastern Europe, it is possible to hire an iOS developer for as low as $48,000/year. Average hourly rates are about $40-$65/hour in Eastern Europe.

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