In recent years, Upwork has become a leading freelance marketplace with over 827,000 active clients worldwide. However, some users find the platform’s rates high and the competition excessive. If you’re looking for an Upwork alternative with a better cost-benefit balance, you’re in the right place.

Our article will help you compare the best sites like Upwork and choose the most suitable ones. Below, you’ll find insights into their services, fees, pros, and cons. So, let’s get started!


Quick Statistics: Upwork Competitor Market

Before we move on to the full list, let’s compare the main Upwork competitors by usage and revenue statistics.

  • In 2023, Upwork's revenue reached $689.14 million, up 11.45% from 2022. Fiverr earned $361.38 million, a 7.12% increase. In comparison, Freelancer's revenue was $44.2 million, a 5.7% decrease from 2022.
  • Upwork has over 827,000 active clients, with a Gross Services Value (GSV) averaging $4,867 per customer. Fiverr has 4.1 million active buyers, with a GSV of $276.76 per each. In turn, Freelancer added 1.4 million new users and 201,000 projects, with an average project size of $259.
  • Upwork generated $369.93 million from freelance-related services. The largest share of freelancers comes from the US (25.9%), followed by India (13.4%) and the Philippines (12.4%).
  • US clients account for 74.2% of Upwork's total customer-based revenue. Fiverr's main revenue streams come from Europe (26.45%) and Asia (15%).

How Does Upwork Work?

Upwork connects experts across 10,000+ skills with clients in over 125 categories. Here, you can find programmers, designers, marketing specialists, customer support, and much more. The process itself is simple and very similar to other Upwork alternatives. You post a job listing, and freelancers bid on it. Once hired, they complete the work, and you make payments through the platform.

upwork alternative

In this section, we’ll examine the platform’s services and costs in more detail to help you compare Upwork alternatives.


Upwork Services and Features

We can divide Upwork services into groups for freelancers and clients.


Upwork for Businesses

As a client, you can access many freelancers through advanced search filters with skills, experience, hourly rate, and more. The platform’s talent-matching algorithm suggests the best fit for your project requirements.

You can choose between hourly and fixed-price projects based on your needs. Upwork provides flexibility for both short-term tasks and long-term contracts. You can also browse ready-made solutions from freelancers without the need to create a job.

upwork alternative for businesses

Once you find the right freelancer, Upwork provides tools for communication and collaboration. Here, you can see the built-in messaging system for real-time discussions. Also, there are project management tools to track progress, share files, and manage tasks.

Notably, Upwork’s escrow system adds a layer of security for both parties. The platform holds payments until you approve the project milestones. Unlike many other Upwork alternatives, they also handle automatic invoicing to simplify your project management’s financial side.


Upwork for Freelancers

For freelancers, Upwork offers a wide range of job opportunities across 125 fields. Whether you are a writer, designer, developer, or marketer, you can find projects that match your skills and interests.

upwork alternative for freelancers

First of all, Upwork allows you to set rates and negotiate terms with clients. Thus, you can calculate a reasonable earnings range and start from it.

The platform also provides tools to showcase your skills, experience, and portfolio. You are free to set up a profile and include a work history, photo, and even an introduction video. Upwork verifies profiles and allows you to receive reviews from clients. It can boost a profile’s credibility and help you secure more projects.


Upwork Fees

For freelancers, Upwork introduced a flat fee of 10% in May 2023, replacing the previous tiered fee structure of 5% to 20%. They also have the option to subscribe to the Plus membership with 100 connects per month, starting at $20.

Clients incur a 5% marketplace fee on each transaction. In April 2023, Upwork added a contract initiation fee of $9.95 for new deals. Clients also pay a fixed markup above foreign currency exchange rates.

Upwork Fee Type

Freelancer service fees

10% of earnings

Freelancer Plus membership

$20/month or $27/month via Apple App Store

Client marketplace fee

5% of the transaction amount

Contract initiation fee

$9.95 per contract

For example, on a $1,000 contract, the client pays a total of $1,059.95. This amount includes the $1,000 base project cost, a $50 marketplace fee (5% of the project cost), and a $9.95 contract initiation fee. The freelancer, in turn, pays a 10% Upwork fee, which amounts to $100. If VAT applies, assuming a 20% rate, it adds $20, making the freelancer’s net earnings $880.

Also, there is an Upwork Payroll option. Here, clients can hire freelancers as employees through third-party staffing agencies. In this setup, clients sign an Upwork Payroll agreement and contracts with the staffing providers. Upwork charges fees to clients, but freelancers don’t pay any extra costs.

Overall, Upwork’s multi-layered fee structure can be quite costly for both clients and freelancers. Users face a flat fee of 10%, and the 10 connects provided in the free plan don’t secure a contract. Even with the Plus plan, it may be insufficient due to high competition.

Some freelancers have reported low response rates despite having top ratings. As a result, many of them need to buy extra connects. All in all, these factors and high client fees lead many users to seek an Upwork alternative with a better cost-benefit balance.

Top 12 Upwork Alternatives

Now, let’s move on to the list of Upwork alternatives. In this section, you can find both global marketplaces and industry-specific solutions.


DOIT Staffing

doit software upwork alternative for developers

Rating: 4.9 (21 Reviews)
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DOIT Staffing is an IT staff augmentation alternative to Upwork. The platform provides access to a pool of 5,000 qualified developers for hire on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. Businesses benefit from dedicated tech staff for their projects within 2-4 weeks with no recruitment costs. You only need to pay the hourly or monthly rate of hires.

DOIT Staffing handles payroll, tax management, office accommodation, HR, administrative, and legal support. They offer a free hire replacement if needed and help with knowledge transfer. The platform provides tech specialists across web, frontend, backend software, and mobile development.

To start, provide project details, required skill sets, and specific expectations. DOIT’s recruiting team analyzes the talent pool and shortlists candidates within a few working days. Each coder undergoes multiple video interviews and technical testing. The staffing experts also check English proficiency, soft skills, and cultural fit, selecting only the top 5%.

DOIT Staffing ensures no time-zone issues with half-day or full office hours (EST) intersections. The platform offers lower labor costs with the option to hire developers from the US, LATAM, and Eastern Europe.


Fast recruitment of the top 5% of tech specialists within 2-4 weeks

Limited only to IT staff

$0 recruitment costs

Free replacement with knowledge transfer

Lower labor and overhead costs by 60%



fiverr an upwork alternative

Rating: 3.1 (10,904 Reviews)
App Store: 4.9 (508.7k Reviews)
Google Play: 4.2 (334k Reviews)

Price for clients: 5.5% service fee on the total purchase amount; an extra $3 fee for purchases under $100.
Price for freelancers: 20% commission on each gig sold.

With 4.1 million active buyers and freelancers in 700+ categories, Fiverr is one of the biggest companies like Upwork. Here, you can find design, marketing, writing, programming, data, and consulting professionals. The platform offers advanced search with filters for category, service options, seller details, budget, and delivery time. Clients can book a 1:1 meeting with specialists to discuss projects and conduct interviews.

Freelancers can create and list their services as “gigs” with detailed descriptions and pricing. They can send personalized offers and display samples of their work. Freelancers can access insights into gig performance, including views, clicks, and orders.

Notably, Fiverr uses project-based pricing, not hourly rates. The platform protects all payments until clients approve the delivery. Buyers pay a 5.5% service fee on the total contract amount. For purchases under $100, an extra $3 fee applies. Sellers, on their side, pay a 20% commission on each gig sold, which is deducted from their earnings before the payout.


Fiverr Pros and Cons for Businesses


700+ categories

Lack of thorough vetting of freelancers, which can lead to poor quality of work performed

Advanced search filters for freelancer profiles

Extra $3 fee for purchases under $100

Protected payments until delivery approval

No hourly rates, only project-based pricing

Fiverr suits businesses seeking freelancers for short-term projects. However, many reviews highlight low expertise and extended customer support wait times. Before hiring, check a freelancer’s reputation and project history to avoid issues.


Fiverr Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Ability to create and list multiple services as "gigs"

20% commission, fees charged even from tips

Personalized offer option

7-day or 14-day waiting period for payments

Availability of courses and tutorials

High dependence on the level status. It is difficult for a beginner to promote offers

Fiverr is better than Upwork for new freelancers, even though visibility depends on your profile level. The platform focuses on small projects where you can get the first feedback and increase your rate after a few tasks. However, on Fiverr, you can’t expect long-term contracts with hourly pay available on Upwork. Besides, freelancers here pay 2x more in fees, so the cost-benefit balance is lower.



freelancer an upwork alternative

Rating: 4.5 (14,138 Reviews)
App Store: 4.6 (3.5k Reviews)
Google Play: 3.3 (66.2k Reviews)

Price for clients: 3% or $3 (whichever is greater) for fixed-price projects; 3% for hourly projects.
Price for freelancers: 10% or $5 (whichever is greater) for fixed-price projects; 10% for hourly projects.

Freelancer is another Upwork alternative, with over 74 million employers and freelancers from 247 countries. The platform connects experts in 1,800 skill sets, like software development, writing, data entry, design, and marketing. Projects range from small one-off tasks to large, multi-stage endeavors, with values from $10 to over $100,000. The average project size was $259 in 2023.

Freelancer supports fixed-price and hourly projects and transactions in over 39 currencies. Clients can browse freelancer profiles, chat in real-time, compare proposals, and select the best candidate. Major companies like Alibaba, Meta, Intel, and Microsoft trust the platform.


Freelancer Pros and Cons for Businesses


Chat with call options for communication

Extra fees for urgent ($9.99), private ($21.99), or full-time projects ($229.99)

Competitive prices and lower marketplace fees compared to Upwork

Additional $21.99 fee for NDA

Support for over 39 currencies

Presence of low-skilled freelancers can make it challenging to find the right one

Freelancer suits businesses that value real-time communication. The platform supports over 39 currencies, making it easier for global companies to start. However, many fees for specific project needs, such as urgency or privacy, can add up quickly. Businesses must also invest more time in vetting candidates due to the presence of low-skilled freelancers.


Freelancer Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Easy to sign up and start

Subscription required to apply for more than 6 jobs per month

Good customer service for freelancers

Extra fees for increased visibility of applications ($5 - $20)

Many methods to withdraw earned funds (PayPal, Express Withdrawals, Skrill, Wire, or Payoneer)

The limit of 6 monthly bids without a subscription may limit the ability to get more projects. Also, paying extra fees to increase visibility can be burdensome, increasing unequal competition. This system prevents Freelancer from being the best Upwork alternative for beginners.



toptal an upwork alternative

Rating: 4.7 (1,789 Reviews)

Toptal is an IT-professional alternative to Upwork for developers, designers, marketing, finance, product, and project managers. The platform boasts that clients can hire in under 48 hours, with only 3% of specialists passing their selection process.

In 2023, Toptal received 2.7 million applications but involved only 64,000 talents, meaning just 2.4% were engaged. Toptal combines freelancers and full-time IT professionals from 140 countries and serves over 25,000 clients.

Toptal screens talents by English level, hard and soft skill interviews, and test projects. The full screening process takes between 3-8 weeks to complete. Freelancers keep 100% of their earnings, while clients pay for platform services.

Toptal is suitable for businesses seeking IT professionals for projects of varying complexity. However, clients shouldn’t expect low rates presented on Upwork.

For a more detailed comparison, check out our article “Toptal vs Upwork: Where to Find the Best Software Developer?

Toptal Pros and Cons for Businesses


Fast hiring process within 48 hours

Higher rates compared to platforms like Upwork

Rigorous selection ensures high-quality talent

Limited to IT and related fields

Global talent pool from 140 countries

Toptal is ideal for businesses that need to hire skilled IT professionals in the short term. The platform’s stringent selection process ensures only top-tier talent. However, companies should be prepared for premium costs.


Toptal Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Keep 100% of earnings

Extremely competitive selection process

Access to well-paying projects

Lengthy screening process (3-8 weeks)

Part of an elite network of professionals

Limited to specific professional fields

For freelancers, Toptal offers the advantage of retaining 100% of their earnings and access to top-tier projects. However, the competitive and lengthy selection process can be a significant barrier.



peopleperhour an upwork alternative

Rating: 2.9 (36 Reviews)

Price for clients: Free to post a job.
Price for freelancers: 3.5% for projects over £5000, 7.5% for projects between £250 and £5000, 20% for projects below £250.

Founded in 2007, PeoplePerHour is the longest-running freelance Upwork alternative in the UK. The platform has solved 1.2 million business tasks and paid over £100 million to freelancers.

As a client, you use PeoplePerHour’s form to describe your project. AI then matches and contacts specialists for the project. There are also freelancer listings with skill, location, and hourly rate filters. Clients receive real-time notifications, can track progress, and revisit chat history.

Freelancers get a limited 15 monthly proposals for free to apply for jobs. Clients don’t have to pay anything to post a job. And for freelancers, the platform offers a complex fee structure. For projects over £5000, the fee is 3.5%; for tasks between £250 and £5000, the cost is 7.5%; and for contracts below £250, the fee is 20% (excl. VAT).


PeoplePerHour Pros and Cons for Businesses


Real-time notifications and tracking

Slow customer support

Free job postings

Lots of inexperienced freelancers

PeoplePerHour offers businesses an easy hiring process with all the freelancer info in the open source. In fact, it combines both Upwork and Fiverr services. Here, a client can post a job for free and view ready-made offers from freelancers.


PeoplePerHour Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Options to withdraw money with Paypal, Payoneer, Bank, or ACH Bank

High fees for low-budget contracts

Single platform for messages, video calls, proposals, and invoicing

14 working days clearing period for withdrawals

Easy to use with a simple interface

Fewer available jobs compared to other websites like Upwork

For freelancers, PeoplePerHour offers a user-friendly platform with real-time notifications and 15 monthly free proposals. However, the complicated fee structure and lengthy withdrawal processing time may be drawbacks.



99designs an upwork alternative for designers

Rating: 3.7 (1,205 Reviews)

Price for clients: Fixed 5% platform fee.
Price for freelancers: $100 introduction fee (spread over the client’s first $500 charges); platform fee based on designer level: Top Level: 5%, Mid Level: 10%, Entry Level: 15%.

99designs is a platform similar to Upwork but only for designers. Since 2008, their freelance community has completed over 1 million creative projects. The platform combines 90 design skill sets, the most popular being logo, web and app design, advertising, clothing, and art.

99designs is free to sign up and start freelancing. Designers can choose the industries, styles, and design categories they want to work in. The platform charges freelancers a $100 introduction fee over the client’s first $500 charges. They also charge a platform fee on every project based on designer level: 5% for the top, 10% for the middle, and 15% for entry. Clients pay a fixed 5% platform fee.


99designs Pros and Cons for Businesses


Wide range of design skill sets

Project costs can vary based on the designer's level

Lower platform fee compared to other Upwork alternatives

99designs is great for small and medium businesses with specific, one-time design needs. The platform offers diverse design skills, making it easy to find the right designer for your project.


99designs Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Free to sign up and start freelancing

$100 introduction fee for new client work

Ability to choose preferred industries, styles, and design categories

Platform fee varies based on the designer level. It's more expensive for beginners

Access to a large pool of creative projects

For freelancers, 99designs offers the flexibility to choose preferred design categories. However, the $100 introduction fee and variable platform fee based on the designer level can impact earnings.



clouddevs an upwork alternative for developers

Rating: 4.5 (127 Reviews)

Clouddevs is an Upwork alternative that focuses on remote developers and tech talent. The platform connects clients with pre-vetted developers for various projects. Clouddevs claims to provide the top 5% of talent from Latin America.

Clients can hire developers in under 24 hours. The platform supports various tech stacks, including front-end, back-end, mobile, and full-stack development. Clouddevs offers a simple pricing model, charging a flat rate of $45-70/hour. The platform vets freelancers based on their tech and communication skills, as well as past work experience.


Clouddevs Pros and Cons for Businesses


Access to the top 5% of tech talent

Limited to tech-related projects

Quick hiring process

Higher hourly rates compared to some other apps like Upwork

Risk-free 14-day trial period

The time zone is suitable only for the US and LATAM

Clouddevs is a great choice for businesses seeking skilled developers for tech projects. Its quick hiring process and access to top-tier talent make it reliable. However, the platform has higher rates than Upwork.


Clouddevs Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Access to high-quality projects

Limited to tech-related fields

Competitive hourly rates

The strict vetting process

No hidden fees

The onboarding process can be lengthy

Limited to LATAM-based talents

For freelancers, Clouddevs offers access to quality projects and competitive rates. The thorough vetting process ensures that only top-tier developers are on the platform, which can be both an advantage and a challenge.



guru an upwork alternative

Rating: 3.1 (18 Reviews)

Price for clients: 2.9% handling fee (100% refund if paying through eCheck or wire transfer).
Price for freelancers: Sliding fee based on membership plan: 5% to 9%.

Guru is another Upwork alternative that connects freelancers and clients globally. The platform supports over 800,000 employers and has facilitated $250 million in transactions. Guru freelancers offer programming, design, writing, marketing, and more services.

Clients can post jobs and receive quotes from freelancers. Guru allows for hourly, task-based, milestone-based, and recurring payments. The platform provides a workroom for collaboration where clients and freelancers can communicate, share files, and track project progress.

Guru charges a 2.9% handling fee for each payment. However, clients can receive a 100% refund on this fee through eCheck or wire transfer. Freelancers pay a sliding fee based on their membership plan, ranging from 5% to 9%.


Guru Pros and Cons for Businesses


Wide range of service categories

Fewer freelancers compared to larger sites like Upwork

Flexible payment methods (credit, debit card, PayPal, eCheck, Wire transfer)

100% refund on handling fees with eCheck or wire transfer payments

Guru suits businesses looking for flexible payment options and a collaborative work environment. However, this platform is less popular than other alternatives to Upwork, so it has fewer available freelancers.


Guru Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Access to a variety of job categories

Freelancers need to pay for membership to get lower fees and more bids per month

Multiple payment options

Fewer available jobs

Lower fees compared to Upwork

For freelancers, Guru offers a range of job categories and flexible payment options. However, the sliding fee structure based on membership plans can be confusing for new users.


Hubstaff Talent

hubstaff talent a free upwork alternative

Rating: 4.4 (6 Reviews)
Price: free

Hubstaff Talent is a free Upwork alternative for finding remote talent worldwide. The platform connects clients with freelancers in development, design, marketing, and writing.

Hubstaff Talent doesn’t charge any fees. Clients can browse freelancer profiles, contact them, and negotiate rates without platform interference. Freelancers or agencies can create profiles, list skills, and provide contact information.


Hubstaff Talent Pros and Cons for Businesses


No fees for hiring

No built-in payment protection or escrow service

Direct communication with freelancers

Clients must handle the entire hiring and payment process independently

Wide range of freelancer categories

Hubstaff Talent is ideal for businesses seeking cost-effective hiring solutions without platform fees. However, the lack of built-in payment protection means clients must manage the project process themselves.


Hubstaff Talent Pros and Cons for Freelancers


No fees for listing services

No platform protection

Direct negotiation with clients

Cooperation with clients requires self-regulation

Control over rates and services offered

Freelancers also can take advantage of free hosting of their services. However, unlike other Upwork similar sites, you will not have payment protection from the platform. So whether to accept this risk or not is up to you.



flexjobs an upwork alternative

Rating: 4.5 (2,932 Reviews)
App Store: 4.2 (2.1k Reviews)

Price for clients: Employer plans start at $399/month or $2,999/year.
Price for freelancers: Subscription starts at $2.95 for a 14-day trial.

FlexJobs is a premium job search platform focused on remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible jobs. Unlike other Upwork alternatives, which operate as freelance marketplaces, FlexJobs is a job board that curates listings.

Clients can post jobs targeting remote and flexible work seekers. FlexJobs’ team reviews each posting to maintain its quality. Freelancers pay a subscription fee to access marketing, writing, IT, and other jobs. They can also benefit from skills testing, resume reviews, and career coaching services.


FlexJobs Pros and Cons for Businesses


High-quality, vetted job listings

Expensive subscription model

Focus on remote and flexible jobs

Less focus on short-term freelance projects

Advanced search filters for candidate matching

FlexJobs is ideal for businesses seeking remote workers. The platform’s vetting process ensures only high-quality candidates.


FlexJobs Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Access to scam-free job listings

Subscription fee required to access job listings

Variety of job categories, including freelance opportunities

A limited number of freelance positions

Skills testing, resume reviews

For freelancers, FlexJobs offers a secure platform with vetted job listings. The subscription fee is a consideration but provides access to high-quality opportunities. However, with about 700 freelance positions available, the platform may have fewer options than other sites like Upwork.

gunio upwork alternative

Rating: 4.5 (16 Reviews)

Price for clients: 20% fee of hire’s negotiated first-year salary.
Price for freelancers: Freelancers keep 100% of their earnings. is an Upwork alternative that connects clients with freelance tech professionals. Since 2012, the platform has approved 2.7K engineers. On average, clients make a hire within 13 days of requesting it. The platform is more suited for longer-term contract roles but can also fill short-term tasks.

Notably, around 1,000 new developers join the platform monthly, but only about 10% get approved to work with clients. So, being selected doesn’t guarantee job placement, which can disadvantage tech specialists. Pros and Cons for Businesses


Matching process within 13 days

Higher rates compared to Upwork

Highly vetted freelance developers

Focused solely on tech

20% fee of hire's negotiated first-year salary

Due to’s focus on top-tier talent, businesses should prepare for higher rates. Also, there is a significant 20% fee on the hire’s annual salary, which can amount to tens of thousands of dollars. Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Access to well-paying projects

Сhallenging vetting process

Comprehensive support from the platform

Limited to tech experts

Being approved does not guarantee job placement

Freelancers on benefit from access to top-tier projects and comprehensive support. However, the rigorous vetting process can be complex. Even if you have already joined the platform, it doesn’t mean you will get a job 100% of the time.



writeraccess upwork alternative for writers

Rating: 4.0 (41 Reviews)

Price for clients: Subscriptions start at $41/month billed annually or $49/month billed monthly.
Price for freelancers: 30% fee from earnings.

WriterAccess is a website like Upwork dedicated to writers, content strategists, designers, and animators. Since 2010, the platform has delivered 2.5 million projects with over 20,000 freelancers.

WriterAccess offers subscription plans starting at $49/month. The platform provides a 7-14 day window for clients to approve or modify the article, depending on the plan. Clients can find experts with search features of over 200 skills and expertise filters. Freelancers on WriterAccess can make around $0.09 per word. The platform also takes a 30% fee from their earnings.


WriterAccess Pros and Cons for Businesses


Access to 200+ creative skills

Subscription fees add to the cost of hiring freelancers

Slack and WordPress workflow integrations

WriterAccess is ideal for businesses seeking specialized content creation services. However, a mandatory subscription on top of the freelancer’s fee can greatly increase costs.


WriterAccess Pros and Cons for Freelancers


Opportunities to gain certifications through WriterAccess Academy

Large 30% fee

Large marketplace dedicated to content creation

Clients have a 7-14-day approval window, which may delay payments

For freelancers, WriterAccess provides access to a specialized marketplace with the potential for good earnings. However, the site has a significant fee, much higher than on more famous platforms like Upwork.

Summing Up

That wraps up our review of popular Upwork alternatives. All in all, these sites have the same goal – to match clients with the most suitable talent. Based on your needs, some platforms may be better than Upwork, and others may not. For example, sites like Fiverr fit best for small, one-off tasks.

On the other hand, if you need a more dedicated approach to IT tasks, consider DOIT Software. We provide tech staff dedicated to your project within 2-4 weeks with $0 recruitment costs. Contact us, and we will deliver the first relevant CVs in a few days.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to hire developers?

Get a consultation and start building your dream team ASAP.


What are the disadvantages of Upwork?

Upwork has a relatively high service cost for clients and freelancers compared to some alternatives. Besides, many users complain about the high competition, which makes it harder for new freelancers to catch on.

Are there better alternatives to Upwork?

Yes, there are some decent Upwork alternatives, depending on your needs. For global freelance platforms, consider Fiverr and Freelancer. If you’re looking for specific talent, DOIT Software and Toptal are great choices for developers. For designers, consider 99designs, and for writers, choose WriterAccess.

Is Upwork better than Fiverr?

Upwork and Fiverr each have their advantages. Upwork offers more flexibility with hourly and fixed-price projects and a wide range of professional services. Fiverr focuses on gig-based pricing, making it ideal for small, one-off tasks and creative projects.

What is the most requested job on Upwork?

As of July 2024, the most requested job on Upwork is Web Developer, with 11,843 listings. The following are JavaScript skills, with 9,167 jobs, and Adobe Photoshop skills, with 8,974 jobs. Social Media Marketers and Graphic Designers are also in high demand, with over 7.5k jobs.

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