The role of Human Resources has been established many years ago and continues to gain traction in the business environment. Especially in the IT field, recruiting is a crucial part of a company’s success. A professional technical recruiter needs to understand the most prominent technologies as well as their use in the software development process. Most tech recruiters are not coders themselves, so they are often asked to provide certificates and other achievements that show that they have first-hand expertise in the world of technology. On top of that, they should be qualified to assess a candidate’s soft skills and overall fitness in the company.

How do you go about hiring a technical recruiter who has both technical expertise and excellent interpersonal skills? What are the main challenges of technical recruiting? Keep reading, and you will learn helpful tips from one of the best IT recruitment companies in the business.

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What You Should Know about Technical Recruiting

Why are we stating that technical hiring is so important for your business?

The fact is that only the blend of both hard and soft skills ensures a truly professional technical recruiter. They are experts who can also evaluate essential soft skills like risk-taking, critical thinking, creativity, and others. Tech recruiters know what set of skills to look for when hiring a junior or senior position, for a worker in a startup or large conglomerate, for a freelancer online, or an in-house specialist.


Technical Recruiter pic

The valuable input from technical recruiters comes from asking the right questions and playing out possible work scenarios to understand the candidate’s personality. Technical headhunters will also save you money on mis-hiring which might cost you from six employee’s salaries up to almost 27.


The Difficulty with Tech Recruiting

The IT field is one of the fastest-growing markets, which is why technical hiring is becoming more and more complex. Once the business grows, labor division becomes essential due to the ever-increasing complexity of the processes. And recruitment is not an exception – when your company gains traction and acquires more business, it is important that every worker focuses on their responsibilities and duties and leaves the rest to others. Even though in the beginning, the tech lead might be capable of autonomously hiring workers, once the company grows bigger, they should delegate the talent management process to hiring professionals.

However, technical recruiters face a number of challenges throughout their careers.


Concerning the level of mistrust when it comes to working with IT recruiters.


The supply is greater than the demand.

The current situation in the market favors potential employees and not employers since there is a large discrepancy between the number of job positions and sufficiently qualified people. The Capgemini Report states that more than a half of organizations feel the widening digital gap and shortage of technical talent, especially when it comes to soft skills.

Working closely together with hiring managers.

Since hiring managers are usually team leads or perform other managerial functions, they are not recruitment experts and might not fully understand and appreciate the recruiter’s work. This is why it is an essential step to establish the skills you are looking for in the candidate, timeframe, and technical interview questions.

What Is a Technical Recruiter?

A professional technical recruiter will cut your expenses, accelerate the hiring process, and fill up the positions with the best possible candidates. But what makes a technical recruiter best at their job and what qualifications and skills should they have?


What is a technical recruiter?

A technical recruiter is a Human Resource specialist whose main duty lies in tracking down and hiring fitting candidates in the IT field, such as for UI/UX design, project managers, software engineering jobs, etc. Technical recruiters research candidates, contact them with job offers, conduct interviews, and select the best ones to fill technical jobs.


Technical recruiter job description


Technical Recruiter Job Description

Technical recruiter vs recruiter: what tasks does a tech recruiter perform? We have mentioned some duties that technical recruiters undertake, but what is the detailed IT recruiter job description? What does a technical recruiter do daily?

Identifying the platforms to find candidates

In the era of social media networks, online communities, and hiring platforms, technical recruiters need to be experienced enough to know which platforms to use. Depending on the company’s business goals, the job description, and the budget, they can use multiple sources to find candidates. On top of that, they should be on the lookout for trends and apply new ways of building their pool of candidates.

Creating job descriptions

Writing a comprehensive job description is an essential step in the hiring process. It needs to be clear, simple, and contain an extensive summary of the candidate’s requirements, future roles and responsibilities, as well as benefits. Therefore, a technical recruiter should be knowledgeable enough to understand the tech stack the candidate will be working with.

Conducting interviews

Another task that the technical recruiter job description includes is preparing technical interviews. Technical recruiters need to know the difference between technical interview questions software engineer positions would require and questions for an interview with a UI/UX designer. Knowing which technical interview questions to ask comes with experience and from taking training and courses. Besides launching and executing the technical interview process, IT recruiters should prepare relevant questions to assess the candidate’s soft skills, such as creativity, willingness to help, ability to work in a team, and so on.

Skills and Competencies

What makes great technology recruiters stand out from their competition? What skills help technical recruiters do their job well?

Technical Recruiter Skills and Competencies

Communication skills

Although decent communication skills are important in any occupation, it becomes especially relevant for information technology recruiters. IT recruiters are the bridge that connects tech teams and potential employees, which is why they should present excellent interpersonal skills and find common ground with virtually anyone. On top of that, software engineers are often reserved and introverted, which makes it difficult to establish a trusting relationship. Technical recruiters have to be true gurus of communication and negotiation.

Staffing specialists who are well-versed in communication can mitigate and resolve conflicts that happen in every team. Conflicts are usually expensive since they lead to project delays, misunderstandings, and even failures. Great IT recruiters and HRs will handle the situation and help each party resolve the conflict and find a compromise.


Multitasking skills

Technical recruiters have a lot on their plates – from composing job descriptions, screening candidates, preparing and executing technical interviews, to constantly reporting back to the employer. This is a job that requires excellent time management and organizational skills as well as the ability to multitask without negatively impacting the results.

A multitasker can juggle many things at the same time without missing deadlines. They can save an urgent project by quickly yet effectively finding an appropriate candidate to fill the talent gap.


Proficiency with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS)

ATS makes the recruiter’s work more efficient by analyzing the applicants’ resumes and preselecting the ones that fit the best. ATS will evaluate the candidate’s experience, technology stack, responsibilities, and achievements as well as educational background and choose the best ones to ease the recruiter’s job. Currently, there are quite a lot of great applicant tracking systems on the market, but most of them work in a more or less similar way, so if a technical recruiter has had experience working with one or two of those, they will easily get a grip on your company’s ATS of choice.”


Ensure the best experience for a candidate

Applying for jobs and going to multiple interviews where you have to be at the top of your game every single time can be highly stressful for candidates. Being under so much pressure, applicants might underperform and show lower results than they can actually deliver. The technical recruiter’s job is to make the candidate feel comfortable and ensure the best experience. First of all, it is crucial for a company’s reputation and possible referrals. Secondly, if your candidate has multiple offers from different companies, he or she will not choose a firm that did not provide a good experience and left a bad impression.


3 Tips to Becoming a Good Technical Recruiter


How to become a technical recruiter worth hiring? If you would like to up your game and learn what it takes to stand out from the competition, browse through our helpful tips.


Tips Technical Recruiter


Know your tech stack

Although you might not need a traditional degree to become a tech recruiter, you will definitely need to learn the technology stack. A technical recruiter’s salary is on average higher than general recruiter pay, and learning a lot of technologically complex information is the reason for it. You need to know the difference between frontend and backend, understand what Ruby is used for, and know the trendy frameworks and libraries. On top of that, be ready to learn constantly. New frameworks are being developed every day, so try to stay up to date with the latest tech trends. There is no need to learn coding but knowing the difference between C++ and Python, what JavaScript and its frameworks (Vue.js, Ember.js, Backbone.js, etc.) are mostly used for, and which technologies are getting traction is crucial for becoming a good technical recruiter.

Get on GitHub

It is also a great idea to get on GitHub or other prominent online communities for IT experts. Besides sharing code and expertise, users exchange funny and ridiculous stories about their recruitment process that you can use to pinpoint the frustration coders have when interacting with recruiters and how to fix it.

Try to stand out

No one gets as many job offers from random IT technical recruiters as tech specialists. Even aspiring professionals who have just graduated and started their careers get bombarded by emails and messages on LinkedIn and other platforms. And seasoned coders receive several job offers per week! If you don’t want to land in their spam folder and be disregarded as another typical job offer, you will have to stand out. First of all, avoid generic texts and try to keep them as personal as possible. Secondly, thoroughly assess the candidate’s experience and interests before offering them anything. The biggest frustration that coders have with technical recruiters lies in their inability to offer relevant positions.

List of Useful Resources and Tools for a Technical Recruiter

If you want to learn more about becoming a technical recruiter, there are several options for achieving this goal.

Udemy offers affordable online training that covers everything you need to know about technical recruitment. You will learn about the most prominent languages, tools, and frameworks, understand the difference between frontend and backend as well as software and hardware. Finally, the Udemy course will provide you with technical interview practices, which will help you create relevant questions and tasks in the future.

Another must-have tool for a technical recruiter is StackOverflow. Much like GitHub, it is an online community for IT experts to exchange knowledge and share know-how. What makes it so useful for recruiters is their special solutions to speed up and improve the hiring process.

Geekology is an online learning platform for people who are looking to learn or deepen their technical skills. Besides lessons on coding and software development, they offer a special course on technical recruiting that will teach you everything you need to know to start your new career.

We are lucky that we live in the age of digital expansion, where we can onboard new staff with Freshteam. Onboarding checklists, employee self-service, emails, reminders, and e-signatures make it a perfect choice for new employees’ onboarding,

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How to Find a Technical Recruiter: In-house VS Recruitment Agency

What is the best source of discovering technical recruiters? You can hire an in-house worker who will enrich your corporate culture and become a part of your team. Alternatively, you can use the services of a recruitment agency or find workers on recruitment platforms. What are the advantages and downsides of these options and is there a better way?


In-house Recruiter VS Recruitment Agency VS Recruitment Platform

The benefits of hiring an in-house IT technical recruiter are quite obvious. An in-house worker becomes a part of your team and is interested in the company’s success. They are more driven and motivated to find the best people for the role as it benefits the company’s goals. The most common downside of in-house hiring is its high cost. You will have to pay for the worker’s office space, equipment, benefits, insurance, and so on.

Instead of hiring an in-house technical recruiter, you can use the services of a recruitment agency. They usually have enough resources at their disposal to track down the technical workers you need. Tech recruiting firms work fast and precisely as they look for a technical workforce all the time. They are familiar with technical requirements, latest trends, salaries, and have access to the largest databases like LinkedIn premium. The biggest problem with technical recruiter companies is the cost – for every successful placement they will charge you up to 25% of the hire’s annual salary.

The most prominent recruitment platform is Reflik – an online tool designed for both recruiters and employers. An independent technical recruiter can sign in, select one or several positions he or she would like to fill in, and start working. It is a large platform with thousands of recruiters where you can find a dedicated worker. The only drawback is the lack of vetting on the platform since anyone can sign in and work. You will have to handle interviews, background checks, and tests yourself.


Our Choice: Better Options for Technical Recruiting

DOIT Software’s recommendation is staff augmentation – a new way of hiring technical specialists. Staff augmentation is an alternative hiring strategy that allows filling the talent gap in your team with one or several experts. The IT Staff Augmentation Partner receives your requirements for the project, the exact skill set you need, sets up technical interviews, and evaluates the candidates according to your company’s requirements.

For a certain amount of time, the duration of the project, these workers become a part of your team. You might even say that you “borrow” their talent, skills, and experience to fulfill a certain function in your team and successfully execute the project. Our tech recruiters know the best software developers who have first-hand experience with building software from scratch.


In-house recruiter
Recruitment agency
Staff Augmentation with DOIT Software


The most expensive model (office space, dental, benefits, etc.)

One-time payment, however, they charge 25% of the hire’s annual salary

The most affordable model - you only pay the hourly rate of our top experts


Finding a fitting in-house worker might take up to months

On average, these agencies take one month to find a candidate

DOIT guarantees the first interview within 10 days


You will have to conduct the vetting process by yourself, so the outcome is on you

Agencies conduct screening and interviewing, so the quality is guaranteed

DOIT runs three interviews and evaluates candidate’s soft and hard skills - the quality is guaranteed

Technical Recruiting at DOIT Software: Lessons Learned

Through 7 years of successful work and dynamic development, DOIT Software has built expertise in mobile app development and staff augmentation. We have been helping companies from various industries and sizes to create applications that attract users and drive business growth. Here, we would like to share some tips on hiring the best talent in the IT industry.


How to Attract Top IT Talent

Why are people the most critical resource at the company?

“Great things in business are never done by one person. They’re done by a team of people.” Steve Jobs

One of the most important things that we have learned is the fact that people are your greatest and most valuable asset. You should make sure that your business goals correlate with your employees’ individual goals as well as ensure adequate work-life balance. But it doesn’t end with your employees – it also applies to your customers. Make sure they are at the center of your decision-making and your top priority. Build an authentic, genuine bond with your customers by welcoming them as a part of your community.


Hot IT market

In the last several years, we have witnessed rapid development of the IT market that has resulted in thousands and thousands of jobs. As a result, we have a scarcity of IT talent and an abundance of IT jobs. The situation is changing since more and more people are going into the IT-sphere after recognizing its potential, however, at this point, there is an obvious imbalance.

While IT experts are sitting back and choosing between the best offers that will bring them money and exciting projects, companies are left to compete for them. You have to be able to offer something special and interesting to work on, decent pay, which is quite high in the IT world, and some enticing perks. IT workers are more than aware of their privileged position and don’t waste their time on companies that they don’t think are not worth it.


How do top IT specialists choose employers?

So how do you stand out from the inevitable competition and land the crème de la crème?

Recruiter Checklist

As it turns out, the salary is, although a significant factor, not the most important one in the candidate’s decision-making process. New technologies are far more crucial for the candidate since most of them are motivated by an exciting project. There are eight things that impact their decisions:


Technology stack

Here is why you need a professional technical recruiter to convey the required tech stack and the common tasks to the potential worker. It is crucial to write down the technologies, tools, as well as the project’s process and goals in a manner that will be understandable and enticing for the reader. However, if your company still uses Angular 4 when Angular 11 has been long released, you might repel many prominent developers regardless of how well you sell it.

Project purpose

Before even looking for staff, you should define the business goals of the future project. It helps candidates a great deal to make the right decision when they know where the company is headed and what plans it has for the foreseeable future.

The compensation

Although salary is not the number one factor, it is obviously very important. Salaries in the IT-sphere are highly competitive, so if you cannot afford to pay market-level compensation, you should reconsider your requirements and expectations.

Clear workflow

Since every company has its own rules and standards, a clear workflow will shorten the learning curve and make the onboarding easy and quick. Clear and defined process descriptions also decrease the chances of errors and misunderstandings.

The opportunity for professional growth

No one likes to be stuck at the same level for years and years. Offer your future employees the clear possibility of professional growth within the company. It should be traceable and comprehensible – a clear path to the next step.

The company culture

It is not obvious at the first glance, but company culture plays a major role in both parties’ decision-making process. You are looking for like-minded people who will be a great fit for your workplace and thrive in your company’s environment. Candidates are looking for a place that will accept them with their interests and inclinations, their way of working and making choices.This is why it is critical to find a technical recruiter who understands the value of company culture and can convey it to the candidates.


Benefits are perks that your company can offer in order to attract more potential applicants. Benefits include supreme office location, free lunches and coffee, discounted gym passes, free dental care, and so on. Although they are not necessary, they definitely boost people’s interest and often become the determining point in the final decision-making moment.

Flexible working schedule

Work-life balance is gaining more traction in the modern world. People are no longer ready to overwork themselves for an extra dollar. Millennials grew up in a much better and wealthier world than their parents which is why they prioritize comfort over higher salary or prestige. They prefer to create their own schedule that supports their hobbies, family duties, and other things rather than to adhere to a fixed company schedule.

The company culture and benefits as key factors of the employee’s retention

While benefits like free gym membership and free healthy meals bring quite apparent value to the employee, company culture does not seem that important. However, it is highly underestimated. The meta-analysis by University of Iowa has shown that there is a clear correlation between cultural fitness and employee retention rates. People who feel like a part of the team and fit in well with their coworkers are more loyal to the company and more satisfied with their job. Even when the company experiences downturns and volatility, they are more likely to stick around.


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9 Tips to Conduct a Technical Interview Successfully

The technical interview is an essential step of the hiring process whereby a candidate’s skills and knowledge of technologies are being evaluated. Without a technical interview, you cannot make an informed decision about an applicant’s level of expertise, logical abilities, and problem-solving skills.

Technical Recruiter interview

9 tips to conduct a technical interview

  • The technical interview should be conducted by a professional who has extensive knowledge of the technology the candidate will be working with.
  • Technical interview questions should be well prepared and formulated in advance. They should reflect on the tasks that the future employee is going to handle.
  • Begin your interview with general questions about the technologies and tools and gradually move towards more complex topics.
  • Prepare a standard procedure for evaluating the test results. This way, it will be easy to compare candidates to each other based on the criteria you find important.
  • Check the candidate's logical and critical thinking.
  • Take interest in the candidate's work history and ask them about their most difficult cases in their career. How did they deal with them? The way they went about solving them will show you a lot about the candidate’s personality and level of expertise.
  • The technical interview should also contain a short task that involves live coding.
  • Give candidates an opportunity to ask questions closer to the end of the interview.
  • Share your feedback via email or phone call after the interview is done.

Get inspired by our article “Take Advantage of the Dedicated Development Team Model


Our Clients’ Experience

What kind of talents does DOIT strive to attract?

We value the importance of company culture above other things. We look for people who share our values and believe in teamwork, professionalism, orientation on customers, self-development, and a high grade of morality. In addition to that, we find the candidates’ proactivity and ability and desire to take initiative highly important.

Technical recruiting in DOIT

Four steps of the hiring process at DOIT Software


The first step of our hiring process is checking a candidate’s soft skills, general experience, and other essential information that will determine whether the candidate might be a good fit or not.

Test task

The test task is the second step, although in some cases it can be eliminated.

Technical interview

The technical interview is the next step whereby we usually involve at least two tech specialists who will evaluate the candidate’s results.

Interview with the client

The final step is the interview with the client that can also be quite tech intensive. One of our clients asked candidates to do an additional test task. During the online interview, candidates shared their results whereas the client asked questions about the task and the ways they chose to solve it. The final interview essentially looked like a bachelor thesis defense.

IT Staff Augmentation Partner – a helpful mediator between employer and employee

Having accomplished many complex projects for various clients, we concluded that the positive correlation between the developers’ work and the company’s expectations is the most important part of the project’s success. This is why we have integrated a quarterly feedback process between clients and professionals working on the project.

The best part of this approach is the opportunity to quickly respond to misunderstandings and inconsistencies between the two parties and optimize the workflow. For example, if we receive negative feedback from our client about one employee, we quickly organize a meeting where we discuss the client’s issues, figure out how to solve those, receive feedback from the employee, and provide the necessary support for all the participants.


Technical staffing at DOIT Software

Our strategy enables the perfect labor divisions where DOIT Software handles HR and administrative tasks, developers can focus on writing code, and the company’s executives can think about the big picture – long-term goals, strategies, and future projects.


The unique technical recruiter skills and competencies DOIT offers will help your company find workers that ideally fit into your company, share your values, and bring in the exact set of skills that is required for the position. The expertise and knowledge that IT recruiters possess will save your company money and time as well as establish the culture that will make your business stand out and attract the right people.

DOIT Software offers a unique approach to hiring IT personnel that has already shown its benefits for businesses. By using our IT staff augmentation hiring model, you will shorten the hiring process, lower the costs, and receive the best experts for the required roles. Contact our team of professionals to get a consultation and ask any remaining questions about staff augmentation and software development.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Who is a technical recruiter?

A technical recruiter is a recruiter who finds and hires talented prospects in the IT-sphere. Tech recruiters are a part of the HR department and take care of finding, interviewing, hiring, and onboarding IT staff.

What is Technical Staffing?

Technical Staffing is the part of the staff augmentation model whereby a company uses services of technical recruiter companies and fills the skill gaps in their team by short-term hiring one or several professionals.

What do technical recruiters ask?

Technical recruiter interview questions are twofold: first, they evaluate a candidate’s soft skills, and next, they check their technical knowledge based on tests. They differ from position to position, which means that technical interview questions for engineering or project managing positions will contain different tasks and scenarios.

What makes a good IT recruiter?

A good IT recruiter is a professional who can assess a candidate’s personality traits and soft skills as well as is knowledgeable enough to evaluate their technical skills.

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