Femtech, short for ‘female technology,’ is a rapidly growing sector within the healthcare industry. It tackles issues in women’s health, ranging from menstrual health to fertility, pregnancy, and menopause. According to a report by Statista, the global market size for femtech products and services was valued at approximately 45.5 billion U.S. dollars in 2021. It is projected to reach over 75 billion U.S. dollars by 2025.

As the femtech industry becomes bigger, understanding the key players becomes essential. This review of the top 20 femtech companies provides a snapshot of the innovative forces driving this industry forward. These companies are responding to the evolving needs of women’s health and shaping the future of medical technology and healthcare delivery.

This article aims to explore the top femtech companies, highlighting their innovative services/products, achievements, and milestones. Join us to gain insights into how these companies are shaping the future of women’s health. Keep reading to discover why their contributions are critical in today’s healthcare landscape.

Top 20 Femtech Companies in 2024








Carrot Fertility










Flo Health






Grace Health












Maven Clinic


Natural Cycles



Now, let’s review these femtech companies in detail.



Ava femtech companies

Founded: 2014
Company’s Size: 51-100
Website: https://www.avawomen.com/
Location: Switzerland
Services: Products and health programs for PCOS, painful periods; consultations with health specialists


Ava is one of the femtech companies that revolutionized women’s reproductive health. This organization leverages artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) for menstrual cycle tracking. Their solutions analyze physiological parameters like skin temperature, resting pulse rate, breathing rate, and heart rate variability. The processed data allows users to gain real-time insights into their fertility window, ovulation, and menstrual cycle patterns. Additionally, Ava’s technology can help identify potential health issues like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS).

Ava has earned significant recognition in the reproductive health companies sector. The company has boasted the Women’s Health Femtech and Swiss Medtech awards. Key milestones for Ava include launching the first AI-powered fertility solution and receiving FDA clearance for their wearable fertility tracker. Also, the company has facilitated over 50,000 pregnancies among its customers.



Bloomlife femtech companies

Founded: 2014​​
Company’s Size: 11-50 employees​​
Website: https://www.bloom-life.com/
Location: United States​​, Belgium
Services: Prenatal wearable devices, data analytics for maternal and fetal health, a risk stratification and biomarker discovery​​ platform


Bloomlife is among the femtech companies sector that transform maternal health. Specifically, they combine connected devices with data analytics to provide personalized feedback to future mothers. Also, they assist healthcare professionals in predicting and managing pregnancy complications.

Their main product is a prenatal wearable that tracks maternal and fetal health parameters. This information is then accumulated on Bloomlife’s Prenatal Atlas platform and used for risk stratification and biomarker discovery. Now, the company has a rich physiological dataset linked to birth outcomes, covering over 10,000 pregnancies.

Bloomlife’s achievements include receiving innovation awards and grants from prestigious organizations such as Johnson & Johnson’s First 1000 Days Quick Fire Challenge, Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Fast Company World Changing Ideas, National Science Foundation, and the European Commission Horizon 2020 Initiative.



Bonzun femtech companies

Founded: 201​0
Company’s Size: 11-50
Website: https://www.bonzun.com/
Location: Sweden​​
Services: e-Health services, including a virtual midwife, a personalized IVF app, and a digital self-development program​​


Bonzun is a femtech startup founded in 2010 by Bonnie Roupé after her challenging pregnancy experience. They developed the world’s first symptom checker for pregnant women, which has been recommended by UNICEF and WHO. This virtual midwife was launched in 2014. Since then, it has assisted millions of women in tracking their pregnancies. For example, it helps females understand when to visit the doctor’s office, explains test results, etc.

In late 2019, they introduced Bonzun IVF, a personalized app to enhance the success rates of fertility treatments. Bonzun Evolve, their latest offering, is an interactive digital program supporting self-development and stress management through behavioral therapy.

Bonzun has several awards and grants. For instance, they got the Innovation Against Poverty award from SIDA, recognition from Fast Company World Changing Ideas, and grants from various international organizations.


Carrot Fertility

Carrot Fertility femtech companies

Founded: 2016​​​​
Company’s Size: 251-500
Website: https://www.get-carrot.com/
Location: United States
Services: Fertility preservation, male-factor infertility, IVF, pregnancy and postpartum care, adoption, gestational surrogacy, and menopause support​​


Carrot Fertility is one of the leading femtech companies in the USA specializing in comprehensive fertility-related treatment. Their services also include pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause support. Additionally, the organization assists with adoption and gestational surrogacy. They have a network of clinics and agencies with a full-fledged telehealth and care navigation platform.

Carrot Fertility has achieved notable milestones, including a $75 million Series C fundraising round led by Tiger Global Management. The company has expanded its global footprint, having employees in more than 55 countries.



Coro femtech companies

Founded: 2016
Company’s size: 2-10
Website: https://www.corobaby.com/
Location: Based in Dublin, Ireland
Services: Breastfeeding monitor


Coro stands out among femtech companies for its unique product addressing a critical maternal and infant health need. The story behind Coro began with a personal experience: when the founder’s son was born underweight, she faced the stress of uncertain breast milk intake.

This need led to the creation of Coro’s innovative nipple shield with built-in flow measurement. It is the first in the market to offer precise real-time breastfeeding data transferred to a mobile app. Coro addresses the fear of low milk supply, a leading cause of premature weaning.



Clue femtech companies

Founded: 2012
Company’s Size: 51-100
Website: https://helloclue.com/
Location: Germany
Services: Period tracking app, menstrual health resource, educational content on reproductive health, Clue Plus (paid app version), research in reproductive health


Clue, one of the pioneering women’s digital health companies, combines science and technology to help people manage menstrual and reproductive health. Their app assists over 10 million people in 190 countries in tracking periods, ovulation & PMS. It also provides science-based content authored by reproductive healthcare experts. Clue is available in 20 languages, ensuring its accessibility to a diverse user base.

This femtech product was recognized by the American College of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ACOG) as the number-one period tracking application in 2016. In 2017, the company launched Clue Plus. The paid version of the app offers personalized reminders, data visualization for easier cycle pattern analysis, etc. This femtech company has also developed an extensive content encyclopedia about birth control, health issues and conditions, fertility, and more.

Their innovative work includes collaborating with renowned institutions like Oxford University and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation for reproductive health research. In 2021, Clue received FDA clearance for their injectable contraceptive Clue Birth Control.



DotLab femtech companies

Founded: 2016
Company’s Size: 1-10
Website: https://www.dotlab.com/
Location: United States
Services: Blood tests​ for endometriosis diagnosis


DotLab stands out among women’s healthcare companies with its flagship product, DotEndo. It is a blood test designed to help identify active endometriosis. It works by measuring specific biomarkers in the blood. This approach is revolutionary because it can detect this condition regardless of hormonal fluctuations, menstrual cycle phases, or the presence of symptoms.

One of the most significant advantages of DotEndo is its non-invasive nature. Specifically, the test requires only a blood draw. This feature is substantial given the often painful nature of current procedures for determining endometriosis.

In terms of achievements, this company has significantly impacted the field of molecular diagnostics for women’s health. A notable accomplishment is its laboratory’s accreditation by the College of American Pathologists (CAP) in January 2022, which implies DotLab’s outstanding laboratory practices.



Elvie femtech companies

Founded: 2013
Company’s size: 251-500
Website: https://www.elvie.com/
Location: United Kingdom
Services: Breast pumps, a breastfeeding app, pelvic floor exerciser, milk collection systems


Elvie is one of the women’s health startups that provides women with postpartum devices. The company was founded by Tania Boler, a globally recognized women’s health expert. This company presents 3 Elvie pumps:

  • Pump - a silent, wearable electric flagship product that offers hands-free convenience and seamless integration with a mobile app for monitoring
  • Stride - a device that combines efficiency with comfort, featuring a hands-free design that allows for discreet pumping and easy mobility
  • Curve - a manual one for on-the-go use, offering natural suction

This femtech organization also offers a secure milk collection system, Catch, to prevent leaks. Another product is Elvie Trainer, an innovative pelvic floor exerciser providing real-time feedback and guidance through an app. Lastly, the company also provides Nipple Cushions that add comfort during pumping.


Flo Health

Flo Health femtech companies

Founded: 2015
Company’s Size: 250 – 499
Website: https://flo.health/
Location: United Kingdom, United States
Services: Period and ovulation tracking, AI-powered personalized insights, and tailored support for female health​​​​​​​​​​​​


Flo, renowned in the femtech apps sphere, is a leading digital platform for menstrual and reproductive health tracking. The application is available in 22 languages and has achieved 300 million downloads, making it one of the most widely used femtech mobile solutions globally.

Flo’s approach is centered around leveraging AI-powered technology to offer personalized insights and support. The company’s diverse team of over 100 health and well-being experts gives users valuable information through articles. This company also provides pregnancy, period, implantation, and other calculators for women to monitor these processes more efficiently.

Flo was recognized as a Silver Honoree at the 20th Anniversary Digital Health Awards in 2018. This accolade highlights the app’s effectiveness and impact in the field of mobile health resources.

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Gennev femtech companies

Founded: 2016
Company’s size: 1-10
Website: https://www.gennev.com/
Location: United States
Services: Telehealth menopause clinic, consultations with doctors and dietitians, education, menopause treatment, supplements, and wellness products​


Gennev is one of the femtech companies offering telehealth. Today, this organization is the largest virtual clinic for menopausal care in the United States.

This digital health company provides a unique blend of services, including consultations with menopause doctors and dietitians, personalized care plans, lifestyle change guidance, and natural supplements. Their approach to menopause management has been practical, with 89% of clients reporting symptom relief after their first visit. Moreover, Gennev has served over 220,000 women through its Menopause Assessment, and 100% of its patients recommend Gennev to others.



Glooma femtech companies

Founded: 2021
Company’s size: 1-10
Website: https://glooma.pt/
Location: Portugal
Services: Medical screening device for breast self-examination


Among women’s health medical device companies, Glooma is known for its innovative breast self-examination SenseGlove. This portable, home-based medical screening device enhances traditional breast exams by linking to a mobile app. It simplifies the screening process by sending reminders and recommending a doctor visit if any anomalies are detected. SenseGlove is not a diagnostic tool but a complementary device to regular medical consultations.

Glooma has numerous awards for its contributions to the women’s health tech industry, including the Altice IA, DHS, Forward, H-INNOVA, PDA, Rise, Vodafone, and WSA prizes. Their commitment to medical technology accessibility places them among the leading femtech companies dedicated to empowering females with innovative health solutions.


Grace Health

Grace Health femtech companies

Founded: 2018
Company’s size: 11-50
Website: https://www.grace.health/
Location: Sweden, Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana
Services: AI-based health assistance, menstrual cycle and fertility tracking


Grace Health, a prominent figure among femtech companies, began as an AI chatbot on Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp. It used to assist women with cycle and fertility tracking and offering guidance on sexual and reproductive health. Evolving from this, the company launched the Grace Health Native Android App in African countries. Soon, it became the region’s top women’s health mobile solution.

Their efforts have not gone unnoticed in the field of women’s health and wellness companies. Grace Health has been lauded as “Next Brilliant in Tech,” a finalist in Fast Company’s “World Changing Ideas Awards 2021,” and recognized as “The Hottest Startup 2021” by Wired UK.



HeraMED femtech companies

Founded: 2011
Company’s size: 11-50
Website: https://www.hera-med.com/
Location: United States, Australia, Israel
Services: Digital maternity monitoring and management platform​


HeraMED is one of the top women’s health companies that offers a comprehensive digital maternity monitoring and management platform, HeraCARE. Through the dashboard, providers can effortlessly oversee patient activities online. Meanwhile, patients can carry out tasks from their tailored care plans using a mobile app along with a set of intelligent, interconnected devices.

Another product that this organization offers is HeraBEAT. This device assists pregnant women with the capability to monitor and listen to their baby’s heartbeat from the comfort of their home. At the same time, healthcare providers gain instant access to Fetal Heart Rate (FHR) data, thereby streamlining the pregnancy journey.



Hertility femtech companies

Founded: 2019
Company’s size: 11-50
Website: https://hertilityhealth.com/
Location: United Kingdom
Services: Hormone testing, mental well-being, nutrition, genetics, and fertility care​


Hertility Health is one of the femtech companies that provide at-home hormone testing. They also offer services like egg freezing, pelvic ultrasound scans, etc. Their clients can receive consultations from:

  • private gynecologists,
  • fertility nutrition specialists,
  • and menopause experts.

The company has made significant achievements, including aiding over 120,000 women in understanding their reproductive health. They have conducted thousands of minutes of video consultations. Hertility Health has received the British Data Award 2023, Impact of the Year 2021, Barclays Startup Entrepreneur of the Year 2021, UK’s Top 100 Disruptive Startups 2021, and the Tatler Business Women of the Year Award 2021.



Illumigyn femtech companies

Founded: 2012
Company’s size: 1-10
Website: https://www.illumigyn.com/
Location: Israel
Services: Gynecological care system


Illumigyn is known for its groundbreaking Gynescope® System, the world’s first remote gynecology platform. This technology allows the creation of high-resolution digital images with superior magnification, which are cloud-stored. The latest feature gives medical professionals around the world an opportunity to access this data. This approach provides patients with more control and immediate access to second opinions through AI Clinical Decision Support Software.

Illumigyn’s dedication to women’s health is evident in its support of the World Health Organization’s strategy to eliminate cervical cancer. Their goal is to reduce the 5 million global cervical cancer-related deaths by 2050.



Kindbody femtech companies

Founded: 2018
Company’s size: 501-1000
Website: https://kindbody.com/
Location: United States
Services: Fertility treatments (including IVF and egg freezing), telemedicine, wellness programs


Kindbody is one of the leading femtech companies transforming fertility and wellness care with its modern, tech-enabled clinics. This organization offers various services, including fertility treatments like IVF and egg freezing, virtual telemedicine, and wellness programs.

Among its achievements, Kindbody was named to the 2023 CNBC Disruptor 50 list. The company has also attracted significant investment, including a $25 million deal from Morgan Health. Additionally, Kindbody’s received the prestigious Star Award at the American Society for Reproductive Medicine Annual Meeting.



LactApp femtech companies

Founded: 2016
Company’s size: 11-50
Website: https://lactapp.com/
Location: Spain
Services: Personalized breastfeeding and motherhood support app, professional healthcare app, healthcare services, online shop


LactApp is one of the femtech startups that offers breastfeeding and motherhood apps. The mobile solution autonomously resolves over 100,000 weekly inquiries globally. It has over 76,000 possible advice paths and more than 2,500 personalized responses. Users can gain free access to all features with optional user-contributed payments. LactApp is available in English and Spanish, aiming for global reach and planning further language additions.

Its effectiveness is proved by 73% of users, stating that the application is key to their breastfeeding experience, and 97% satisfaction rate. Since 2017, LactApp has handled over 19 million queries, with 23% of new mothers in Spain using it.

This company also presents its LactApp Clinic for Spain-based healthcare services and LactApp Shop for maternity products. The last solution is LactApp Medical, which allows healthcare professionals to receive breastfeeding-related training based on real cases.


Maven Clinic

Maven femtech companies

Founded: 2014
Company’s size: 501-1000
Website: https://www.mavenclinic.com/
Location: United States
Services: Fertility and family building, maternity and newborn care, parenting and pediatrics, menopause care, holistic and comprehensive family support​


Maven Clinic is one of the femtech companies providing a virtual care model. They deliver personalized guidance across various stages, including preconception, pregnancy, postpartum, and menopause. Their services encompass fertility preservation, IVF, adoption, surrogacy, pediatric care, and support for special needs.

Maven Clinic’s network includes over 1,000 healthcare providers, making it the largest in the USA. Their approach to healthcare emphasizes preventive measures, leading to reduced C-section and NICU admission rates.

Maven Clinic has been recognized with several awards, including the Best Places to Work and FastCompany awards. These achievements reflect the organization’s commitment to providing exceptional outcomes, lower costs, and comprehensive care.


Natural Cycles

Natural Cycles femtech companies

Founded: 2013
Company’s size: 51-100
Website: https://www.naturalcycles.com/
Location: Sweden
Services: Birth control app, temperature-based contraception, personalized fertility and pregnancy planning, symptom tracking


Natural Cycles is a distinguished femtech company in the field of non-hormonal birth control. It is the first app-based contraception cleared by the FDA and marked by CE, catering to over 3 million users worldwide. Unlike other fertility apps that assume a standard 28-day cycle, Natural Cycles uses personalized data to determine fertile days accurately. Thus, this organization helps women reduce unwanted pregnancy risks.

The effectiveness of this approach is backed by clinical evidence, showing a 93% typical and 98% perfect use effectiveness rate. This groundbreaking app also provides services like pregnancy planning, symptom tracking, and insights into reproductive health.



Pregnascan femtech companies

Founded: 2015
Website: https://premier.pregnascan.eu/
Location: Hungary
Services: Home health monitoring system for pregnant women


PregnaScan, featured on this femtech companies list, is a unique and innovative home health monitor for expectant mothers. It’s the first to provide a “digital lab” experience during pregnancy. The system, which is an example of telemedicine technology, includes:

  • a smart pulse oximeter that communicates with your phone via Bluetooth,
  • the PregnaScan app (compatible with Android and iOS),
  • cloud data processing,
  • and an evaluation interface.

PregnaScan provides valuable information, time-saving measures, and potentially life-saving data by detecting abnormal processes early on.


All 20 femtech companies show a deep understanding of women’s unique health needs, leveraging cutting-edge technology to provide innovative solutions. They are characterized by their commitment to research-driven products and a user-centric approach. These femtech leaders offer women practical solutions, giving them greater control over their health and well-being.

Looking ahead, we expect continued growth and innovation in the femtech market. As awareness and investment in women’s health technology grow, we can anticipate more advanced, diverse, and tailored health solutions. The future of femtech promises more inclusive healthcare, where women’s health issues are addressed with the seriousness, research, and innovation they deserve.

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What is femtech?

Femtech – or female technology – refers to products and services designed to address women’s health needs, including reproductive and menstrual health.

What are the femtech trends in 2023?

In 2023, femtech trends focus on menopause management and fertility automation. Companies in this sector leverage AI, wearable devices, and mobile apps for enhanced personalized healthcare experiences.

What is the market size of femtech?

As of 2021, the femtech market size was valued at approximately $45.5 billion, with projections to grow to over $75 billion by 2025.

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