The healthcare IT market is experiencing a period of exponential growth and innovation. In 2022, this dynamic sector was valued at an impressive USD 200 billion. Projections estimate a surge to approximately USD 1069.13 billion by 2032. This rapid expansion reflects a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 18.30% from 2023 to 2032. There will be a transformative era for health tech companies as they evolve to meet the increasing demands of modern healthcare.

Healthcare technology companies serve both patients seeking personalized care and professionals desiring efficient tools for better health outcomes. That’s why the need for reliable, effective, and top healthcare solutions is more pressing than ever.

In this article, you will explore a list of health tech companies that are considered the most innovative and industry-recognized. Ready to find out which companies are leading the way and how they’re doing it? Continue reading to discover the best in the world of health tech.

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Top Healthcare Tech Companies in 2024






Day Zero Diagnostics


Carbon Health






Included Health


Maven Clinic




Boston Scientific






Access Healthcare















Below, you will find the best organizations by category: BioTech, Consumer HealthTech, Medical Devices, and Software & Data. Join us to explore the standout health tech companies that are revolutionizing their respective areas.

Health Tech Companies in the BioTech Sphere


Pioneering AI in Small Molecule Drug Discovery

Atomwise Health tech companies

Founded: 2012
Company’s Size: 101-250
Location: the United States
Expertise: AI-Enabled Drug Discovery

Atomwise is one of the health tech companies in the USA that harnesses AI to transform small-molecule drug discovery. They are known for inventing the application of deep learning in structure-based drug design. Thanks to this innovation, partnering biotech companies can find and improve new chemical compounds.

The efficacy of Atomwise’s discovery engine is widely recognized:

  • It boasts a track record of success in hit identification across over 200 projects.
  • The technology excels in a variety of protein types and many challenging drug targets.

Atomwise is actively developing a wholly-owned pipeline. They are also exploring new treatments in immunology and oncology at the discovery phase.

Significant achievements have marked Atomwise’s financial journey. The company has secured over $174 million in funding from leading venture capital firms. Such substantial backing is instrumental in driving their mission forward, aiming to develop superior medicines more quickly.



Enhancing Healthcare with Personalized Predictive Care

Biofourmis Health tech companies

Founded: 2015
Company’s Size: 251-500
Locations: India, Singapore, the United States
Expertise: Software-Based Therapeutics, Predictive Care, Clinical Trial Data

Biofourmis is one of the health tech companies that partner with health systems and pharmaceutical companies with an aim to facilitate care delivery and drug development. Specifically, their platform helps healthcare institutions monitor patient physiology more effectively by connecting to existing medical-grade clinical devices and sensors. Thanks to Biofourmis, life science organizations can speed up their clinical development and find therapy candidates for newly created treatments.

Biofourmis specializes in software-based therapeutics. In particular, they collect biosensor data to track a patient’s health status. After that, AI-driven analytics within the platform predicts if the conditions are to get worse. Therefore, Biofourmis focuses on predictive care tailored to individual needs, enabling timely interventions and treatment administration for chronic conditions.

Biofourmis’ impact on life sciences is global:

  • Their technology has been involved in 40+ clinical trials across 31 countries.
  • Biofourmis’ platform helps achieve a 21% increase in the optimized use and dosage of heart failure medication.

Biofourmis has made strides in improving care delivery:

  • They've accomplished an average cost reduction of 38% for acute care patients treated at home.
  • There's a 70% decrease in readmissions for patients receiving critical care at home.
  • Their solutions have resulted in saving 9,400 patient bed days in hospitals.


Day Zero Diagnostics

Actionable Insights for Infectious Disease Diagnosis

Day Zero Diagnostics Health tech companies

Founded: 2016
Company’s Size: 11-50
Location: the United States
Expertise: Infectious Disease Diagnosis, Antimicrobial Resistance Identification

Day Zero Diagnostics is one of the medical technology companies that provides vital data for diagnosing infectious diseases. This team’s focal point is on identifying antibiotic-resistant pathogens. Utilizing machine learning (ML) and whole-genome sequencing, they offer a new edge in clinical diagnostics.

Day Zero Diagnostics’ technology range includes:

  • Sample Preparation: Streamlined processes for preparing samples for analysis.
  • Computational Diagnostic Algorithms: These algorithms convert raw genomic data into diagnostic results.
  • Proprietary Big Data Database: It is a vast collection of genomic data from clinically relevant pathogens. This database links to their resistance profiles and susceptibility.

In October 2023, Day Zero Diagnostics made strides in AI healthcare by introducing Keynome® gAST. This AI-based algorithm is capable of predicting the antimicrobial susceptibility (AST) of infections using whole genome sequences. With this new product, healthcare professionals can pinpoint developing patterns of resistance and possible hotspots.


Now, let’s move on to the top six companies specializing in consumer health technologies.

Health Tech Companies in the Consumer Health Tech Sphere

Carbon Health

Simplifying Healthcare Through Mobile Connectivity

Carbon Health Health tech companies

Founded: 2015
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Location: the United States
Expertise: Urgent Care, Primary Care, Mental Health, COVID Care

Carbon Health’s mobile-based network streamlines the connection between healthcare providers and patients. The mission is clear: make healthcare accessible for all.

This company’s product offers a seamless healthcare experience:

  • Same-Day Appointments: Patients can book appointments for the same day.
  • Direct Communication: They can chat with their health team effortlessly.
  • Prescription Convenience: Medications are sent directly to the pharmacy or home.
  • Immediate Records Access: Users can instantly review the medical charts and test results via Carbon Health’s platform.

Carbon Health provides a range of essential services:

  • Urgent: Immediate care for acute issues.
  • Primary: Ongoing and comprehensive health services.
  • Pediatric Urgent: Specialized treatment for young patients from 3 months to 18 years.
  • Mental Health: Mental health services integrated with primary care.
  • COVID Medical Attention: Specialized assistance and guidance for COVID-19.
  • Workplace Health: Health support tailored for workplace needs.

Carbon Health is one of the fastest-growing health tech companies. It scaled up from seven clinics in 2019 to an extensive network of 80 clinics by 2023. This expansion extends across 13 states, positioning Carbon Health on a trajectory to become the first nationwide primary care provider.



Transforming Healthcare with Mobile and Virtual Solutions

DispatchHealth Health tech companies

Founded: 2013
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Location: the United States
Expertise: Mobile Healthcare, Virtual Medicine

DispatchHealth is one of the health tech companies that specialize in virtual medicine and modern house calls. The company aims to provide solutions that improve health outcomes, significant cost savings, and seamless clinical integration. At the moment, DispatchHealth operates across 21 states in the U.S.

DispatchHealth’s services are a modern response to the overuse of emergency rooms. They offer an accessible way for U.S. residents to receive healthcare:

  • Easy Scheduling: Appointment booking is available via phone or online.
  • Prompt Response: They provide a timeframe for arrival, typically on the same day.
  • Wide Availability: Specialists are open 365 days a year, from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m. in most areas.

This company also collaborates with healthcare facilities:

  • Technology and Connectivity: Their platform assists organizations in optimizing the service line by providing a fast and easy way to interact with patients.
  • Enhancing Patient Experience: The company augments digital front door (virtual access for patients) and engagement programs.
  • In-Home Imaging: They offer advanced in-home imaging and ultrasound systems.

In 2023, DispatchHealth formed a partnership with Included Health. This collaboration combines online care with on-demand, in-home clinical support.



Streamlining Healthcare Appointments Across Europe

Doctolib Health tech companies

Founded: 2013
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Locations: France, Germany, Italy
Expertise: Digital Health Appointments, Video Consultations

Doctolib is one of the healthcare SaaS companies that helps simplify booking medical appointments. Patients can easily arrange both in-person and video consultations with healthcare providers.

There are almost 340,000 healthcare professionals from France, Italy, and Germany available on this platform. It is now a vital service for 80 million patients in these countries.

Doctolib has become a leader in e-health security, recognized as one of the first to receive the C5 certificate, a German Government-backed attestation from the Federal Office for Information Security (BSI). It confirms Doctolib’s commitment to strict operational security, that helps protect against cyber threats in cloud services.


Included Health

Revolutionizing Healthcare Access through an All-in-One App

Included Health Health tech companies

Founded: 2020
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Location: the United States
Expertise: Virtual Care, Health Navigation, Community-Based Healthcare

Included Health stands out as one of the health tech startups, offering complete care through a single app. Patients can use the platform to receive mental health, virtual primary, and urgent assistance. The range of health issues Grand Rounds Health and Doctor On Demand acquired this organization in 2021.

This innovative healthcare tech company combines virtual care, navigation, and community-based healthcare. It aims to deliver a radically improved healthcare experience to millions across the U.S.

Included Health is known for its unique range of services:

  • 24/7 Access to Care: Allows patients to connect with board-certified doctors, either in-person or virtually. This service covers everything from routine care to specialized therapy for teens.
  • Insurance Support: Offers unbiased support for insurance and claims.
  • Specialist Access: Provides access to 4,000 top specialists in the nation.
  • Round-the-Clock Availability: Ensures experts are ready to assist at all times.

As of June 2023, Included Health boasts cooperations with over 70 leading employers (e.g., Mattress Firm and McDonald’s) and health plans (e.g., SCAN and Tufts). The collaborations are aimed at facilitating more accessible virtual care for LGBTQ+ and black employees. For example, SCAN Health Plan with Included Health launched the first-ever Medicare Advantage Plan for LGBTQ+ older adults. Currently, Included Health has managed to support over 4 million individuals, especially from marginalized communities.


Maven Clinic

Virtual Care Focused on Women and Family Health

Maven Clinic Health tech companies

Founded: 2014
Company’s Size: 501-1000
Location: the United States
Expertise: Virtual Care, Family Planning, Maternal Health

Maven Clinic is one of the healthcare IT companies in the USA with a virtual care model centered on women and families. Their data-driven, holistic approach aims to deliver proactive disease and complication intervention. Maven provides comprehensive care for parents and those planning to become one.

This health tech company’s platform ensures personalized care:

  • Every member receives support from a dedicated Care Advocate.
  • Specialized providers are available for on-demand appointments.
  • With an aim for more effective care, the platform helps detect risk earlier by monitoring health conditions.
  • Live classes and provider-monitored forums available through Maven’s app are curated for each member's needs.

Maven Clinic’s customers have seen substantial health improvements, with a third reporting better management of anxiety or depression. Furthermore, a quarter of those using Maven’s fertility resources have successfully achieved pregnancy without the need for assisted reproductive technologies. Thus, Maven users have improved the management of mental health and gained a higher success rate in natural pregnancy.

This company reports a 2:1 clinical return on investment and a 4:1 business return. Moreover, the platform contributes to up to 20% lower C-section rates due to proactive check-ins and ongoing assessments. Also, there are up to 28% lower NICU admission rates and a 31% reduction in unnecessary ER visits.

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Advanced Technology for Mental Health

SonderMind Health tech companies

Founded: 2014
Company’s Size: 101-250
Location: the United States
Expertise: Mental Health Services, Therapist Matching

SonderMind is a U.S. healthcare company that utilizes innovative technology to connect people with mental health providers. Their user-friendly platform offers quick therapist matching, streamlined scheduling, and essential administrative tools for healthcare professionals. SonderMind supports most major insurance providers.

SonderMind’s expansion is marked by key acquisitions:

  • Total Brain in November 2022, adding science-backed mental wellness assessments.
  • Qntfy in 2021, enhancing outcome prediction with analytics.
  • Mindstrong’s technology in March 2023, equipping clinicians with data-driven care pathways.

SonderMind is available in 15 states — Arizona, Colorado, Georgia, Indiana, Kentucky, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Missouri, Nebraska, New Hampshire, Ohio, Texas, Vermont, Virginia, and Washington, D.C.


Medical devices lie at the core of successful healthcare. So, scroll down to review the best health tech companies contributing to this sphere.

Health Tech Companies in the Medical Devices Sphere

Boston Scientific

Innovating for Global Health Improvement

Boston Scientific Health tech companies

Founded: 1979
Company’s Size: 10001+
Location: the United States
Expertise: Medical Devices for Various Specialties

Boston Scientific is one of the public health tech companies that supply innovative medical devices. The range of solutions includes remote patient monitoring, pacemakers, defibrillators (ICD), catheters, and many more etc. Boston Scientific caters to the medical specialties below:

  • Critical Care: Includes advanced devices for essential healthcare needs.
  • Electrophysiology: Offers specialized products for heart rhythm disorders.
  • Gastroenterology: Provides tools for gastrointestinal diagnostics and treatment.
  • Gastrointestinal Surgery: Supplies surgical instruments for gastrointestinal procedures.
  • Interventional Cardiology: Delivers products for minimally invasive heart procedures.
  • Interventional Radiology: Features tools for diagnostic and therapeutic radiology.
  • Pulmonology: Supplies products for respiratory care and treatment.
  • And more.

This organization has a workforce exceeding 45,000 employees and commercial representation in 130 countries.

In 2022, Boston Scientific achieved impressive sales, amounting to $12.682 billion. This financial success reflects their significant impact on healthcare, as they treat over 33 million patients each year.



Advancing Diabetes Management with Continuous Glucose Monitoring

Dexcom Health tech companies

Founded: 1999
Company’s Size: 5001-10000
Locations: Australia, Austria, Canada, Germany, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, New Zealand, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States
Expertise: Continuous Glucose Monitoring Systems

Dexcom, known as one of the best health tech companies worldwide, is a pioneer in real-time continuous glucose monitoring (RT-CGM). Their commitment to innovation simplifies diabetes management for individuals and healthcare providers alike.

Dexcom’s product line features cutting-edge systems:

  • Dexcom G6: This system transmits real-time glucose readings to a smart device or Dexcom receiver. It's designed to lower A1C levels and minimize the occurrence of hyperglycemia and hypoglycemia. Users benefit from its 10-day sensor life and convenient 2-hour warm-up period.
  • Dexcom G7: The latest offering, Dexcom G7, provides real-time glucose data directly to your smartphone or smartwatch. This seamless connection allows users to make informed decisions on the go, offering a comprehensive diabetes management tool. The Dexcom G7 suits type 1, type 2, and gestational diabetes management. It features an all-in-one sensor and transmitter. The device has a quick 30-minute warm-up. There's also an additional 12 hours after the 10-day usage period.

Dexcom has over 8,000 workers across the globe. Beyond its extensive employee base, this company has cultivated a strong community presence through the Dexcom Warrior program. This initiative unites more than 20,000 active users who rely on innovative continuous glucose monitoring systems daily.



Innovating Medical Devices for Global Healthcare

Medtronic Health tech companies

Founded: 1979
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Locations: Australia, Canada, India, New Zealand, Singapore, the United States, and 144 other countries
Expertise: Medical Devices, Health Therapies

Medtronic is one of the health technology companies globally recognized for its medical devices. Their products range from insulin pumps and pacemakers to advanced diabetes therapies. They are dedicated to innovating solutions for over 70 health conditions, including Parkinson’s disease and diabetes. Over 95,000 people in 150 countries use Medtronic’s devices.

Medtronic’s investment in the future is substantial:

  • They are currently conducting 214+ active clinical trials.
  • The company holds 46K+ patent matters.
  • Their R&D investments have reached $2.7 billion in fiscal year 2022.

Medtronic combines technology with a profound understanding of the human body and medical science. This blend leads to unprecedented solutions in healthcare. For instance, in 2016, they introduced the first leadless pacemaker in the U.S. market. Continuing their innovation, Medtronic released the next-generation leadless pacemakers in early 2023. These devices, tiny as a multivitamin, set a new standard in the industry.


Are you interested in exploring software solutions in the healthcare industry? Read on to discover the leading health tech companies here!

Health Tech Companies in the Software & Data Sphere

Access Healthcare

Elevating Revenue Cycle Management

Access Healthcare Health tech companies

Founded: 2011
Company’s Size: 10001+
Locations: the United States, India, Philippines
Expertise: Revenue Cycle Management, Medical Billing, Medical Coding

Access Healthcare is one of the largest healthcare technology companies that offers end-to-end revenue cycle services. They cover medical billing, coding, accounts receivable, etc. Access Healthcare’s client base spans over 150 healthcare systems, hospitals, medical groups, and health plans.

As one of the top IT healthcare companies, Access Healthcare has developed its products based on the latest ML and AI technologies. The team has also utilized unified medical language systems (UMLS) and Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in some of their solutions.

Access Healthcare’s digital platforms include:

  • echobot: Generates medical codes from clinical documentation quickly and automatically.
  • echopay: Automates payments.
  • echorev: Manages eligibility checks, claim status, and denial management.
  • echosmrt: Enables intuitive decision-making with smart dashboards and data aggregation.
  • echolock: A comprehensive digital governance platform ensuring system security.

This healthcare software company operates 20 global service centers with over 27,000 employees.



Enhancing Communication in Healthcare

Ascom Health tech companies

Founded: 1953
Company’s Size: 101-250
Locations: Australia, Austria, Belgium, China, Denmark, United Arab Emirates, Finland, Switzerland, the United States, and 10 more countries
Expertise: Communication Solutions, Software, Mobile Devices

Ascom is one of the hospital software companies specializing in communication and collaboration solutions. This organization offers a variety of products:

  • Nurse Call and Monitoring Systems: Includes teleCARE IP for care homes and Telligence for hospitals that help reduce response time and send updates to EHR/EMR systems faster.
  • Software Solutions: Features Digistat clinical, Unite communications, and Ofelia software. Using them, healthcare providers can react to critical events more quickly, avoid documentation duplication, and manage assets.
  • Mobile Devices: Offers a range of devices like smartphones, DECT & VoWiFi phones, and pagers. Using them, the medical staff can optimize on-the-go communication by staying updated all the time.

So, all of their solutions aim to improve operational efficiency and boost situational awareness.

In addition, the company provides several key services:

  • Expert consulting services to optimize communication systems.
  • System implementation and comprehensive training.
  • Ongoing support and maintenance for their systems.

Ascom’s global reach is impressive: over 32,000 solutions are installed worldwide. More than 12,000 hospitals use their software, and their systems handle over 800 million alerts annually.

In late 2022, this company collaborated with Amazon Alexa Smart Properties. This cooperation was aimed at improving long-term care. The focus was on enhancing treatment quality and keeping residents connected, informed, and entertained. This solution is available in the UK and France, but Ascom plans to expand its reach.

Ascom is recognized for its outstanding performance in the medical devices connectivity sector. This team has received the 2022 Frost & Sullivan Technology Leadership Award.



Driving Healthcare Innovation with Digital Technology and Consulting

CitiusTech Health tech companies

Founded: 2005
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Locations: Canada, India, Poland, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom, the United States
Expertise: Healthcare Consulting, Digital Engineering, AI Analytics

CitiusTech is a provider of digital technology and consulting services, catering to healthcare, life sciences and med tech companies. Their offerings include:

  • Healthcare and Life Sciences Consulting: They provide management and digital consulting. These services address the strategic transformation needs and business challenges of clients.
  • Digital and Product Engineering: This service combines design thinking with next-gen technologies and agile methodologies. The aim is to create superior digital products and experiences.
  • Data, Analytics, and AI: CitiusTech excels in healthcare-focused data and AI. They offer solutions to complex interoperability needs, driving meaningful insights and unlocking business value.
  • Interop & Integration Engineering: They offer implementation of core healthcare platforms for revenue cycle management, data analytics, etc. Other services include the integration of smart & robotic process automation, claims and payment integrity solutions, CRM systems, etc.
  • Implementation Services: CitiusTech offers consulting, design, reengineering, and deployment. They focus on specialty EHR/EMRs, clinical solutions, and consumer experience systems.

CitiusTech’s active engagement with customers is reflected in over 350 ongoing projects. They have more than 140 clients and 8,500 deployments for healthcare and life science organizations.



Pioneering AI and Data-Driven Solutions in Healthcare

ConcertAI Health tech companies

Founded: 2018
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Locations: India, the United States
Expertise: AI Technologies, Real-World Data, Medical Imaging AI

One of healthcare IT solutions providers, ConcertAI focuses on gaining early disease insights and improving patient outcomes. These goals are achieved through leveraging advanced real-world data, AI technologies, and scientific expertise. They partner with biomedical innovators, healthcare providers, and medical societies.

ConcertAI’s offerings include:

  • RWD360, Patient360, and Genome360: Each of these real-world data software provides on-demand data for accelerated research.
  • TeraRecon: This visualization & AI platform is a sophisticated tool for medical imaging.
  • Predictive Patient: ConcertAI designed this product to improve therapy initiation and adherence.
  • STAR: This solution makes unique visibility into patient journeys and adherence trends available to enhance patient experiences and brand value.
  • Digital Trial Solution: The company’s AI SaaS is developed for clinical trials and specializes in oncology and hematology.

Besides products, this health tech company also has custom data and research services. ConcertAI’s scientists consult their clients on research design and execution, regulatory uses of medical data, etc.

In 2019, ConcertAI’s team expanded its data science collaboration with Janssen. These companies were focusing on driving effective therapies and tackling health disparities within clinical trials. Additionally, they partnered with Pfizer in the field of precision oncology to accelerate patient insights.

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Empowering Healthcare Workforce through Education and Enablement Solutions

Relias Health tech companies

Founded: 2002
Company’s Size: 501-1000
Location: the United States
Expertise: Workforce Education, Risk Management, Compliance

Relias is among health tech companies specializing in integrated tools and top-tier learning content for healthcare providers and their staff. This organization’s solutions are designed to attract and retain talent, as well as elevate care quality.

Relias offers a range of benefits:

  • Recruiting and Staffing Optimization: Helps healthcare facilities streamline their staffing processes.
  • Learning and Performance Enhancement: Provides robust platforms for regulatory and compliance training.
  • Compliance Management: Ensures adherence to standards and best practices.

Under the Relias umbrella are several notable brands:

  • A platform for medical professionals to find job opportunities and education content.
  • Wound Care Education Institute: Specializes in training programs for skin, diabetic wound, and ostomy management.
  • Relias Academy: Offers over 1,500 of healthcare-related courses for industries such as senior care, health & human services, corrections & law enforcement, and intellectual & developmental disabilities.
  • FreeCME: Provides continuing medical education (CME) content for improving patient care and outcomes.
  • Relias Media: Delivers news related to clinical medicine and hospital management.

This health tech company partners with over 11,000 healthcare and human service organizations. They have a large community of more than 4.5 million caregivers.



Advancing Connected Care with Remote Patient Monitoring

Founded: 2011
Company’s Size: 501-1000
Locations: Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States
Expertise: Remote Patient Monitoring, Digital Health Platforms

Huma is a health tech company selected as one of ‘Europe’s 1000 Fastest Growing Companies of 2023’. Their remote patient monitoring platform focuses on enhancing connected care for patients. They use biomarker data and predictive algorithms for monitoring patients and conducting clinical trials.

Huma’s platform features advanced technologies:

  • Hospital at Home and Virtual Wards: They provide care options that reduce the need for hospital stays.
  • Remote Patient Monitoring and Virtual Care: Essential services for constant patient care.
  • Decentralized Clinical Trials (DCT): They support clinical research with innovative trial designs.
  • Companion Apps: This healthcare & pharmaceutical software as a Medical Device (SaMD) helps physicians decrease their administrative workload.

Huma’s global influence is substantial:

  • Supporting Healthcare Facilities: Over 3,000 hospitals and clinics utilize this platform.
  • Extensive Patient Network: Huma supports a network of 27 million patients.
  • Device Deployment: Over 1 million devices have been shipped in support of their projects, showcasing their capability to deploy at scale.

In August 2023, Huma announced that they are leveraging Google Cloud’s Vertex AI and Google GenAI tools like Med-PaLM 2. With generative AI applications, Huma plans to improve their SaMD platform. Together with Google Cloud, the company aims for safe, responsible, and meaningful AI integration in healthcare.



Streamlining Healthcare Practices with Comprehensive Automation Solutions

Tebra Health tech companies

Founded: 2021
Company’s Size: 501-1000
Location: the United States
Expertise: Practice Automation, EHR, Patient Management

Tebra represents a significant advancement in health tech companies, born from PatientPop and Kareo joining forces. This collaboration united practice growth technology with cloud-based clinical and financial software. As a result, they have presented a complete operating system for independent practices. More precisely, Tebra’s solution encompasses tools for:

  • practice growth related to advertising, search engine optimization, reputation management, etc.
  • patient experience – online scheduler, automated appointment reminders, patient intake, text messaging
  • care delivery – electronic health records, telehealth, provider scheduling, electronic prescriptions, electronic labs, quality programs, and regulatory support
  • billing & payments - insurance eligibility check, claim submission, and patient payment management
  • data & insights - data cloud, practice revenue analytics, and API integration

Over 100,000 providers utilize Tebra’s solution to support the healthcare journey of 85 million patients in the U.S.



A Leading Force in Health Tech for Software & Data

Tempus Health tech companies

Founded: 2015
Company’s Size: 1001-5000
Locations: the United States, Spain
Expertise: AI-Enabled Precision Medicine, Clinical Care, Research Products

Tempus is a standout among health tech companies, leading the way in AI-enabled precision medicine. This health tech startup specializes in innovative solutions in healthcare that impact clinical care and life sciences.

Tempus offers a range of products for healthcare providers:

  • Hub: A versatile platform for fast access to patient reports and cancer test results, accessible via desktop and mobile.
  • One: An AI-driven clinical assistant providing direct access to patient insights. It helps providers navigate patient information and identify relevant clinical trials.
  • Now: Integrates seamlessly with EHR systems for efficient ordering and results delivery, unlocking the potential of structured genomic data.
  • Pixel: Delivers AI-powered medical imaging insights, including automated therapy response evaluation and lesion tracking.

For life sciences, Tempus presents its self-service analytics solution, Lens. Using this platform, scientists can get drug development insights without building their own IT infrastructure. They can perform analysis based on Tempus’ licensed clinical and molecular records.

Tempus serves both healthcare providers and life sciences with the following cross-disciplinary products:

  • Next: Enhances clinical workflow with timely notifications and patient tracking.
  • Assays: Offers advanced genomic profiling services.
  • Algos: Provides a range of testing options to gain deeper insights into various cancer types.

40% of U.S. oncologists are now engaged with Tempus, through sequencing, clinical trial matching, and research partnerships. Furthermore, 50% of academic medical centers in the U.S. are also linked with Tempus.

This company marked a significant milestone with the launch of Tempus N+ on May 20, 2022. This program aims to revolutionize mental health treatment through precision medicine. Specifically, it focuses on establishing a reliable and protected system for gathering and examining both molecular and clinical data. Doing that, Tempus works towards facilitating research in the psychiatric care field.

Wrapping Up

We went through 20 companies that set high standards in the healthcare technology sphere. All of them share common traits: cutting-edge technology, patient-centered solutions, and a commitment to improving healthcare outcomes. Their work is a testament to the potential of technology in transforming healthcare.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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What companies are in the healthcare field?

The healthcare field encompasses various spheres, including biotech, medical device production, software & data, and consumer health tech. Among the top health tech companies is Tempus in biotech, focusing on AI-enabled precision medicine. Medtronic is in the medical device production sphere and is known for its sustainable practices and innovative products. CitiusTech is in the software & data category, offering healthcare consulting and digital solutions. Maven Clinic is in the consumer health tech field, providing virtual care targeted at women and families.

What is the most sustainable healthcare company?

Medtronic is recognized as the most sustainable healthcare company. Medtronic has made a commitment to environmentally friendly manufacturing processes in medical device production. The company works closely with hospitals to reduce medical waste.

How many health tech startups are in the US?

The United States is home to about 41,550 health tech startups. Among them are Included Health and Dexcom which stand out the most. Included Health specializes in connecting individuals with healthcare providers through a comprehensive digital platform, while Dexcom leads in continuous glucose monitoring technology.

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