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The HealthCare app was created to get you fast and affordable healthcare. Now patients can check a doctor’s ratings and location, then make an appointment and go on a visit — just like that! No queues, no weeks-long waiting: just install the app and you are ready to go. The whole process takes 1-2 hours, including the visit.

For doctors, the HealthCare mobile app is an easy way to find new patients. There is no reason to buy expensive advertisements to attract new clients. Just do your job, get a good rating, and patients will flock to your office.



Java, Swift


Symfony, Node.js


MySQL, MondoDB


Google API, Paypal API, API



iOS, Android



Just imagine a mobile app like Uber for healthcare

You have never experienced doctor appointments this fast.

Main features


There are separate mobile apps for doctors and patients that show different interfaces. Patients can go through onboarding, where they will be shown the app’s functionality and logic. After viewing it, the user will understand how the app operates. But the HealthCare app’s interface is so user-friendly that, even if you skip onboarding, it’s easy to navigate the app.

A convenient way to select a doctor

As in a healthcare marketplace, you can conveniently check for appropriate available doctors nearby. You can find out their exact location, check their ratings, and determine the cost per visit.

Appointment Process

Once the patient sends a request for an appointment, the doctor receives a push notification right away and has 60 seconds to respond. The doctor and the patient can chat with or call each other with the app.

After a visit is confirmed, you can go to the doctor using Uber, Lyft, Google Maps, Waze or any other navigation or taxi service you have installed on your phone.


One of the most important parts of the HealthCare app is the doctors’ ratings, which helps you identify the best doctors, taking into account the cost of a visit to choose the most cost-effective option.

Admin panel

Some of the app is visible to end-users (both patients and doctors), the administration panel is visible only to moderators. Here, they can check doctors’ licenses, approve those doctors who are eligible to be listed, and view statistics about visits, requests, missed appointments, payments, and many more.

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As a Result

This is a mobile app that helps you to find doctors nearby, appoint e meeting and immediately visit a doctor.


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