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Type of Project

The application is based on a networking methodology of intimacy circles and level of interest (or contact strength).

Every contact is assigned to one of three social circles and placed on an axis of how interesting a person is for the user, or how strong he or she relates to the user in specific areas of interest.

One of the core purposes is to use smart networking steps to connect the user to the most compatible people and keep them within their closest circle.


Mobile App

Cross-Platform, React Native



Database and Storage


Additional tech and service

Digital Ocean


Main features

Log In

Network Relations Manager allows you to add your personal contact information, link all of your social media accounts, and sync your contacts app.

Merge contacts

After syncing all of your social accounts, your contacts from each network will be merged into one location.

Sort your contacts

Categorize, group, and organize your contacts based on multiple attributes and characteristics.

Add notes

Remember every little detail with the notes feature. Add specifics to a contact or details about one of their events.

Network Relations Manager

The solution is to automate personal network management in a simple-to-use app and add features that will make a user more connected.

Network Relations Manager is a tool we have developed for everyone who needs to manage a network of personal contacts and keep in touch proactively.

As a Result

The more connections you have the more difficult it gets to keep in touch and be proactive with them. There are almost no tools available for professional networkers, as well as for people who need to manage lots of personal contacts. Professional CRM systems are not a good fit for this since they are optimized for commercial activities and business processes.


Fast cross-contact introduction and referral feature


Easily shareable contacts + invitation


Automatic people-to-contact ranking based on a complex proprietary methodology


Multiple message templates


Birthdays and important dates calendar


Personalized notes and tags


Automatic grouping based on interest tags

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