iOS & Android app for improving the life balance.

Mobile app

Challenge: to develop solution, that will help people conveniently work and improve their balance in life areas and track the process on smartphone.

Solution: developed logic of software work including life areas assessment, tasks setup, reminders, deadlines, tasks progress.

Results: delivered mobile application for iOS and Android.

Technology: Hybrid Technology (Ionic Framework) , Angular JS.

Famous life balance wheel became an app

Balance Wheel Pro is an effective self-coaching tool for assessing and improving the life balance. It allows to build various balance wheels, evaluate personal performance in any field, set goals and track progress.

Coming with a set of templates, the app gives an opportunity to rate the balance of your life, leadership or management skills, as well as to work on any other assessment task with custom wheels. It is a great tool both for a professional coach or for a change-motivated personality.

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