Based on a StackOverflow survey, 19.9% of professional developers use Vue.js in their coding. The framework is quite popular among the web development community and receives over 4 million weekly downloads. This technology allows businesses to create fast and scalable web apps with an adaptable architecture.

However, finding the right specialists is always a challenge. To hire Vue.js developers, you need to know where to search, how to test candidates and conduct interviews, and more. In this article, we’ll discuss the key steps to hiring Vue.js experts. So, let’s get started!


Key statistics: Vue.js experts market

  • In 2023, Vue.js became one of the ten most popular web frameworks among developers worldwide. Today, the Vue.js has over 1.5 million users and 4,287,091 weekly downloads in npm.
  • The Vue.js developer salary in the US ranges between $78,582 and $156,394 per year. The global average is $60,148 per year.
  • Hourly rates for middle+ Vue.js developers start from $35-$60 per hour in Eastern Europe, $70-150 per hour in the USA, and $40-65 per hour in LATAM.
  • The most popular technical skills in the Vue ecosystem are Vue Server Renderer (2,446,150 downloads per week in npm), Vue Loader (2,393,361 downloads), and Vue Router (2,382,072 downloads). Other widely used ones are Vuex (1,479,864 downloads), Vue Test Utils (1,406,555 downloads), Pinia (1,069,468 downloads), and Vuetify (450,213 downloads).

Available Vue.js developers for hire



Middle Vue.js developer


Seattle, WA, United States



Tech stack: Vue.js, JavaScript, CSS3, HTML5, TypeScript, Node.js, AJAX, SASS, SCSS, React, Material UI, React Hooks, React Query, RxJS, ECMAScript, Vuex, Vuetify, Pinia, Nuxt

Cristian has over 3 years of experience as a front-end developer with Vue.js and React. He built an e-commerce full-stack application from the ground up. Cristian also created several pet projects with Angular. His work includes developing and supporting a marketplace and engaging in game development. Cristian specializes in 2D and 3D modeling and has expertise in different CSS frameworks. He also uses Vue.js with TypeScript, Pinia, and SCSS.





Middle Vue.js developer


Wroclaw, Poland


Part-time, 20 hours/week

Tech stack: JavaScript, CSS, HTML5, Git, TypeScript, ES6+, Bootstrap, REST API, Webpack, SCSS, Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js, Vuetify, JSON, React

Julia has 3 years of commercial front-end experience with Vue.js and React. She has worked on SaaS projects. Her tasks include development and APIs, automated tests, and landing page creation. In a past project, she built a CRM system for managing customer interactions and high-traffic charts for monitoring.


Part-time, 20 hours/week



Lead Vue.js developer


Curitiba, Brazil



Tech stack: Vue.js, PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, Git, Nginx, SOLID, WebSockets, Swoole, RabbiMQ, Swagger, Phaser, Docker, Linux, Redis, MySQL, ES6+, HTML, CSS, Flexbox, Vuex

Gabriel is a full-stack developer with 7 years of experience. His main expertise is Vue.js and PHP. In a previous project, Gabriel led teams and conducted code reviews for 3 years. His skills include API, database, and chatbot development. He also builds mobile apps using Ionic. Gabriel has completed 6 commercial projects with Vue.js and Nuxt.js.





Senior Vue.js developer


Salta, Argentina



Tech stack: Vue.js, Nuxt.js, Elixir, Flutter, Git, REST API, Android SDK, Dart, Retrofit, Kotlin, SQL, Phoenix, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Python

Juan is a full-stack software developer with over 4 years of experience in Vue.js. He can design system architecture from scratch, tool automation and network scripting. Recently, Juan worked on a healthcare project, where he built a CRM, a tracking management system, and a customer portal. Juan also has experience with video management solutions, Linux, and mobile app development.





Senior Vue.js developer


Kyiv, Ukraine



Tech stack: Node.js, React, TypeScript, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Angular, Express.js, AWS, JavaScript, Docker, RabbitMQ, REST, Linux, CSS3, HTML5, Nest.js, GraphQL, Vue.js

Dmytro is a software architect and full-stack developer with expertise in React.js, Node.js, JavaScript, and Vue.js. He has also been a Team Lead for 5 years. Dmytro built microservices and implemented clean code practices for a CRM startup. He has developed 6 large Modular Management Systems.

Dmytro can mentor new developers in Nest.js/Vue.js and help with hiring and onboarding. He can also lead migrations, modernize legacy platforms, and work on no-code projects.





Middle Vue.js developer


Alba Iulia, Romania



Tech stack: JavaScript, Vue.js, Vuex, Nuxt.js, Git, CSS, HTML, TypeScript, ES6+, SASS, JSON, jQuery, AJAX, Jira, OOP, Gulp, Webpack, API REST, Node.js

Tassa has 6 years of front-end experience, with over 2 years dedicated to Vue.js development services. She developed a Vue custom components library and provided UX consulting and layout design. Her project experience spans small startups, mid-sized businesses, and large enterprises. Tassa has worked on static and multipage apps, web stores, and landing pages.





Junior Vue.js developer


Burbank, CA, United States



Tech stack: JavaScript, TypeScript, Vue.js, CSS, SASS, Bootstrap, Webpack, Firebase, REST API, Git, Node.js, Nuxt.js

Henry has one year of experience working on a Vue.js development outsourcing team. He contributed to the creation of many web applications. His work involved CRUD services, APIs, asynchronous data, and e-commerce solutions. Henry developed a Vue.js SPA with search functionality, total cost calculation, data loading, and animations.





Middle Vue.js developer


Lviv, Ukraine


Part-time, 25 hours/week

Tech Stack: Git, HTML5, jQuery, AJAX, SASS, JSON, Vue.js, Webpack, SCSS, Node.js, MongoDB, Angular, REST API, ES6,+ TypeScript, React Native

Borys is a Vue.js and Node.js full-stack developer with 4 years of experience in web programming. He has conducted manual project testing and worked with APIs. His skills include creating animations, conducting code reviews, and fixing bugs. Borys has completed 10 projects of various scales. He has experience developing single-page applications (SPAs) and a CRUD system for a CRM platform. Borys can also mentor junior specialists.


Part-time, 25 hours/week

Costs to hire Vue.js developers

The first important step in hiring any specialist is project planning and budgeting. To calculate costs, you need to determine the hiring model and the level of expertise required. Let’s take a look.


Based on the hiring model

You can hire Vue.js developers on an in-house, freelance, or staffing basis. Each of these models is different in price and has its unique aspects.



In this model, you hire Vue.js developers as full-time employees. They undergo screening and onboarding and work only for your project in the required format. Hiring costs include wages, benefits, taxes, equipment, and training. Below is an analysis of annual Vue.js developer salaries by region:

Vue.js developer salary


$78,582 - $156,394


$53,112 - $105,916


$78,681 - $91,744


$55,894 - $92,588


$75,915 - $110,826


$42,783 - $104,745

Eastern Europe

$22,623 - $58,626

Latin America

$20,503 - $53,404

Source: The average Vue.js developer salary per year by country/region based on Glassdoor, Indeed, and the StackOverflow survey.

To hire a Vue.js developer in-house, create a job description and post it on popular boards such as VueJobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed. You can also contact IT recruiting agencies, which can find the right specialist faster. Usually, they charge up to 25% fee of the hire’s annual salary.



You can also choose Vue.js freelance developers for short-term projects. Freelancers work on a contract basis and charge either hourly or per-task fees. Costs depend on the project scope and the experience level, which we’ll discuss later.

The largest freelancing platforms, such as Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal, offer Vue.js experts at an average rate of $25 to $100 per hour.


IT Staff Augmentation

The final model we recommend is IT staff augmentation. It allows you to hire remote Vue.js developers from around the world. IT staffing companies provide zero-cost recruiting and onboarding. They can handle administrative issues, knowledge transfer, taxes, workplace, equipment, etc.

You pay only the hourly or monthly rates of top Vue.js developers. The cost often depends on the region you are hiring from.

how much does it cost to hire Vue.js developers per hour by region

Here is a rough breakdown:

North America
Western Europe
Eastern Europe

$70 - $150/hour

$60 - $120/hour

$35 - $60/hour

$40 - $65/hour

Staffing is a cost-effective model for both short- and long-term projects. It allows you to quickly fill your team’s skill gaps.


Based on experience level

Based on your project, you may hire Vue.js developers with optimal expertise. For example, if you already have middle+ level experts to mentor others, you can employ junior specialists for small tasks. And if you need a developer to manage a team, selecting a senior or higher one is a better choice.

Here is a detailed overview of the expertise levels and average hourly rates for Vue.js developers:

Experience level
Hourly rates


Up to 2 years of experience. Familiarity with the Vue.js fundamentals (components, directives, data binding), Vue CLI, and Vue Router. Can handle simple tasks under guidance.

$25 - $49+


2-4 years of experience. Proficient in Vue.js component lifecycle hooks, state management (Vuex/Pinia), and routing. Experience with Vue.js build tools (Webpack, Babel) and testing (Vue Test Utils). Can integrate APIs, implement authentication, and optimize performance.

$50 - $90+


Over 4 years of experience. Knowledge of advanced features (renderless components, mixins, custom directives) and optimization techniques (code splitting, lazy loading). Experienced in Vue.js server-side rendering (Nuxt.js), TypeScript integration, and CI/CD pipelines. Can lead Vue.js projects and mentor junior developers.

$80 - $149+


5+ years of Vue.js experience. Mastery of Vue.js, design patterns (Flux, Redux), and integration with other technologies (Node.js, GraphQL). Experience in enterprise-level apps.Can drive the technical vision, set coding standards, and make high-level architectural decisions.

$100 - $199+

How to hire Vue.js developers?

Once you decide on the preferred hiring model and expertise level, you can proceed to the candidate screening. In this section, we’ll discuss the skill check and interview process required to hire dedicated Vue.js developers.


Vue.js developer’s skills and сompetencies

To hire Vue.js developers, you should review the candidate’s portfolio and resume. At this stage, you must ensure they meet your basic technical requirements.

hire Vue.js developers hard skills

Pay attention to specific projects, certifications, and the following hard skill sets:

  • Expertise in JavaScript (ES6+), HTML, and CSS
  • Knowledge of Vue.js core concepts (components, directives, data binding, and component lifecycle hooks)
  • Familiarity with Vue Router for client-side routing and Vuex/Pinia for state management
  • Knowledge of Vue.js build tools (Vue CLI, Webpack, Babel)
  • Familiarity with the Vue.js ecosystem and popular libraries (Vue Test Utils, Vue Server Renderer, Nuxt.js)
  • Experience with component-based architecture and design patterns
  • Ability to write reusable and maintainable Vue.js components
  • Understanding of reactive programming principles and virtual DOM
  • Knowledge of Vue.js performance optimization techniques (code splitting, lazy loading)
  • Familiarity with testing frameworks (Jest, Cypress) and writing unit and end-to-end tests
  • Experience with TypeScript integration and type-safe Vue.js development
  • Knowledge of server-side rendering (SSR) and static site generation (SSG) with Nuxt.js or Vue Server Renderer
  • Understanding of RESTful APIs, GraphQL, and experience with API integration
  • Familiarity with version control systems (Git) and collaborative development workflows
  • Knowledge of modern web development practices (responsive design, accessibility, progressive web apps)

Also, a Vue.js developer resume can be a good source for initial soft skill screening. For example, candidates who want to grow often list courses, certifications, or conferences. Contributing to Vue.js or web development communities can also be a good indicator.

hire Vue.js developers soft skills

Look for mentions of teamwork, mentoring, and a section of achievements in past projects. It’s also important to hire Vue.js developers with strong language skills and the ability to work with your local time zone.


Vue.js interview questions

To ensure a successful interview, invite Vue.js consultants or technical team members to participate. This will help you check the candidate’s answers and hands-on experience.

Here are some technical interview questions you can use:

What are Vue.js and its main features?

Vue.js is a progressive JavaScript framework for building user interfaces. Its main features include virtual DOM, components, templates, routing, and lightweight.

Describe the Vue.js lifecycle and its main hooks.

The Vue.js lifecycle comprises initialization, DOM insertion, reactive updates, teardown, error handling, and keepalive components. The main hooks are beforeCreate and created, beforeMount and mounted, beforeUpdate and updated, beforeUnmount and unmounted, and errorCaptured, activated, and deactivated. Developers can hook into these events to perform data fetching, DOM manipulation, and cleanup tasks.

How can you display lists or conditional content in Vue.js?

Use the v-for directive for lists or conditional rendering with v-if, v-else-if, and v-else.

How does data binding work in Vue.js?

It connects data to the view elements. Data binding syntax involves the v-bind directive for one-way binding and the v-model for two-way binding.

What are Vue.js directives? Give examples.

Vue.js directives are special tokens in the markup that tell the library to do something to a DOM element. Examples include v-if, v-for, v-bind, and v-model.

How are components created and used in Vue.js?

You need to define a Vue instance using the Vue.component method. You can use its tag name in templates or HTML.

What is the Vue.js reactivity system? How does Vue track changes to data?

It tracks changes to data by converting data properties into getter/setter pairs and uses them to update the DOM when the data changes.

What is Vuex? Describe its main features.

Vuex is a state management library for Vue.js that helps manage and centralize the app's state. Its main features include a single source of truth, state, mutations, actions, and getters.

Explain the Vue Router.

The Vue Router is the official router (a tool that manages navigation between pages in a web app) for Vue.js. It allows you to build a single-page application with navigation without page reloads. It handles routing through URL paths to components.

How do you manage form inputs with Vue.js?

Use the v-model directive to create two-way data bindings on form input, textarea, and select elements. It picks the correct way to update the element based on the input type.

If you want to hire Vue.js developers but don’t have the right technical recruiter, you can also ask more basic questions:

  • Which development tools do you prefer when working with Vue.js and why?
  • Describe some common Vue.js mistakes and how to avoid them.
  • How do you stay updated with new Vue.js features and updates?
  • Have you contributed to any open-source Vue.js projects or community resources?
  • Describe a challenging Vue.js project you've worked on. What was your role, and how did you overcome the challenges?

These questions are more general, but they also help to assess the developer’s skills in Vue.js, problem-solving, teamwork, etc.

Next, give a coding task or challenge related to your project’s needs. This can be a live coding session during the interview or a take-home assignment. After receiving the results, provide constructive feedback and communicate the next steps. This is important whether you decide to hire a Vue.js programmer or not. It will keep the candidate’s experience positive and support your company’s reputation.

When to hire Vue.js developers?

Vue.js is an open-source JavaScript framework for user interfaces and single-page apps. It has already gained popularity among developers for many reasons. Vue.js covers most of the features needed for front-end development. Coders can use it for web components, server-side rendering, static site generation, desktop, mobile, WebGL, and even terminal targeting.

hire Vue.js developers advantages

You can hire or outsource project to Vue.js developers if you need to:

  • Create new web apps
  • Migrate to Vue.js
  • Add new features
  • Improve app performance
  • Build Vue.js components and libraries
  • Integrate with third-party services
  • Improve user experience (UX)
  • Maintain and scale existing Vue.js apps

Vue.js developers can integrate your app with third-party services, APIs, or libraries. They can tool modern UI/UX design patterns, improve accessibility, and create intuitive user interfaces. They are experts in fixing performance bottlenecks, so they can optimize code, for example, for better loading speeds.

Also, as your Vue.js app grows, you may need extra developers to maintain, update, and scale the code base.

Summing up: Hire Vue.js developers with DOIT Staffing

So, it can be easy to hire Vue.js developers without stressing out. Here at DOIT Staffing, we have a well-established process that makes hiring quick and easy. Our tech industry experience enables in-depth candidate checks to ensure both hard and soft skills as well as cultural fit.

First, we collect your project requirements and company information to gain insights into your needs. Then, we shortlist candidates and conduct a series of interviews with technical specialists. You make only the final choice while we handle all administrative issues, onboarding, and ongoing support.

As a result, you can hire Vue.js developers that match your technical and cultural requirements without headaches. All you have to do is contact us and start building your dream team ASAP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to hire Vue.js developers?

Get a consultation and start building your dream team ASAP.


What is Vue.js used for?

Developers use Vue.js to build UI interfaces on the web, single-page applications (SPAs), progressive web apps (PWAs), and content management systems (CMS). The framework is also useful for server-side rendering (SSR) and data visualization.

How much do Vue.js developers charge per hour?

Vue.js developers charge, on average, $30 to $150 per hour. For example, the median hourly rate in the US is $110, in Western Europe – $90, and in Eastern Europe – $40.

Are Vue developers in demand?

The short answer is yes. Vue.js is one of the top 10 most popular web frameworks. Moreover, Vue.js developers are among the top 20 top-paid web engineers. The framework continues to gain popularity, so the demand to hire Vue.js developers will grow.

What are the best sites to hire Vue.js developers?

You can post vacancies on VueJobs, Glassdoor, and Indeed job boards. To find freelance specialists, use Upwork, Freelancer, and Toptal. Or, hire Vue.js developers with an IT staff augmentation partner like DOIT Staffing.

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