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Peer-to-Peer application

It is a Peer-to-Peer application that allows users to interact in the event of a disaster. Users can share location information, messages, and personal information if needed.

Citizens to the Rescue is an all-hazard disaster alerting network app for iPhone and Android for ordinary citizens to be able to assemble voluntary emergency response teams in the event of a disaster.

Citizens to the Rescue lets responders and the public take action when 911 is down and tracks victim locations better than social media. Using crowdsourcing to deliver real-time disaster and emergency information – users can obtain and send updates instantly about emergencies, disasters, property, and infrastructure damage and injuries.


Mobile App

Cross-Platform, React Native


NodeJS, Rest API

Database and Storage


Additional tech and service

Digital Ocean




All for one, nothing for others

In the process of development, we realized that there might be cases when, in the face of a mass disaster, many people in the region will respond to one request for help, and others may be left unattended and not be supported.

The solution was simple enough – we began to ask for confirmation of a willingness to help and start showing the numbers of people who confirmed for the particular request.

This way, users can see if someone has already responded and help those who need more attention.

Main features

Create a request in a few steps

Just choose the type of disaster, set a title and describe the situation. You can also upload a photo to give helpers more info.

See the location of the person who confirmed the request

Use the map so easily see location. You can also send a notification that you’ve already received help and cancel a request.

Types of disaster

We decide to prepare a list of predefined templates for most of the disasters. We labeled them with a unique icon and title. It accelerated one of the steps of request creation and helped structurize their types.

Convenient SOS request creation

To avoid wasting time entering the address, we use current coordinates (if available), which allows us to determine the location of the victim, sometimes even more precisely.

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