May 2019 was the sad time when went out of business. The platform went bankrupt and sold its rights to another vendor. People who had gotten used to the service faced the issue of finding alternatives to use when became unavailable. However, there are many Rabbit alternatives that carry on’s legacy. Now, every devoted user can come up with a fitting ‘watch together’ solution spiced up with various additional perks and unite with those they love and care for.

In case you don’t know, the platform was designed to help families and friends share the same video experience, no matter how many miles were between them. was valued for:

  • Content streaming in real-time
  • Group chats allowing up to 25 participants
  • A free and easy to use modern platform

One of the main downsides of the service was content monitoring. It was pretty low, which meant that only users of a legal age were able to browse the platform.

Ever since the platform closed, those addicted to it, in a good sense of the word, were robbed of such a pleasant and necessary source. However, we’re eager to bring all of the reliable and trustworthy streaming services like Rabbit to your attention. There are 48 Rabbit alternatives to discuss. Whether these are virtual theatres such as BigScreenVR or Plex VR, video sharing platforms with chat – Tutturu, Kast etc, or any other similar service that you are interested in – all can be found below! We will highlight the advantages and possible disadvantages so that you are presented with the full picture before you make your final decision!

Top 10 Rabbit alternatives:













Netflix Party







Full list of Rabbit alternatives


Rabbit alternatives Invited

Similar to Rabbit, Invited lets you watch content together with friends easily and effortlessly through virtual browsers and remote control sharing. Invited is free, but there is also an optional paid subscription for users who would like special perks, such as the ability to extend watch parties past 3 hours and to create rooms with stronger virtual machines.

Price: free, $5 per month, $50 per year (optional)

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Clean and minimalist design None have been spotted so far
Low-latency voice and video chat
Unlimited virtual browsing at high speeds
Supports Netflix, Disney+, YouTube, Crunchyroll, and more


rabbit alternatives gigl

Giggl, much like Rabbit, allows you to share a multiplayer browser with your friends to watch content on the web, anime, films or even surfing sites and apps such as TikTok, Netflix, Reddit, and Twitter together. You can create a public or private portal to run the web, chat, or also make a voice call. For access to all of this, you can simply share a link to the portal with your friends. The control on the browser can be transferred to any member. Also, Giggl is planning to release a video chat feature soon.

In addition to the web app, you can also use a mobile app that is in public beta now.

Giggl is entirely free, unlike other alternatives, and has no time restrictions or member limit.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Absolutely free, no time or member limit The video chat feature will be released shortly
Reliable and synced playback Beta testing has not yet been finished
Public and private rooms
Advanced features within the chat: markdown, mentions & emojis
User-friendly and modern interface


Rabbit alternatives metastream

Metastream is definitely the second most popular among all the Rabbit alternatives. It features brief account creation and a free subscription. Just like Rabbit, it offers seamless and uninterrupted playback.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Major streaming services such as Hulu and Netflix are supported Mobile platforms are not supported
Up to 50 users can participate in one session
Uninterrupted and synchronized live video playback


Rabbit alternatives tutturu

Like Rabbit, Tutturu allows you to create public and private chat rooms and share content with those invited quickly and effortlessly. Tutturu is absolutely free, but there is also a paid subscription for those who wish to gain a leg up on all other users. The premium Tutturu will eliminate waiting in line and annoying timeouts. Also, it will help you preload favorite sites and extensions faster.

Price: $5 per month or $50 per year (optional)

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Sleek and innovative design None have been spotted so far
Free and paid subscription options
Limitless virtual browsing at high speed


Rabbit alternatives gaze

Gaze is literally a platform for two. If you are in a long-distance relationship and you wish to make it feel like you are sharing a romantic movie night, Gaze is one of the reasonable alternatives to Rabbit that allows you to stream videos in real-time.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Elegant and appealing design, simplified navigation Only two people can participate in the session
No registration required
YouTube, Amazon, Facebook, Vimeo, and Dailymotion are supported

Rabbit alternatives mycircletv is a quality rabbit replacement with a chat feature popular enough to have emojis integrated. But unlike Rabbit, its registration process may seem a little more complicated.

Price: Free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Ability to upload files to myCloud Audio, as well as camera support, is non-existent at the moment
Seamless video streaming and sharing
A great variety of platforms such as YouTube, Dailymotion, and Vimeo is supported

We’ve covered the top 5 video sharing Rabbit alternatives but there are many more to discover: anime, gaming, and VR platforms are yet to be discussed. Keep on reading!


Netflix Party

Rabbit alternatives Netflix

Netflix Party is one of the well-known Rabbit alternatives that allows you to stream all of your favorite videos and share them with friends. Unlike Rabbit, it is a lot more customizable. Every teleparty user can be assigned a fun icon and nickname in the chat. In addition, Gifs, emojis and screenshots can be shared too.

Price: $5 a month(optional)

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Incredibly fast sync playback Exclusive Chrome extension only
Only one user needs a Netflix subscription
Enhanced user room customization


Rabbit alternatives Kosmi

Kosmi is a worthy rabbit replacement with the hangouts feature. You can watch favorite videos together like with Rabbit, but on top of that, you can also play games and chat while in the process. The webcam is available too.

Price: Free, $8 per month, $70 per year (optional)

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
No need to install the app or sign up None have been found. Users are utterly satisfied with the platform
User-oriented and straightforward interface and navigation
Seamless access to YouTube and local streaming services

With all the pandemic crises it seems impossible to shop with your friends as much as you used to. Well, guess what: Watch2Gether allows it to shop online with friends and family in real-time!



Rabbit alternatives Watch2gether

Watch2Gether allows you to shop online with friends in real-time. Just like other Rabbit alternatives, it supports video streaming too. Interactive chat with Gifs integrated is what separates it from Rabbit.

Price: free, $3,99 per month

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Browse Amazon together with friends Does not support popular platforms like Netflix
Seamless real-time playback Watch2Gether Plus needs to be purchased to get rid of ads
Live chat option with GIF support integrated into it


Rabbit alternatives streamparty

In the era of globalization, staying connected with your close ones means a lot. StreamParty is a service that allows you to watch videos in sync with your friends, no matter where they live, even if it is an island in the middle of nowhere. With this browser extension, you can play and pause in sync with others, so your “watching Netflix together” experience becomes fantastically real! You can use StreamParty for free, or you can pay €4 (approx. $4.90) per month for the Premium version and have unlimited time for private parties, or €5 (approx. $6) per month for the Business version and use this service commercially.

Price: Free; €4 per month or €9.00 quarterly; €5.00 per month or €12 quarterly

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Videos stay synchronized None have been spotted so far
Integrated Chat & Videochat
Community for Video Addicts
Discover Content feature


Rabbit alternatives rave

Rave is a video streaming platform available for both iOS and Android-powered mobile devices. While many websites like Rabbit are centered around computer access, Rave allows you to stream and share your favorite media content with your smartphone.

Price: $13 per year to keep ads at bay

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Stream your favorite music and videos to share them with friends Video chat option is unavailable
RaveDj feature for your own music production Surfing the web is not allowed through the platform
Fast and precise real-time playback

Sync Video

Rabbit alternatives syncvideo

Sync Video is one of those online Rabbit alternatives that allows it to share YouTube videos with those close to you and watch them in real-time for free. Like with many other programs like Rabbit, it will enable you to create a room without prior registration.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
The best platform for game streams as well as various tutorials Major streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are not supported
Password protected private room Lots of ads on the platform
Add and delete videos in one click


Rabbit alternatives Twoseven

Twoseven is one of the countless video streaming alternatives to Rabbit. Just like Rabbit, Twoseven allows you to share your favorite videos with those you care about. Although audio messages are not supported, which is what makes it different from

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Most popular and reliable streaming services such as Netflix and Hulu are supported Chat does not support audio messages
Webcam support during streaming Outdated design
No performance latency to be worried about


Rabbit alternatives SyncLounge

Synclounge is a platform well-integrated with some media players, Plex in particular. When compared to other sites like, Synclounge is designed to assist users interested in movie watching and live channels browsing. Unlike Rabbit, it was created to be combined with Plex.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Allows users to share their Plex library with others Webcam and audio messaging are unavailable
Any issue can be resolved through chat support
Playback is well-synchronized and uninterrupted


Rabbit alternatives Airtime

Airtime is a mobile application available for both Android and iOS platforms. There are not many alternatives to Rabbit suitable for sharing anything from your mobile device with friends and family. Airtime can be used to listen to music, watch videos as well as participate in group video chats.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
One of the best Rabbit alternatives created for mobile devices Seems to be a little slower when run on Android devices
Audio and video chats supported
Synced video playback of high quality


Rabbit alternatives Syncplay

Syncplay is a platform that allows you to watch shared videos in real-time, but they can’t be stored on the computer. Computer-stored video playback is a feature that not all Rabbit alternatives share. When you create a private room, you can easily share the link to your room with friends so that they can watch the video simultaneously.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple and user-friendly application No chat option to interact with one another
Audio and video chats supported
Supports a variety of platforms such as Windows, Linux, and macOS

Explorii app

Rabbit alternatives Explorii

Explorii is very similar to apps like Rabbit since it is designed to help young people explore various types of content together. Be it culture, fashion, history, or habits of different countries you are interested in – you can easily share all the info with your friends. In addition, the recommendation engine feature will always suggest more exciting data to discover depending on your likes and preferences. What makes it different from other Rabbit alternatives is that it is primarily suited for mobile platforms.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Create a private room with a simple touch of your finger No desktop or web version yet
Plan friends & family movie nights as often as you like no matter where you are in the world
Active chat option with voice messages, webcam, stickers and emojis allowed


Rabbit alternatives cytube

Similar to other streaming websites like Rabbit, CyTube enables you to watch videos with friends. However, Cytube has been designed to provide better chat communication, including features like audio messaging. Functions like that were missing from Rabbit.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Enhanced chat option A user script is necessary for video reproduction
Simple and modern design
Allows you to create personal channels upon registration

Are you ready for more? Streaming giants such as Amazon and Hulu watch parties are still to be discussed!


Caracal Club

Rabbit alternatives Caracal

Caracal club is a service for uninterrupted web surfing. Similar to many services like rabbit, Caracal Club is used for private and public room creation. However, unlike Rabbit, it does not feature audio and video messaging.

Price: free, $5 per month

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Unlimited web surfing No voice and video messaging available
Chat feature available
Free private and public rooms available


Rabbit alternatives ShareTube

ShareTube is another Rabbit alternative and allows it to share various YouTube videos, chat and interact with other people. It is a simple and free platform. However, unlike Rabbit, it is limited to YouTube only.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple and effortless navigation YouTube is the only streaming service available
Great for YouTube videos and text chatting Voice and video messaging options are still unavailable
Seamless and uninterrupted playback


Rabbit alternatives Hearo

Watch your favorite movies, TV series, and videos with friends using the Hearo.Live. Like Rabbit, it allows you to stream videos and participate in chats. Unlike some of the Rabbit alternatives – it is available for both Android and iOS powered devices.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Innovative and responsive design Restricted to mobile devices
Easy to use and install
Supports all the most popular streaming services


Rabbit alternatives Parsec

Parsec is a streaming platform for games. Most Rabbit alternatives offer private and public rooms to share your videos, skills, and ideas – so does Parsec. On the other hand, the platform is centered around gaming which makes it different from Rabbit.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Innovative and pleasant design Voice and video messages are not integrated yet
Uninterrupted real-time playback Primarily designed for game streaming
Commenting option available


Rabbit alternatives AnimeParty

AnimeParty is a platform for anime-related content. The platform allows you to browse through their own library and share watching parties with friends. While Rabbit enables users to create private rooms, a feature like that is missing from Anime Party.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Perfect platforms for those in love with anime movies and series Popular platforms like Netflix and YouTube are not supported
The playback is synced and uninterrupted Anime-related content only allowed
Design is inviting and pleasant to the eye


Rabbit alternatives MyPopcorn

MyPopcorn is a modern platform offering users an opportunity to watch the recent releases in the cinema world for free. Just like Rabbit, it enables people from various corners of the world to enjoy the same movie simultaneously. Yet, it is not as widely used as other Rabbit alternatives.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Great movie library offered Some updates are still to be introduced
Elegant and user-friendly interface
Free access and private room creation


Rabbit alternatives TogetherTube

TogetherTube is one of Rabbit alternatives compatible with YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion, and also SoundCloud. Like Rabbit, it allows you to upload and watch videos with friends. Unlike Rabbit, it enables listening to music as well.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Well-synchronized video playback Voice and video messages are not supported
Build-in chat for seamless and uninterrupted communication
Unique video-voting feature implemented

Rabbit alternatives Cya is designed to provide stable and synced streaming playback for people at a distance. Watching videos and listening to music together are features that not all streaming sites like Rabbit provide, but supports the mentioned functions. What is more, the service is free of charge. Although, account creation is necessary. Just like many other Rabbit alternatives, supports video and text messaging in real time.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Creative design and pleasant interface Major platforms such as Amazon, Hulu and Netflix are not supported
The navigation is simple and user-friendly
Real-time, uninterrupted and synced playback

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Togethr TV

Rabbit alternatives Togethr

Togethr TV is one of the Rabbit alternatives that enables users to stream videos from popular platforms like Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. Voice chat option is available, but unlike Rabbit, Togethr TV has no webcam messaging option.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
The desktop application is available No webcam messaging to improve the interaction
Voice messaging supported
Streaming from your own computer is allowed


Rabbit alternatives Discord

Discord features organized chatting with people, sharing and enjoying video content, all things that Rabbit did. However, unlike Rabbit, the design is utterly modern and responsive.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Low-latency voice and video interaction ensured The interface may seem too complicated for some
Private Discord server option

Amazon Watch Party

Rabbit alternatives Amazon

Amazon Watch Party is one of video sharing sites like Rabbit. It allows you to enjoy a variety of various movies and TV series with up to 100 friends. Text messaging is enabled and modernized, yet unlike Rabbit, AMAZON WATCH PARTY provides movies from its own library only.

Price: from $8.99 per month

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple to use and practical platform Still in Beta testing
Enabled access to vast Amazon movie library A paid subscription is required
Uninterrupted and synced playback with up to 100 users

Are you interested in the Rabbit alternatives that allow in the most participants? We have three of them on our list. Amazon Watch Party, Kast and PlexVR allow you to gather up to 100 friends in one place at the same time!


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Rabbit alternatives TogetherJS

TogetherJS is a Mozilla-powered JavaScript library. Unlike Rabbit, it is designed to draw, play interactive games, and share documents with other people. Like some other Rabbit alternatives, TogetherJS enables YouTube video sharing too.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple and practical extension Does not support platforms like Netflix, Hulu, HBO, etc.
Real-time content synchronization Work-space oriented platform
Voice and text messaging enabled


Rabbit alternatives TeamFlix

TeamFlix is a platform designed for computer sharing, video watching, and conversing with people you know. Unlike sites similar to, TeamFlix does not support voice messaging and video messages. Nevertheless, it supports leading streaming services such as Netflix, like Rabbit did.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple and straightforward design Video and voice chat options are not supported
Popular streaming and social media platforms supported: Reddit, Vimeo, Netflix, Facebook, etc.
No sign up is necessary to start sharing


Rabbit alternatives Togethr

Turtletv allows viewers to use streaming services without registration, unlike most Rabbit streaming alternatives. Just like Rabbit, it is compatible with major platforms and enables users to text one another. Though Rabbit supported voice and video messages, Turtletv does not.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Self-explanatory design No audio or video messaging available
Major platforms such as Netflix and YouTube are supported
Streaming without registration


Rabbit alternatives Simulchat

Simulchat is a platform oriented towards video content exchange, private room creation, and various types of conversations. Rabbit was not the only service allowing users to send voice and video messages, Simulchat was designed to carry out the same functions. Unlike the platform mentioned above, Simulchat does not enable users to access such major services as Amazon or Netflix.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
All sorts of communication are enabled Most popular streaming services are not supported
Video sharing in real-time
Synced and timely playback


Rabbit alternatives andchill

Andchill is a video streaming website that offers a chance to join public rooms and create private ones as Rabbit did. Unlike Rabbit, there is limited access to popular streaming services. Only YouTube videos are available. Also, video chatting is not supported.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Voice messages and text comments allowed Video chatting disabled
Virtual cinema option
Public and private room options are provided

Rabbit alternatives Getaroom belongs to the group of worthy alternatives to rabbit streaming since it offers a possibility to share hard-drive and USB movies as well as YouTube videos with those far away. Just like with Rabbit, synced playback is ensured. However, popular video platforms are not supported.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Subtitles can be added manually Registration is necessary
Hard-drive and USB videos supported
Voice and video calls enabled

Antler Club

Rabbit alternatives Antler

Like the other worthy Rabbit alternatives, Antler Club is designed to provide well-synced playback together with the possibility of mutual browsing. All actions are carried out in real-time and spiced up with seamless communication. Although Rabbit was not that expensive.

Price: $10 per month

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Innovative and appealing design It’s a pre-paid service
Shared web browsing
Shared media content

Surge Live

Rabbit alternatives Surge

Surge Live is a fresh addition to the streaming platforms universe. When compared to Rabbit, it costs the same but offers movie streaming and YouTube video sharing for the price. Unlike Rabbit, it doesn’t have a chat option yet.

Price: free, $5 per month, $50 per year

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Innovative and attractive design The platform is in beta testing at the moment
Ultimate playback quality The service is pre-paid and limited to YouTube videos as for now
Private vs. public rooms to choose from


Rabbit alternatives SyncTube

Apps like rabbit feature well-synced video streaming, and Sync Tube is not an exception. It allows users to interact with each other using an integrated text chat feature. Unlike Rabbit, the platform does not allow you to surf the web together.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
YouTube, Soundcloud, DailyMotion, Vimeo, Twitch, Hitbox supported Does not support HBO, Hulu, Amazon
Customizable private room design
Shared video streaming experience


Rabbit alternatives DjClique

DjClique is a website designed to stream and share YouTube videos in real-time. That is the only feature that connects it with Rabbit. Unlike Rabbit, it is not fit for movies, web surfing, and interactive chats. Although it is free to use and reliably fast.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple and user-oriented interface The platform is not compatible with such popular services as Netflix
Key functions of a good media player are preserved

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Rabbit alternatives JuiceBox

It is like Rabbit but for music addicts. It’s better than traditional music streaming apps like Spotify, Youtube Music, or Tidal, as JuiceBox allows users to share and watch their favorite videos and listen to music together. In the meantime, you can share your emotions via chat messages. When compared to Rabbit, it is totally music-oriented. No movie websites are supported.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Simple and pleasant layout May seem a little slower than other services
Seamless website navigation
Supports YouTube, Spotify, and SoundCloud


Rabbit alternatives Chrono

Some Rabbit alternatives are designed to operate with a single browser, and that is at times viewed as a significant disadvantage. Unlike Chrono allows users to watch and share YouTube videos only. On the other hand, it is still worthy streaming and sharing service just like Rabbit was.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
No registration required Works in Chrome exclusively
Supports YouTube video format
Simple and hassle-free operation

Hulu Watch Party

Rabbit alternatives Hulu

Hulu Watch Party is related to in that it allows up to 8 people to stream the same content simultaneously and in real-time. Unlike Rabbit, it is limited to exclusive Hulu content and makes users purchase subscriptions to be able to use the service.

Price: starts at $11.99 per month

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
8-people watch parties Exclusively Hulu content offered
Great video content library
Supreme video quality and seamless playback


Rabbit alternatives Scener

Scener allows its users to watch and share videos from unlimited sources, just like Rabbit allowed. Unlike Rabbit, Scener is not paid for, but all the participants should have a valid subscription to the service they are about to stream.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Interactive and user-friendly design All users need a subscription for the service in use
Text, voice, and video chat options are available
Supports a great variety of video platforms, including Hulu, HBO, Netflix, and Disney


Rabbit alternatives Kast

Kast allows you to stream movies, videos, and games, just like Rabbit used to. Voice and video chat options are preserved. The only difference between the two lies in the name change. To put it simply – Kast is the new Rabbit as it acquired Rabbit’s intellectual property, software stack and patents.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Game, movies, and video streams Many users complain about frequent lags
Up to 100 participants in one room Works well with Chrome and Edge exclusively
Updated and modernized interface


Rabbit alternatives Uvid

Uvid is yet another video streaming platform that is to be launched soon. It is promised to be modern, simple to use, and easy to stream and share content with others.

Price: unknown

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Innovative interactive design is promising Unknown yet

Digital reality is old news and we are not going to argue with that. Virtual Reality is gaining rapid popularity instead. What makes it so demanded? Think about it: insane clarity and real-life imagery combined with user interaction all that without you leaving the couch! How fun will that be?


Hubs by Mozilla

Rabbit alternatives Hubs by Mozilla

Hubs by Mozilla belongs to the category of Rabbit like websites that found their particular niche in the industry. It is designed to help more prominent companies share their content. The platform allows it to stream video like Rabbit but is more enhanced by implementing VR into the play.

Price: free

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Unlimited customization options for personal avatar Primarily designed for companies’ use
Virtual reality space available for large organizations
Well-suited to VR headsets, desktops, and mobile devices

Plex VR

Rabbit alternatives Plex VR

The future is upon us, and the most innovative Rabbit alternative would be the one featuring Virtual Reality. With Plex VR, you can enjoy your favorite videos, shared and experienced together. While Rabbit was designed to allow up to 100 people to watch a movie together, Plex allows four in total so far.

Price: $4.99 per month

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
Seamless virtual experience Only four people can be in one party
Well-thought out design
A great variety of media to share is available


Rabbit alternatives BigScreenVR

Among the most innovative rabbit alternatives streaming video content, BigscreenVR should be pointed out. While the service features the same video sharing and chatting functions, VR is the feature Rabbit didn’t manage to launch.

Price: free, paid movie rentals

Distinctive Features Possible Downsides
3D movies experience in the safety of one’s home Not all the content to browse through is free
Watch rooms for meeting with friends and friends-to-be The video library is limited to the one the service offers
Sleep and interactive interface
Seamless navigation and general user experience


Being unable to spend some quality time with those you love due to distance between can be quite demotivating. However, with platforms like Rabbit, you can significantly reduce that distance and run a movie night with people who are miles away. Besides, the experience will remain utterly realistic because of well-synced playback, various chatting options, and even remote control that each can take over.

Would you consider some of the mentioned above platforms the best alternatives? What do you like about them? Would you advise them to anyone? Share your thoughts and ideas with us!

Frequently Asked Questions

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What Is Rabbit?

Rabbit was a video streaming service launched in 2014. The platform was suitable for mobile use and was equipped with a group chat option. The main feature was to enable users to watch and browse various content remotely but in real-time. It was shut down in 2019 due to financial issues.

Is Dead?

Since July 2019, was shut down. However, all the intellectual rights, software, and patents were bought by another platform – Kast, one of Rabbit alternatives, listed in our article.

Is Kast The Same As Rabbit?

Kast acquired all the rights and intellectual property of Rabbit and claimed to carry on the mission. Starting in 2019, Kast has worked on the platform improvement and welcomes the new and old users to stay with them.

What To Use Instead Of in 2021?

Rabbit was certainly a useful platform for those who can’t meet physically but wouldn’t mind a friendly conversation over a good movie. Rabbit is not the only platform offering the services. You can find almost 50 reliable rabbit alternatives in 2020: Amazon watch party, Tutturu, Watch2gether, and many more offer related services these days.

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