We are living in an extremely busy world with tons of personal responsibilities and appointments. The speed of life is increasingly rising, which forces us to limit the time we spend with our friends and family. At the same time, the modern world has given us a variety of helpful tools to manage our business and personal relationships. While traditional CRM (Customer Relationship Management) refers to dealing with business clients, a personal CRM helps people organize their private relationships, such as friends and family.

If you are the kind of person who keeps forgetting your friends’ birthdays, misses personal appointments, or has troubles maintaining a healthy work-life balance, dive into our guide. In this article, we will go over the top 12 best personal CRM tools that will help you manage a fruitful social life, without jeopardizing your business schedule.


Personal CRM

In 2023, the personal CRM market reached $11.6 billion. Forecasts say it will grow at 12.5% CAGR and hit $37.6 billion by 2033. Today, personal CRM apps are already adopting new trends for growth. The latest are mobile wallet compatibility, enhanced security measures, and AI integrations.

Before we take a look at every personal CRM tool individually, let’s learn more about this type of app and its business logic. What is a personal CRM and why would you need one?


What is a personal CRM?

A personal CRM is a suite of tools and features to streamline your communications, organize your day, and receive reminders about upcoming events. Also used for individual entrepreneurship, personal CRM systems allow users to organize their private and professional network circles. This tool provides an address book to preserve important contact information, manage LinkedIn connections, a calendar to organize personal and work events and deadlines, as well as a notebook for creating to-do lists.

Specifically tailored to the needs of sole proprietors, freelancers, and just plain busy people, a personal CRM is a great way to nurture relationships and find the much-needed work-life balance. Besides storing your important information, a personal relationship manager can send you reminders of upcoming events, deadlines, meetings, personal affairs, birthdays, etc.

A personal CRM can also be an effective way to send out just checking in emails to your network. Using the reminder feature, you can set up regular check-ins with important contacts, clients, or potential leads. This can help you maintain strong relationships and build a consistent and organized outreach strategy.

Finally, personal CRM software can optimize your small business by unifying all of your communication channels. Users no longer need to check their professional and personal emails and text messages separately, which saves a ton of time and effort. Some programs will also help you keep track of your business performance, such as sales revenue and marketing campaigns.

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Why do you need a personal CRM?

How can a personal CRM tool improve your life? What are the benefits that you will get from employing such an app?

benefits of personal crm


Organize your business processes

Small business owners and individual entrepreneurs will gain process optimization benefits. Keeping all your appointments in a consolidated format increases productivity and adds structure to one’s business. Freelancers can manage several clients at the same time, online teachers can organize their schedules, and remote workers can set reminders so as to never miss deadlines. A personal CRM app installed on business tablets or even mobile phones can streamline the processes and allow users to be more thoughtful in communications.

Nurture relationships

A unified inbox redirects all the mail and texts to one location which helps users to keep track of their last correspondence activity. Some of the best personal CRM platforms offer reminders to contact a person based on the last activity or the frequency of contact. This helps people to stay in touch and nurture their business relationships.

Remembering significant personal appointments

The personal contact management features help customers to keep in touch with friends and family members. Besides professional events and appointments, you can add holidays, family gatherings, friends celebrations, birthdays, and other important dates to the calendar. The reminders will let you know of these dates and make sure you will never forget a significant personal appointment.

Maintain a healthy work-life balance

Personal CRM software encompasses features for both professional and personal activities. Having a CRM for one person at your disposal supports you in maintaining a work-life balance and avoiding burnout. Many sole proprietors experience stress due to high levels of responsibility and a large workload. And this is where a user-friendly CRM can step in and help people manage their busy lives.

Who Can Benefit from a Personal CRM?

The short answer would be that everyone could benefit from using a contact management software solution in their daily lives. However, as mentioned earlier, a personal contact relationship manager mostly caters to the needs of sole proprietors, small business owners, freelancers, and individual entrepreneurs.

Top 12 Personal CRM apps in 2024

If you are asking yourself how to keep track of networking contacts and stay in touch with friends and family, getting a personal CRM tool might be the answer. Personal CRM systems can be very helpful to many people from various industries and occupations. In this section, we will focus on the top 12 best personal CRM systems for individual use. We will touch on the features, benefits, use cases, and pricing of each system.



Android, iOS, web.
dex personal crm

Dex works as an extension that collects contact data from social media accounts and stores it in the app. Based on your contact book, the Dex personal CRM will even suggest new potential contacts that might be helpful. The main focus of the app is building and nurturing relationships. You can set up and trigger reminders to get in touch with someone, as well as notifications about important events and appointments. The tool works on both web and mobile devices, including iOS and Android.


Dex Features:

  • Various social media integrations with Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Gmail, and Instagram
  • Seamless integration with several Google calendars
  • Simple deduplication
  • Built-in Kanban board
  • Address and contact book
  • Easy-to-use reminder options
  • Contact tagging and categorization
  • Note-taking features for follow-ups


Who can use Dex?

The Dex app is the best CRM for individuals such as students, investors, and creators. The Dex team claims they cater to the needs of these three groups as networking is a crucial part of their lives that helps them expand their career potential.


Advantages and disadvantages of Dex


Elegant UI/UX design and usability

Lack of features for sales and marketing

Seamless contact data collection via a browser extension

Lack of automatic data synchronization


Free personal contact management software comes with limited reminders, events, and keep-in-touch contacts. Unlimited Dex application is $13.50 per month ($108 annually).



Available on iOS devices only.
queue personal crm

Queue is a brand-new personal CRM tool that so far only works on iOS mobile devices. The application is still in the beta version and has been extensively tested and improved. The creator shared his story on the website, saying how he was failing to stay in touch with important people in his life and wanted to build an app that solves this problem. Users can import contact data from Gmail, Google Calendar, Twitter, and iPhone contacts. The social media and phone contact organizer then sorts out the contacts and queues them up in the order of priority so that users know who is next to catch up.


Queue Features:

  • Setting reminders and notifications
  • Various integrations with social media and emails such as Twitter and Gmail
  • Search across the network
  • Address and contact book
  • Data import and export
  • Tagging and custom organization of contacts
  • Calendar sync-up


Who can use Queue?

The Queue application is not the most extensive CRM networking system. The creator himself promotes the app as a personal relationship management tool that helps busy people stay in touch with their loved ones.


Advantages and disadvantages of Queue


Ease of use and multiple integrations

Not great for note-taking

Secure data protection policy

Lack of desktop and Android app versions


The application is $7.99 per month or $79.99 annually.


Garden App

Available on iOS devices only.
garden app personal crm

Garden App is another contact management software app backed up by a personal story of the creator. The app owner has shared that he decided to create a personal CRM after losing touch with friends while working on his previous startup. The creator thought that such an app would help him and people like him to nurture important relationships and stay in close touch with friends and family. He believes that many people wait till life calms down to contact their old friends, but in reality, life gets busier and busier. Garden is a great contact organizer that helps people to stay close with their loved ones without jeopardizing their career ambitions.


Garden App Features:

  • Different frequency reminders to contact people
  • Manage both personal and professional contacts
  • High level of cloud security
  • Address and contact book
  • Daily, weekly, and monthly reminders
  • Customizable notifications
  • Tagging for contact categorization


Who can use the Garden App?

The idea was to support people with multiple projects and responsibilities, at managing their personal and professional networks, just like the creator himself. This personal relationship management software is built for any Apple device owner who feels that they are losing touch with friends and family, as well as overwhelmed by the number of their business contacts.


Advantages and disadvantages of Garden App


Ease of use and intuitive navigation

Lack of integration with social media and emails

Excellent reminder options

Lack of web and Android versions

Calendar synchronization


This application is a free contact management tool for iOS device users.



Android, iOS, and web.

uphabit personal crm
UpHabit is one of the best personal CRM systems for professional networking and for maintaining business contacts. The tool can also be used for storing and managing personal affairs, but mostly caters to business owners, freelancers, and entrepreneurs. This professional and personal relationship management app provides a unique feature that allows users to quickly introduce contacts to each other using premade templates. You can also set reminders, take notes, as well as categorize contacts by choosing different tags.


UpHabit Features:

  • Professional introduction templates
  • Integration with Salesforce in beta version
  • Simple data export
  • Contact import from Google and Microsoft products
  • Customizable reminders and notifications
  • Note-taking feature for efficient follow-ups
  • Tagging to organize your contacts
  • One-click deduplication


Who can use UpHabit?

The UpHabit is a personal CRM tool with a large focus on professional networking. The application is a great help for entrepreneurs and business owners who get overwhelmed with the number of contacts in their business and personal lives.


Advantages and disadvantages of UpHabit


Easy to use various introduction templates

High price tag compared to the competition

Automated data entry

Larger focus on business relationships rather than personal

Custom tagging options


UpHabit offers a free personal CRM with some limited functions such as) relationship management and introductions. The business version is $49.99 per month and has unlimited relationships, but only five introductions. The Super Connector tier is $69.99 per month and provides all the unlimited features, including personal onboarding via Zoom.



Android and iOS.

covve personal crm

Covve is another prominent relationship manager app that helps users organize their contacts, expand professional circles, and nurture personal relationships. The application also includes a business card scanner that transfers data from physical business cards and keeps it in the app. Besides that, the follow-up personal CRM tool analyzes your contacts to find and share related information to give you a good icebreaker to start a conversation. Finally, the application comes with a great note-taking feature including call recording functions.


Covve Features:

  • Business card scanner
  • Smart reminders
  • Curated news articles to break the ice
  • Address and contact book
  • Note-taking features for informative follow-ups
  • Contact import from any mobile device
  • Contact organization and categorization functions


Who can use Covve?

The Covve personal CRM tool is mainly built for business owners and entrepreneurs to manage their professional relationships and broaden their network circles.


Advantages and disadvantages of Covve


Suggested articles help stay in touch

No integration with social media platforms

Business card scanner keeps contacts in order

Performs better on iOS than Android

Great note-taking functions


Covve provides a personal CRM free version with limited access to some features. The next tier comes at $9 per month and allows unlimited use of all functions.



Web version.

monica personal crm

Monica is one of the best CRM apps for personal use that helps customers organize their busy lives. The main message behind Monica’s mission is to support overwhelmed people with a ton of responsibilities who feel guilty about letting down their friends, forgetting important dates, and even sometimes their names. Basically, in the Monica CRM app, every person gets an extensive profile that can be filled out with all the information you know about them, such as contact data, close relatives, and friends. You can also keep track of your last encounters, upcoming events, birthdays, and you can set reminders.


Monica Features:

  • Powerful dashboard with an overview of upcoming events
  • Favorite contacts option
  • Note-taking features for successful follow-ups calls
  • Automatic reminders and notifications
  • Address and contact book
  • Simple data import and export


Who can use Monica?

Monica is a CRM for a personal life that solely focuses on maintaining private relationships. Anyone who feels overwhelmed with keeping up with their friends and family and remembering dates and events will benefit from the app.


Advantages and disadvantages of Monica


An open-source app that allows for continuous improvements from the community

Individual import only, not in bulk

Simple and easy to use navigation and interface

No mobile versions of the app are available

Private journal feature to record your daily events, dreams, thoughts, etc.


You can either host the personal contact management software on your server for free or pay $9 per month to access all features.



Android, iOS, and web.

circles personal crm

Circles by ZooWho is the best personal contact manager app for data visualization. Not only does the app collect and store all the important data associated with a person, but it builds dashboards, graphs, and charts to visualize the progress of the relationship. Circles is a personal CRM with an emphasis on building and maintaining professional ties. However, you can also store and manage information about friends and relatives, as well as keep track of personal appointments such as doctors, plumbers, dentists, etc.


Circles Features:

  • Lead generation and client management
  • Personal relationship management
  • Multiple integrations such as Twitter, Gmail, Outlook, LinkedIn, Amazon, and Microsoft
  • Personalized gifting suggestions
  • Address and contact book
  • Relationship goals features
  • Contact organization and tagging
  • Advanced data visualization
  • Appointment tracking and reminders


Who can use Circles?

Circles by ZooWho is a great CRM system for keeping track of friends and family, as well as managing business contacts, leads, and clients. Freelancers, entrepreneurs, and small business owners can all benefit from using the app and streamline their communication channels.


Advantages and disadvantages of Circles


Upload images to personalize contacts

High price tag for unlimited features

Personalized gifting suggestions

Poor performance on Android devices


The free personal contact management software is available with quite a few restrictions like the lack of a calendar, dashboards, and communication timelines. The full-featured version comes at $49.99 per month and provides unlimited access to all features.



iOS, Android, web.

nimble personal crm

Nimble is a contact relationship management system that lies on the more professional side of the spectrum. The app integrates with over 160 tools like MailChimp, Facebook, Twitter, QuickBooks, etc. Users can unify all their contacts and communication data from various sources and keep track of their incoming mail in one location. The timelines allow you to stay up to date with the recent conversations and events and not lose track of contacts. A variety of personalized templates ensures quick and effortless communication. On top of that, the personal relationship manager allows users to create to-do lists, unify several calendars, and boost email marketing engagement.


Nimble Features:

  • Pipeline management
  • Personalized content creation
  • Integration with 160+ apps
  • Address and contact book
  • Note-taking and updates for meaningful follow-ups
  • Contact categorization and organization
  • Customizable email templates
  • Email marketing campaigns execution and tracking

Who can use Nimble?

Nimble is the best personal contact management software for business owners who need to store and organize hundreds of contacts. The tool is diverse and robust and is suitable for users with a large base of clients, colleagues, relatives, and friends they would like to stay in touch with.


Advantages and disadvantages of Nimble


Large variety of features for marketing, sales, CRM, planning, etc.

Steep learning curve due to the number of features

Great for email marketing activities

No free app version

Automatic contact information updates


The Nimble personal CRM app costs $19 per month with a 14-day trial period and includes all the available features.



iOS and web.

clay personal crm

Clay is another single-user CRM system for managing large amounts of contacts. The application imports data from Twitter, LinkedIn, iMessage, and emails and keeps the information in a consolidated format. The profiles are generated automatically based on the imported data and regularly updated to include the latest details. Clay also fills out information about work, holidays, events, and even photos and videos to paint the full picture. The personal CRM comes with a smart search engine that allows you to find the person based on notes, contact data, place of work, etc.


Clay Features:

  • Smart search feature
  • Various integrations including social media like Twitter and LinkedIn
  • Diverse reminders for events, dates, holidays, etc.
  • Address and contact book
  • Personalized reminders and notifications
  • Automatic profile updates
  • Contact organization and categorization
  • Voice transcription for note-taking


Who can use Clay?

Clay is a personal CRM app that suits many potential users. The features are diverse and helpful, but at the same time the tool is not saturated with professional marketing and sales functions, which makes it usable for freelancers and entrepreneurs.


Advantages and disadvantages of Clay


Automatic data synchronization

No consolidated inbox

Ease to use design and navigation

The price is relatively high compared to most solutions with similar features

Advanced search features that recognize keywords from any place in the profile


The Clay personal CRM comes at $20 per month without a free version.



Available on the web only.

nat personal crm

NAT is one of the best CRM for solopreneurs, freelancers, and small business owners who would like to organize their personal and work contact base. The app creators put a huge emphasis on data privacy and claim that user data is being collected and analyzed only by machines. The interface resembles a Trello-like Kanban board with concise overviews of each contact via personal networking cards. The AI-powered features analyze the information and remind you of people you have not been in touch with the longest. Finally, the personal CRM tool comes with advanced automation features which streamline the processes.


Nat Features:

  • Consolidated inbox
  • Integrated to-do lists
  • Address and contact book
  • Customizable reminders
  • Gmail and Google Calendar data import
  • Multiple user feature
  • Integrations with Stripe and Segment to monitor sales and marketing activities
  • Audio Gmail letters


Who can use Nat?

The Nat application is a perfect fit for freelancers, entrepreneurs, consultants, and salespeople. Basically, anyone who extensively uses email accounts will benefit from the app.


Advantages and disadvantages of Nat


Deep email integration

Lack of a mobile solution

Audio messages via emails

Only caters to Gmail users


The starting price for Nat application is $9 per month but comes with limited memory, no calendar sync-up and no real-time updates. The next tier costs $12 per month and includes executive memory storage and sync-ups. The business plan is $29 per month and gives access to all features including the Nat team slack threads.



Web-based access on all devices

BIGContacts personal crm

BIGContacts is a powerful customer relationship management (CRM) system designed to simplify contact management tasks for individual users. It converts scattered information into an integrated, organized system, making it perfect for freelancers, entrepreneurs, or professionals who want to stay on top of their personal contacts and relationships. Offering a consolidated platform for centralizing contact apps, calendars, emails, and documents, BIGContacts equips its users with all the necessary tools to establish efficient personal CRM management.


BIGContacts Features:

  • Robust contact management with unlimited record storage
  • Customizable data fields based on user requirements
  • Efficient task scheduling and appointment tracking
  • Capabilities for bulk email personalization and marketing
  • Automated reminders and follow-up features for optimal communication
  • Mobile access ensures CRM management while on the go
  • Seamless integration with Google API for mail, calendar, and contacts
  • In-depth reporting and analytics feature for insightful decision-making
  • Document storage capabilities for easy reference and access
  • Features enabling sharing and teamwork for collaborative projects


Who can use BIGContacts?

BIGContacts is ideal for freelancers, self-employed individuals, solopreneurs, or professionals who need an affordable personal CRM tool to manage their contacts, track engagements, and enhance their personal and professional relationships.


Advantages and disadvantages of BIGContacts


Offers the flexibility to manage contacts and tasks from practically anywhere, at any time

Lacks AI-powered lead scoring

Automated reminders and workflows ensures key activities and follow-ups are not missed

Could use more integration options

Pre-built reports templates that can be easily customized


The starting price for BIGContacts application is $5/user/month. They also offer seats for $15/user/month, and $25/user/month and have custom pricing for enterprises.


Personal relationship management is about taking care of the people in your life and not letting work and other responsibilities separate you from old friends and close relatives. CRM tools allow you to keep track of important dates and events, make sure you make time for your loved ones, and maintain a healthy work-life balance. Finally, a personal CRM can also expand your professional networking circles and provide you with more career opportunities.

As you can see, the personal CRM tools vary from business-centric to solely personal ones. If you are someone who is building a business and requires constant networking access, maybe go for a personal network relationship manager with more professional features like Dex or Nimble. However, if you want to deepen and tighten your relationships with loved ones, a tool like Monica or Circles is a great choice. Share your experience using personal CRM tools with us at contact@doit.software. What features are the must-haves for your needs and should be implemented within a personal CRM app?

Frequently Asked Questions

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What should be in a personal CRM?

A personal CRM should help users to nurture relationships in the most convenient way: group contacts, set reminders, take notes, etc. Additionally, a personal network relationship manager should include integrations with Gmail or social media accounts to import data from, calendar sync-ups, and consolidated inbox. Also, a user CRM can offer advanced AI-powered features. It allows users to get relevant recommendations for the growth of personal relationships with existing and potential contacts.

Do I need a personal CRM?

If you are someone who would like to pay more attention to people in your life and nurture important relationships, having a friendship CRM would be a good idea.

What is the most user-friendly personal CRM?

Queue, Garden, and Monica personal CRM apps are known for being very user-friendly and provide a short learning curve.

How do I manage my personal network?

Personal CRM tools help users to keep up with their personal relationships and stay in touch with people who matter in their lives.

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