Recruiting .NET developers can be draining. It’s probably one of the most significantly stressful activities CIOs and hiring managers endure throughout their careers.

Companies looking to hire .Net developers are dealing with an ever-growing talent shortage. Furthermore, evaluating the qualities of exceptional .NET candidates can be extremely difficult.

For instance, even when presented with a perfect resume, how do you assess the candidate’s ability to receive constructive feedback? How do they think outside the box and work creatively? What about morals, can they be trusted with sensitive information? What is their level of expertise in ASP.Net, XML, HTML, CSS or AngularJS? The list goes on…


Available .NET developers for hire

Take a quick glance at our best .NET developers’ CVs for reference:



Senior .NET Developer


Tallinn, Estonia



Janek has 5 years of experience in building robust and scalable .NET applications. He has deep expertise in C#, ASP.NET MVC, .NET Web API, and Entity Framework. Janek is skilled in both front-end and back-end development, with a proven ability to implement effective solutions for complex business problems. His most recent project involved the creation of an innovative logistics management system that improved operational efficiency by 30%.



"Janek's work on our .NET MVC applications has consistently exceeded our expectations. His ability to translate complex requirements into user-friendly solutions is remarkable."


"I'm no tech expert, but Janek made the software side of things easy for us. It just works, and it's made our workflow smoother."

Retail Industry

"Janek's got a knack for debugging. Whenever there's an issue, he's on it and sorted before you know it. Really reliable guy."

Health Services



Senior .NET Developer


Kyiv, Ukraine


Part-time, 20 hours/week

With over 5 years of professional experience, Denys excels in C#, .NET, ASP.NET MVC, and .NET Web API frameworks. He’s also skilled in front-end technologies and debugging. His recent work includes developing a high-load system for a fintech company. This solution enhanced security and improved transaction processing speeds by 25%.


Part-time, 20 hours/week

"Denys's technical leadership in .NET has been outstanding, particularly his work with high-load systems."


"Knows his stuff, especially with APIs. Made our system work smoothly."


"He fixes bugs faster than anyone I know. The guy's a lifesaver."

Gaming Industry



Tech Lead


Chișinău, Moldova


Part-time, 25 hours/week

Sophia has 7 years of experience and is proficient in .NET, C#, ASP.NET, and MSSQL. She specializes in developing high-load systems and has a strong background in Agile/Scrum methodologies and automated unit testing. She recently mentored a team in creating a robust healthcare application that improved patient data processing efficiency by 40%.


Part-time, 25 hours/week

"Sophia's mentorship in ASP.NET was instrumental for our team's growth."


"Her insights on system performance really paid off for our app's speed."


"Always organized, always on top of things. Sophia's leadership is top-notch."




Middle .NET Developer


Bucharest, Romania



Mila brings 2 years of experience and is skilled in C#, ASP.NET, MVC, SQL, and Entity Framework. She has a solid grasp of web technologies like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and AngularJS. Also, she is knowledgeable in SQL server and database management. Mila led a successful deployment of a scalable e-commerce platform that increased the client’s sales conversion rates by 15% within the first quarter.



"Mila's ASP.NET MVC expertise significantly improved our web application's performance."

Financial Services

"She's a wizard with databases, optimized ours like it was nothing."


"Her code is always spot on. Never had any trouble with the stuff she does."

Tech Industry



Junior .NET Developer


Kyiv, Ukraine



With 9 months of experience, Vladyslav has developed a strong foundation in C#, VB.Net, ASP.NET, and OOP principles. He’s proficient with HTML, CSS, Visual Studio.Net, jQuery/JavaScript, AngularJS, and SQL. Vladyslav has developed a web application for a local startup that streamlined their internal processes, leading to a 20% reduction in administrative time.



"Vladyslav's contributions to our ASP.NET project were vital. His code was clean, and his ability to work with AngularJS made our front-end interactive and user-friendly."

Tech Industry

"The guy's good, real good with databases. Made our SQL queries fast and reliable."


"For a junior, he's got serious skills. Handled the JavaScript for our site like a pro."

Marketing Agency



Lead .NET Developer


Lutsk, Ukraine



Volodymyr, with over 12 years of experience, is a proficient Tech Lead in ASP.NET and C#. He has extensive knowledge of MSSQL and is experienced in developing high-load systems. He’s familiar with Agile/Scrum methodologies and automated unit testing. Volodymyr has also worked with cloud computing, particularly AWS, and has led teams working on complex, distributed systems.



Volodymyr's expertise in ASP.NET and C# was pivotal in our project's success. His proficiency in developing high-load systems and knowledge of MSSQL significantly enhanced our software's performance. His leadership in integrating AWS cloud solutions was remarkable. I highly recommend Volodymyr for any complex .NET development needs.


I've worked with many .NET developers, but Volodymyr stands out. His way with ASP.NET is just amazing, and he really knows his stuff with MSSQL. Plus, he's great at making the whole team work together smoothly. If you need someone who can handle tough coding challenges and lead a team, Volodymyr's your guy.


Volodymyr is a real pro. He helped us build a system that can handle a lot of users without breaking a sweat. He's also a whiz with cloud stuff and knows how to get the team to do their best. Our software is way better thanks to him.

Financial Services



Senior .NET Developer


Sofia, Bulgaria



Kamila has 7 years of experience in .NET development. Expert in C# and Visual Basic, she is proficient in web app development and debugging. She is skilled with WPF, Entity Framework, and MSSQL. Kamila also has experience working with microservices architecture and RabbitMQ.



Kamila's proficiency in C# and Visual Basic has been a significant asset to our web development projects. Her skills in WPF and Entity Framework have greatly contributed to the efficiency and reliability of our applications. Additionally, her experience with microservices and RabbitMQ has brought innovative solutions to our team.

Healthcare Technology

Working with Kamila was a breeze. She really knows her way around web apps and can fix any bug that comes up. Her knowledge of WPF and databases is top-notch. She's also got this knack for making complex stuff like microservices seem easy. She's a great developer and a team player.


Kamila is one of those developers who just gets it. She's great with coding in C# and VB, and I was really impressed by how she handled our web app projects. She's also got a good handle on databases and newer tech like microservices. Definitely a go-to person for tough coding tasks.

Financial Services



Middle .NET Developer


Bucharest, Romania


Part-time, 20 hours/week

With 4 years of experience, Mihai is skilled in .NET, including JIT, CLR, and GAC, and web services (SOAP, REST). He’s proficient in C#, Visual Studio.Net, JQuery/JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL, LINQ, and Bootstrap. He has a working knowledge of ASP.Net, XML, HTML, and CSS. Mihai is also familiar with OOP principles.


Part-time, 20 hours/week

Mihai's in-depth knowledge of .NET and web services significantly contributed to our project's success. His proficiency in C#, coupled with his skills in JQuery/JavaScript, AngularJS, and SQL, played a key role in developing robust web applications. His understanding of OOP principles is commendable.

Digital Marketing Agency

Mihai is a solid coder. He really knows his way around .NET and has a good grip on web services. What impressed me most was his skill with languages like C# and JavaScript. He's also got a good understanding of how to make user interfaces work smoothly.

Online Retail

Working with Mihai was great. He's got a real talent for .NET stuff and can handle all kinds of web development tasks. His coding skills, especially in C# and JavaScript, are top-notch. He also knows how to work with databases and make everything look good on the front end.

Healthcare IT



Lead .NET Developer


Warsaw, Poland



Kate brings 10 years of experience in leading and mentoring teams on ASP.NET and C# solutions. She’s knowledgeable in MSSQL and has developed high-load systems. Experienced with Agile/Scrum methodologies, she’s skilled in automated unit testing. She’s also worked with .NET Core, Docker, and cloud platforms like Azure. In addition, Kate possesses strong organizational and management skills.



Kate's leadership in ASP.NET and C# development has been instrumental in our project's success. Her expertise in MSSQL and ability to manage high-load systems are remarkable. Her proficiency with Agile methodologies and automated unit testing, along with her experience with .NET Core and Azure, make her an invaluable asset. Her organizational and management skills have significantly enhanced our team's performance.


I've worked with a lot of leads, but Kate really stands out. She's amazing with ASP.NET and C#, and her way of handling big projects is just awesome. She's also really good with stuff like Agile and knows her way around Azure. Plus, she keeps everything running smoothly.

eCommerce Solutions

Kate is the kind of lead you hope for. She's got a real knack for ASP.NET and C#, and she's great at making complex projects manageable. She knows her stuff with databases and cloud tech, and she's really good at keeping the team on track and focused.

Cloud Services Provider



Senior .NET Developer


Odesa, Ukraine



Eric has over 8 years of experience, specializing in C# and Visual Basic programming. He’s proficient in web app development with .NET skills and has strong debugging abilities. Eric has worked with technologies like ASP.NET, SQL Server, and front-end frameworks like AngularJS and React. He’s also familiar with the Agile environment.



Eric's expertise in C# and Visual Basic has been a cornerstone in our web application projects. His proficiency with ASP.NET and SQL Server, combined with his skill in front-end technologies like AngularJS and React, has driven our projects to new heights. His ability to debug complex issues and familiarity with Agile methodologies have been invaluable.

Financial Services

Eric is a top-notch developer. He really shines with C# and VB, and he's got a great handle on making web apps that work well. What really sets him apart is his skill in sorting out tough coding problems. He's also really good at working in an Agile way, which helps a lot.

Retail Technology

I've worked with Eric on a few projects, and he's always been amazing. His work on web apps is super impressive. He's also really good at fixing any bugs that come up and knows how to keep things moving smoothly in an Agile setup.

eCommerce Solutions

Despite all the challenges you may have faced before, the good news is that you can leverage proven best practices to hire .NET developers without remorse.

This insightful article provides a detailed guide to companies looking to hire .NET developers. It discusses where to find qualified professionals, how to hire the best crop, and how to dodge common pitfalls.

The .NET programming framework makes it easier to create applications in less time. As an added advantage, .NET developers can utilize varying languages, libraries, and editors. It enables seamless integration with pre-existing infrastructure, adapts easily to scale, and has built-in security measures to protect the application. The framework is instrumental in developing applications for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, and even Android in different industries, where it improves productivity and reliability.

Why do top-notch .NET developers seem scarce?

First, we need to get to the root cause of the .NET talent shortage. Many theories are flying around regarding why finding the right .Net or coder is a hassle. We noted several contributing factors based on our expertise in staffing .NET developers. Here’s a look at the most prevalent:


1. Unclear definition of .NET developers and job requirements

What exactly is a .NET developer? Who are they, and what do they do? Several people doing the hiring aren’t sure either. Startling right!

The term .NET actually refers to the framework developed by Microsoft in 2012. The .NET framework is compatible with multiple programming languages, including C++, C#, F#, and Visual Basic .NET.


It is more than just a package or language


It is called as .NET Environment or Platform


When .NET surfaced, it came with several languages. VB.NET, C#, COBOL and Perl, etc.


The framework currently supports 44 languages, including C#; F# and Visual Basic


.NET is an object-oriented language


It offers high security — because it uses clauses and objects as building blocks


It can run on any operating system

It’s clear that .NET and ASP.NET technology hold much potential for IT. The framework accelerates the development of web, desktop, and mobile software, providing a secure way to build digital products. Even popular platforms online like Microsoft, GoDaddy, and StackOverflow currently use this framework. In fact, the WhiteHat Security Website Stats Report says 28.1 percent of .NET web applications use the Asp.Net framework.

The ideal .NET developer to hire would be familiar with WinForms, ASP.NET, WPF, and other .Net stacks.

When you hire .NET developers, you are getting web programmers with extensive experience in .NET development, thus improving productivity. They specialize in building robust software, applications, and interfaces.

To determine the level of skill a .NET developer must hold to complete your team, elaborate on what tasks are to be completed throughout the project. You might end up realizing that more developers than you first thought do indeed meet your requirements. The job description is critical for this.

hire net developers seniority

Given the vast amount of skills relevant to .NET technology, it’s nearly impossible for one person to know all there is to it. Each role has different requirements. The following table can serve as a baseline on how to hire developers in 2024:


.NET Developer
Level of skill


No relevant experience

.Net along with JIT, CLR, GAC, Web services(SOAP; REST), C#

Junior Beginner

3 months

C# or VB.Net, ASP.NET, knowledge of OOP principles, HTML, CSS

Junior Upper

9 months

All the skills above + Visual Studio.Net, JQuery/JavaScript, AngularJS, SQL

Junior Advanced

1.5 years

All the skills mentioned above + LINQ

Middle Beginner

2 years

All the aforementioned skills + comfortable working with SQL server, and database knowledge

Middle Upper

2.5 years

All the skills listed above + Bootstrap experience, ASP.Net, XML, HTML, CSS, AngularJS experience

Middle Advanced

3 years

All skills listed above + ASP.MVC, .Net MVC, .Net Web API frameworks, an aptitude in debugging


5 years

Confident in C#/ Visual Basic programming language, web app developers .net skills,strong debugging skills, familiarity with Agile environment

Tech Lead

5 years

Capacity of developing & mentoring Asp.NET, C# solutions, knowledge of MSSQL, experience in developing highload systems, experience with Agile/Scrum methodologies, automated unit testing, strong organizational/ management skills


6 years

Expertise in architecting complex web applications using .Net framework, expertise in the following: ASP.NET, ASP.NET MVC, creating .Net Core applications, experience in creating data access components with LINQ and Entity Framework, building web APIs

Senior Architect

8 years

3+ years experience of senior programming, expert level skill in .Net technology stack, building large enterprise solutions, front-end frameworks, debugging, Jira or similar tools, metric collection tools, tech writing skills


8 years

Expert in tech trends, budgeting and planning, leadership abilities, profound knowledge of .Net and programming

Additionally, one cannot ignore that graduate developers are often overlooked. While most educational programs do not provide ample concentration on .NET development, leaving school without such educational qualifications doesn’t necessarily mean fresh graduates do not have experience at all. Most savvy students go the extra mile to work on external projects that provide the needed .NET development experience. For instance, internships and private courses.

As you may have noticed by now, finding the right .NET professional could be easily solved by a clear job description. Being open as to what qualifies as experience for a .NET developer will also make a difference.


2. Inefficient hiring processes

How is your hiring process structured? Can you effectively identify competent developers before moving on to onboarding them? Answering these critical questions can save you both time and money. Be aware of possible cracks in your hiring processes.

If your access is limited to a small pool of developers who meet your criteria, it will severely affect the success of your talent search. You may end up having to hire someone who is not up to the task simply because there are no better-qualified candidates. Additionally, you may have to pay high compensation for your next .NET developer due to scarcity and high demand for programmers.

Consider engaging an IT partner to extend your pool of .NET developers. Outstaffing services will help you fill the vacancies on your team with the right people. With a partner like DOIT Software, you won’t just be looking at an increase in quantity. It’s an increase in quality as well, as we connect you to reputable and experienced professionals.

The hiring process must be short and precise, leaving little margin for error. According to statistics, the average hire time for a .NET developer is 14.0 days. The faster you are able to hire .NET talent, the easier it will be to complete your project and meet your set deadlines.

Employing the help of an IT staffing partner will enable you to speed up the hiring process, thanks to a readily available database of vetted candidates and assistance with interviewing and, in our case, onboarding as well.

Another difficult area is how to evaluate .NET developer skills. Refining and optimizing your hiring processes to adapt to the industry standards will plug this crack in the system. Your approach to the candidate evaluation process must incorporate a technical interview, soft skill analysis, and hands-on test tasks.

Make sure the individuals providing the technical interview know what skills are required of the candidate. Define the job and the skills needed in preparation for the interview. It will go a long way in ensuring you hire a .NET developer that’s capable of doing the job to your satisfaction.

It’s critical to identify suitable candidates as quickly as possible. A few workarounds that can speed things up include:

  • Leveraging technical interview and complicated and well structured test tasks, that can show all the candidate’s strengths and weaknesses
  • Engaging seasoned recruiters for easy access to readily vetted candidates
  • Opt for staff augmentation with the right provider, where you can both hire developers and the general .NET developers from a large pool

The last option sets you up for interviews almost immediately with top-notch professionals who have the right skills. It also outsources the bulk of the recruitment stages to the staff augmentation service provider, thus, saving you time and money.

Looking for remote .NET developers?

Contact us and get the first CVs in a few days.

What you can expect with staff augmentation

Staff augmentation is a quicker method to hire .NET and developers without regret. You will be taking on outside personnel on a temporary basis to augment the capacity of your organization. If you need to fill in your skill shortages, this is a stress-free approach.

hire .net developers staff

Unlike outsourcing your project, you will acquire the skills your current team currently lacks and maintain full control of the development process.

Most businesses across the globe are tapping into global talent markets, leveraging remote staff augmentation models. Hiring remotely is a flexible option and opens up opportunities for cost savings.

Here’s a shortlist of the benefits of staff augmentation:


Shortens time to hire

Staff augmentation agencies keep up-to-date databases of qualified specialists, helping you to find and hire developers much quicker and effortlessly. The candidates are already vetted and shortlisted according to your requirements. The service provider first assesses if candidates are compatible with the working conditions.

All you have to do is interview the pick of the litter and make your decision.

Imagine your company has just lost a .NET developer, and you need to fill the vacancy so the project can continue. Opting for staff augmentation helps you get a highly qualified replacement much faster than a post on a job site ever will.

What’s more, it allows you the luxury of searching for the best candidate possible without losing precious time in the process.


Larger hiring pool

Staff augmentation services can solve the distance barrier when it comes to hiring remotely. They are closer to large pools of candidates you would otherwise have no access to. Whether you choose to hire .NET developers locally, nearby, or hire offshore .NET developers is your choice.


Reduces hiring costs

The recruitment costs required to hire .NET developers can be trimmed by relying on the staff augmentation model.

Unlike hiring a freelance .net developer, your service provider will handle the majority of vetting and administration for a tidy fixed sum. This means your hiring expenses are fixed until you find the right person for the job. You will only pay for your actual hires.

Optimize your budget

Contact us to find out how IT Staff Augmentation in Eastern Europe can help you save your budget. Request CVs

How to approach staff augmentation

Successfully hiring a .NET developer through IT staff augmentation requires a partnership with the right service provider. Considerations for picking your best-fit developer include the following:

hire NET developers approach staff

  • Checking up on references and previous clients
  • Asking what support services are provided
  • Requesting the complete cost structure, so you know which services require additional fees
  • Verifying their areas of expertise (Do they have access to hire .NET developers of high quality?)
  • Consider their experience with tech industry clients (are they aware of industry trends?)
  • Ask for a consultation and get recommendations on the best approach for your business

The technicalities of selecting .NET developers

Now that we have already covered what .NET developers are, let’s get into the technicalities of finding your perfect fit.

If you recall earlier, we divulged in detail the programming skills necessary to fill in different .NET developer posts. Hiring managers must be aware of the skills key to the project to hire .NET developers without remorse. Note that the indicated skills do not necessarily make the essential list. The technical abilities to consider when you hire .NET developers are as follows:






Signal R

Candidates with comprehension of:

  • Object-Oriented Programming concepts
  • .NET Programming concepts
  • .NET framework
  • Windows Controls
  • Windows Workflow foundation

Candidates can also provide portfolios which you can go through. Some have projects uploaded on public repositories like StackOverflow. This will also be helpful in assessing technical abilities.

To avoid hiring someone not up to the task, ask about their experience. Proceed to check their knowledge and verify it in practice where possible.

Reviewing CVs involves weighing educational qualifications as well. Apart from degrees and diplomas, there are also .NET certificates for programming skills.


Using a .NET certificate for professional programming skills evaluation

Certain experts believe .NET certificates are an adequate measure of skill. But not everyone holds this view. To other recruiters, when you hire a .NET developer, professional exams don’t add much weight. They do not show practical experience.

Developers without experience often undergo these exams to increase their appeal. When looking for a .NET developer, keep in mind that there are capable .NET developers who will not have certificates. They may be unwilling to sit for the exam as they already have ample experience.

To sum it up, commercial experience is the most appropriate measure of skills. A certificate shouldn’t be the ultimate qualification.

Here are brief explanations of what some valuable .NET certificates cover:


Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS)

MCTS is an entry-level certificate. The exams are on  WPF, SQL Server, SharePoint, Windows Server and more.

As Microsoft reorganizes the certificate scheme, MCTS will soon phase out. In its place comes MCSD. Note it still covers essential basics necessary when you want to hire .NET developers.


Microsoft Certified Solutions Developer (MCSD)

Today, as you hire .NET developers, the initial port of call would be the MCSD. It is evidence of full-stack competence and the talent to build multi-structured applications.

MCSD indicates competency in:

  • Web Applications: JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, WCF, ASP.NET, WebApi 2, Azure, ASP.NET MVC 4
  • SharePoint Applications: CSS3, ASP.NET MVC 4, HTML5, JavaScript, SharePoint Server 2013-2016


Critical soft skills

Soft skills will determine how well a developer works as a team member. A robust set of soft skills will include:

  • Efficient time management
  • Adaptability
  • Ability to plan ahead and fix errors
  • Strong communication skills
  • Language skills
  • Analytical mindset
  • The desire for continuous self-improvement
  • Trustworthiness

Critical soft skills

The above are critical when drafting the job description. Nonetheless, use this list only as a guide. Disregarding candidates who don’t qualify for all of the requirements isn’t a smart approach. Some .NET Frameworks are quite similar and use the same principles. Thus, an expert on one can switch through to another one in no time.

How to interview a .NET developer

Apart from resumes and programming tests, interviews also contribute to informed hiring decisions. Recruiters use face-to-face interviews to determine the character and fit of the candidate.

Besides, the recruiters must be aware of which technologies will apply during development. Placing a senior developer on the interview panel helps as they will ask the right questions. They can help determine how well the candidate will fit into the team.

If meeting in person is not possible, an interview via a video call may also suffice. There’s more to be learned by putting a face to the name. Non-verbal cues can reveal a lot about the candidate’s personality that a resume won’t.

Your interview should center around the following areas:

  • Their grip on algorithmic concepts
  • How well they think
  • If they have a profound knowledge of database technology
  • Their approach to modeling
  • How they stay informed on the latest trends
  • Their favorite technical resources, e.g. books, websites, journals, social media
  • Their activity on Github
  • Whether they contribute to open source projects or Hackathons

Interview questions must establish whether the candidate fits with the existing team. Things like technical terms are useful indicators of the candidate’s knowledge.

When hiring a senior developer, ask computer science and role-specific questions.

Examples of senior .NET developer interview questions:

Describe your most engaging project to date?


Differentiate between WebForms and ASP .NET MVC structures?


What sets managed and unmanaged code apart?


Are you more inclined towards the deployment, analysis or design of the project? Or do you prefer handling explained tasks?

Technical interview

You can’t effectively measure one’s skill level using the resume alone. This is where tests come in handy.

Put together a programming test to check technical proficiency. You can rely on online resources for this. Use the C# and .Net programming tests available to pre-screen candidates.

Another interesting approach is to use a test based on a use case from your company. This will be much closer to the conditions they will face on the job.

Aside from programming skills, such tests help hiring managers verify a candidate’s efficiency. For instance, determining if they won’t waste time during development. Here at DOIT Software, we evaluate all candidates with test tasks to confirm technical proficiency.

Below is a glossary table to enable you to understand the skills listed by candidates. It explains what testing for each of these core elements covers.

Programming element
What to test

.NET Framework versions

.NET 1.0 – .NET 4.5.


C#, Visual Basic .NET, F#, C++ .NET

Web frameworks

ASP.NET MVC 1-6, ASP.NET Web Api, ASP.NET Web Forms

Desktop frameworks

WPF, Windows Forms

Communication frameworks

WCF, ASP.NET Web Api, Web Services

IoC Containers

Castle Windsor Container, Unity, Structure Map, Ninject, AutoFac


Entity Framework, nHibernate, Linq2SQL, ADO.NET

C# unit testing frameworks

nUnit, SpecFlow, MSTest, xUnit

C# build tools

TFS, Team City, Jenkins, Cruise Control .NET

Key areas for evaluation during an interview


Experience with .NET technology

This enables you to understand which frameworks and programming languages they use. It also provides an overview of their work history. Commercial experience ensures the candidate can adjust to tight deadlines, etc.


Personal achievements

A good .Net or programmer can only be defined by previous experience. This will shed light on what areas the candidates are experts in. Find out how they gained their .NET experience. Be it by starting or contributing to a free software project.


Understanding of technology

Today’s robust software is a result of the latest technology. A developer should continuously learn new languages. Driven .net programmers will be well-informed about the technology aspects of the project.


Their Understanding of Your Business

A clear understanding of your enterprise shows how invested a candidate is in the job offer. If they can imagine joining your team, they can already determine the problem you want to solve. And best of all, visualize the solution!

Need to extend your team?

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Where to look for experienced .NET developers

Now that you know how to hire a .NET developer, where do you start looking? When one is uncertain where to find qualified .NET developers, the hiring process is like finding a needle in a haystack. Here’s where to find .NET programmers that meet your requirements.


Based on hiring models

In-house hiring

You can grow your developer team by hiring in-house employees. Your HR department advertises vacancies to attract seasoned professionals on job boards, job sites, and other developer communities. From there, the top candidates are vetted and interviewed to find the most suitable individuals to hire.

In-house hiring will, however, require you to spend more time and money on recruitment processes as there are usually no readily available candidates.


Hiring freelance .NET developers

Aside from taking on .NET developers as full-time employees, you can also hire them as freelance developers. To hire freelance .NET developers, companies have to first scout for suitable collaborators, trace references to verify the freelancer’s work history, and conduct interviews.

Although freelancers are hired on a temporary basis, the recruitment process requires as much time and effort as hiring in-house .NET developers. Hiring managers often face challenges when it comes to verifying a potential candidate’s technical skill level. Skills evaluation will require companies to carry out technical interviews and conduct test tasks all by themselves.


Make use of job sites

For small projects, you can hire a freelance ASP.NET developer. Another option is finding .NET developers on platforms like Upwork and Freelancer. It is a low-cost approach and also helps you get the work done quickly. You will, however, need to carefully go through the reviews to ensure the developer you hire is truly up to the task.


Explore online dev communities

Another good place where you can hire .NET developers are online communities. Many .NET developers with ample experience frequent such places. You can post your open positions on job boards for dev communities on sites like Stack Overflow and GitHub.


Staff augmentation services

An augmented staffing company immediately puts you in touch with qualified professionals. It is a cost-saving solution for filling up the talent gap with temporary or remote hire .NET developers. You get to expand your existing development team to fulfill the requirements of your project.

As an IT partner, DOIT Software can help you fill up .NET developer roles with the talent you need.


Staff augmentation

Pre-vetted candidates

New team members integration

Large pool of qualified professionals

Fast and efficient hiring processes

Job sites

Large audience

Little to no assistance for candidate vetting and interviews

Competitive employee ranking and reviews


Access to qualified developers

Dev community job boards

Direct access to .NET developers

No assistance for candidate vetting and interviews

Little to no job listing costs

High recruitment costs

Based on location

To hire .NET developers (the top 5% of coders) without overspending, you may need to opt for nearshoring or offshoring. According to Glassdoor, the average yearly cost of hiring .NET developers in the USA without factoring in related administration expenses and taxes is $68,524. It is regarded as one of the regions with high salaries for such professionals.

Read through these average costs based on research provided by UpScale, Glassdoor, StackOverflow, and PayScale. Note that these figures only account for the salaries developers receive. To find the full cost to the business, add about 30% to the given salary figures as an estimate for administration expenses and related taxes. Here are the salaries you can expect to pay .NET developers:


















































Eastern Europe




Source: Average salary per year for .NET developers per country/region based on unique online job postings on Glassdoor, Payscale, and the 2019 StackOverflow survey.


What if you could hire .NET developers through DOIT Software? Leveraging our expertise and our extensive network, we can help you find and hire an ASP.NET developer or a .NET specialist for 35 – 47 USD per hour.

How to hire .NET developers with DOIT Software

Here at DOIT Software, we have a smooth process in place to enable you to hire .NET developers quickly and safely. Our extensive experience in the tech industry allows us to solve the most crucial pain points of .NET developer recruitment effortlessly.

hire .NET developers with DOIT Software

The following is a highlight of the simple four-stage process we take our clients through to hire .NET developers of the utmost quality.


Describe your requirements

Understanding your team’s current position will help us identify qualified .NET developers for your particular project. At this stage, you tell us your needs, expectations and requirements.

The on-boarding process will cover the specifics of your project, critical developer skills necessary as well as the technologies you will be using.

From there we will provide you with expert advice on the way going forward. Our recruitment specialists will scour the database and put the word out for candidates that meet your needs.

Given our vast experience working with .NET Developers to extend teams or build them from the ground up, we know the right places to look. Evaluating .NET developer skills is also something we are well versed in. DOIT Software carries out technical interviews and utilizes test task technologies .net programmers are expected to work with.


We assign potential hires

Our access to a pool of highly qualified .NET developers can not be overstated. Once we review your requirements, we analyze our vast talent pool for suitable candidates.

Once the candidates that best meet your project requirements are found, a shortlist with their resumes will be sent to you, the client, for review.


Interview and feedback cycle

The next stage is to conduct interviews with candidates that interest you. We will facilitate a video interview with each developer. Here you can assess if their skills do indeed fit your project.


Begin the collaboration

Once the hires are approved, the developers will begin work as agreed. This can even be done right away. The developers will work side by side with your team on the project, adhering to your internal processes. They will also report back to you directly as do your internal team members.

On-boarding and other administrative tasks can all be handled from our end. It leaves you with ample time to focus on your core business.


Ongoing support from DOIT Software

When the collaboration kicks off, we automatically assign the account an HR/Client manager responsible for maintaining the relationship between the developers and your business. The Client Manager works to ensure a productive relationship ensues with the augmented team.

Part of support they will provide includes secure remote work through control access systems to keep your data protected. We foster friendly working environments by conducting team building exercises so that the augmented staff seamlessly integrates, stays productive and is motivated.

Bonus: When to Hire .NET Developers

The need to hire NET programmers arises from the specific software development requirements companies face to innovate and stay competitive. The versatility of the framework allows for a wide array of solutions across various platforms:


Web Applications

Businesses seeking to create secure, scalable, and high-performing web applications often hire .net developer expertise. ASP.NET is particularly useful for building robust websites and web services that can easily handle complex processes.

Mobile Applications

When the goal is to develop cross-platform mobile applications that offer native performance, companies hire dotnet developers skilled in Xamarin. This .NET technology enables sharing code across platforms, reducing development time and costs.

Desktop Applications

To construct responsive and visually appealing desktop software, firms hire .NET engineers who are proficient in WPF for modern user interfaces. For traditional GUI applications, businesses can look for specialists skilled in Windows Forms.

Cloud Services

As cloud computing becomes more central to IT operations, companies hire .NET Core developer talent who can also utilize Azure's cloud services, enabling efficient application deployment, management, and scaling.

As you can see, this framework provides a solid foundation for developing different solutions. By deciding to hire .NET developer talent, companies can enhance existing systems or pioneer new software. Thus, organizations can effectively address the challenges of integrating with legacy systems, managing large-scale data, and providing real-time user interactions in a secure online environment.

Start hiring now!

It can be quite easy to hire .NET developers without breaking a sweat. Position your company to tap into the vast talent pool accessible through the various approaches mentioned above. Whether the most beneficial arrangement is through freelance platforms, online developer communities, or, better yet, IT partners like DOIT, the hiring process can be largely simplified. Refine your internal recruitment functions by leveraging face-to-face interviews, test tasks and take a modern stance towards evaluating .Net developer qualifications. You could never go wrong building your team this way.

If you don’t want to go through the dreaded hunt for the right .NET developer, finding the right staffing partner who knows the ins and outs of the industry, like DOIT Software, is your best shot. Get in touch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Need to hire developers?

Get a consultation and start building your dream team ASAP.


Why should I hire dedicated .NET developers?

A DOT NET programmer can help you develop dynamic, feature-rich websites. Using ASP.NET’s built-in caching features and just-in-time compilation, a specialist ensures high performance and speed. Moreover, robust security protocols, including built-in Windows authentication and per-application configuration, help safeguard your web apps. Also, a NET developer for hire can use frameworks like MVC to create efficient, high-performance applications. By investing in a dedicated expert, you benefit from their focused expertise to deliver tailored solutions that can grow with your business needs.

What would be the estimated cost of hiring .NET developers?

The cost to hire DOT NET programmers varies by region and experience. In the USA, you might spend approximately $60,500 for a junior, $76,000 for a middle, and $93,000 for a senior developer. However, the cost is significantly lower in Eastern Europe, at about $20,000, $35,000, and $45,500, respectively. Thus, it is an economically viable option for sourcing expert .NET development talent globally.

Are .NET developers in demand?

According to Statista, ASP.NET and ASP.NET Core were in the top 10 most used web frameworks by developers worldwide in 2023. This trend reflects the continued need for hiring NET developers who can leverage these technologies to build robust, scalable web applications.

Which companies hire .NET Developers?

Many prominent companies use .NET developing their solutions. For instance, Wexflow utilizes .NET to power its extensible workflow engine. Thus, it enhances automation and user interaction for better customer experiences. Furthermore, Stack Overflow, a cornerstone of the developer community, famously uses .NET to drive its applications. Other companies that have used this technology are Chipotle, a leader in the fast-casual dining sector, and Vestas, the energy industry giant.

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