The backbone of smooth operations, effective communication, and successful collaborations lies in sessions happening without a hitch. Whether aligning arrangements within in-house teams or coordinating with global clients, the challenges of finding the perfect time slot are myriad.

It’s in this milieu that appointment coordination tools have emerged as saviors. Doodle, a renowned scheduling platform, has won hearts for its simplicity and functionality. Its intuitive design and efficient mechanism make finding a meeting time that works for everyone effortless.

However, companies are now seeking a more integrated Doodle alternative to blend with their existing tech stack. They want scheduling platforms that can do more than just set a date. In fact, they need tools that can manage resources, integrate with productivity apps, and offer high levels of customization to fit their specific workflow.

In this article, we will explore different Doodle poll alternatives. We’ll focus on their features, advantages, and disadvantages to help you meet your needs.

Best Doodle Alternatives in 2024






Acuity Scheduling


Chili Piper





Square Appointments
















Doodle at a Glance: Highlighting its Key Features

Doodle Logo and Interface

Doodle is one of the pioneers in the online scheduling domain. It brings forward a suite of functionalities that have made it the go-to choice for many over the years. Below is a comprehensive look at its strengths and potential areas of improvement.


Simple and intuitive interface

Limited features in the free version

Polling functionality for group scheduling

Advertisements in the free version

Syncing with popular calendar apps

Mobile app available for on-the-go scheduling

Now that we have recalled Doodle’s functionality, let’s dive into its greatest alternatives.

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Top 15 Doodle Competitors: Features and Ratings

1. Hubspot: A Leading Doodle Alternative

Doodle Alternative HubSpot

Venturing beyond its CRM forte, Hubspot presents itself as a formidable Doodle alternative with its integrated scheduling tool. Connected with its sales software, it ensures that every meeting syncs seamlessly with customer data. Moreover, it aids in visualizing sales pipelines and harnessing customer interactions, making scheduling an integral part of the sales process.


Integrated with CRM capabilities

Overwhelming for basic needs

Personalized meeting links

Higher learning curve for beginners

Automated notifications and reminders

Expensive for smaller teams

Robust analytics

Requires deeper integration for full functionality

Pricing and plans

Free Plan: Limited features with HubSpot branding.

Starter: Basic features.

  • $20/month – if paid monthly
  • $18/month - if paid upfront

Professional: Advanced features.

  • $500/month – if paid monthly
  • $450/month - if paid upfront


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.4/5 out of 10,510 reviews

Capterra: 4.5/5 out of 423 reviews


 2. Calendly: A Sought-After Alternative to Doodle

Doodle Alternative Calendly

Distinguishing itself as a scheduling tool like Doodle, Calendly focuses on simplicity. Features like time zone auto-detection ensure international teams face no time discrepancies. Multiple integrations mean you can sync your meetings with other platforms, creating a harmonious scheduling experience.

Unlike Doodle, this tool allows you to collect payments using PayPal and Stripe. Another difference is that Calendly enables invitees to set the meeting location themselves. Moreover, it provides an ad-free experience for Free plan customers.


Seamless integration with popular calendars

Limited features in the free version

Customizable availability settings

Custom domains only in premium plans

Time zone detection

Advanced analytics only in higher plans

Native mobile apps available

Embeddable on websites

Pricing and plans

Basic: Free – Limited features with Calendly branding for individuals.

Essentials: 6 calendars for individuals with more scheduling needs.

  • $10/seat/month – if billed monthly
  • $8/seat/month – if billed annually

Professional: More features for customization and reporting.

  • $15/seat/month – if billed monthly
  • $12/seat/month – if billed annually

Teams: For teams that require collaboration tools.

  • $20/seat/month – if billed monthly
  • $16/seat/month – if billed annually

Enterprise: Customized – Advanced admin, security, and IT-oriented features.


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.7/5 out of 1,905 reviews

Capterra: 4.7/5 out of 2,828 reviews


 3. Acuity Scheduling: A Free Doodle Alternative for Comprehensive Scheduling

Doodle Alternative Acuity Scheduling

If there’s one scheduling website like Doodle that doesn’t compromise on features, it’s Acuity Scheduling. Besides automated reminders, it provides flexible availability settings. Therefore, businesses can plan meetings according to their convenience. Its intuitive UI, coupled with client self-booking, empowers companies and individuals alike.

Compared to the previous Doodle alternative, Acuity Scheduling has fewer integration options. While Calendly enables you to connect with 99+ tools, Acuity narrows the range to 37.

Other distinct features make this platform different from its competitor mentioned earlier. For instance, it has client database management, invoicing, and more payment processing options. Also, there is a limited 7-day trial only, while most schedulers have cost-free plans.


Unlimited appointments

Multiple calendars for staff only in the highest plan

Client self-booking

No free plan

Integrated payment processing

Requires setup time

Customizable forms for client info

Limited third-party integrations

User-friendly interface

Pricing and plans

Emerging: For solo users.

  • $20/month – if billed monthly
  • $16/month – if billed annually

Growing: Up to 6 users/locations.

  • $34/month – if billed monthly
  • $27/month – if billed annually

Powerhouse: All features.

  • $61/month – if billed monthly
  • $49/month – if billed annually


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.7/5 out of 395 reviews


4. Chili Piper: A Sales-Driven Doodle Alternative

Doodle Alternative Chili Piper

As a robust alternative to Doodle, Chili Piper revolutionizes how businesses manage their meetings, especially for sales teams. This platform is designed to instantly connect leads with the right representative and improve conversion rates. Also, it seamlessly integrates with various CRM tools. As a result, this tool is a favorite among businesses looking for a streamlined scheduling solution.

Unlike its previously mentioned competitors, this platform is web-based only. Therefore, no mobile apps are available. Still, Chili Piper provides functionality similar to Calendly, such as user management, advanced round robin, lead qualification, etc.


Smart scheduling with routing rules

Expensive for startups and SMBs

Instant bookings without back-and-forth

It can be overkill for simple scheduling needs

Integrates well with Salesforce or Hubspot CRM systems via API access

Steeper learning curve

Concierge for booking assistance

Requires training for full utilization

Pricing and plans

Instant Booker: For Sales and Customer Support teams.

  • $22.5/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $15/user/month – if billed annually

Handoff: Advanced routing features.

  • $37.5/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $25/user/month – if billed annually

Form Concierge: More functionalities related to web forms – Tiered platform fee based on the number of inbound leads.

  • $45/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $30/user/month – if billed annually

Distro: Automated CRM routing & assignment.

  • $45/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $30/user/month – if billed annually


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.6/5 out of 681 reviews

Capterra: 4.4/5 out of 109 reviews


5. A Free Alternative to Doodle for Streamlined Bookings

Doodle Alternative is one of the apps like Doodle, focusing on bridging the gap between businesses and their clients. The platform ensures no scheduled meeting goes amiss with automated email and SMS reminders. Additionally, its Stripe integration facilitates easy payments for booking-based businesses.

This platform charges per linked calendar, while previous Doodle alternatives do it per user. Another difference is that only one paid plan is available. Also, like Chili Piper, does not have a mobile app.


Direct integration with Google Calendar

Less intuitive interface compared to competitors

Customizable booking forms

Limited payment gateway integrations

Time zone auto-detection

No mobile application

Flexible booking durations

Advanced features locked behind paid plans

Pricing and plans

Free: Basic functionality.

Paid: Advanced features, branding removal.

  • $12/calendar/month – if billed monthly
  • $10.80/calendar/month – if billed annually
  • $9.60/calendar/month – if billed for two years


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.7/5 out of 1,909 reviews

Capterra: 4.6/5 out of 325 reviews


6. Setmore: The Doodle Free Alternative with Integrated Classes

Doodle Alternative Setmore

Setmore doesn’t just handle appointments but also allows businesses to schedule classes. This booking feature is a boon for educators and trainers. Also, the app syncs with video conferencing tools, turning simple schedules into actionable meetings.

Like, this platform also focuses on booking service appointments. At the same time, it differs from Doodle due to the lack of meeting polls, which is the most prominent feature that Calendly also has.


Free version available with generous features

Requires regular synchronization with Google Calendar

Class booking feature for group sessions

Customization options limited in the free version

Integrated payment processing (Square and Stripe)

Online payments via Square only for Basic plan users

Native mobile apps available

Limited third-party integrations

Occasional sync issues reported

Pricing and plans

Basic: Free for up to 4 users with Setmore branding.

Pro: Calendar sync, branding removal – For 1-2 users.

  • $12/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $5/user/month – if billed annually

Team: For unlimited users.

  • $9/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $5/user/month – if billed annually

Enterprise: Customized – For large organizations, more customization options.


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.5/5 out of 241 reviews

Capterra: 4.7/5 out of 941 reviews


7. Square Appointments: A Doodle Alternative with Robust Payment Solutions

Doodle Alternative Square Appointments

Square Appointments is more than just a scheduling website like Doodle. It brings the strength of Square’s payment solutions, making it an optimal choice for businesses that book and bill. With a straightforward interface, clients can book, reschedule, or pay all in one place.

Unlike its competitors, this platform requires manual time zone adjustment. Also, some Doodle alternatives like Calendly and have Chrome extensions. Square Appointments, however, does not provide such an option.


Integrated payment system with Square

More suitable for appointment-based businesses

No-show protection available using the cancellation policy setup

Higher transaction fees for payments

Automated reminders

Requires a learning curve for non-Square users

Limited customization for notifications

Pricing and plans

Free: Basic Features – For a single location.

Plus: $29/location/month – Additional advanced functionalities.

Premium: $60/location/month – All features


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.3/5 out of 36 reviews

Capterra: 4.4/5 out of 176 reviews


8. Rallly: An Alternative to Doodle Poll for Group Coordination

Doodle Alternative Rallly

For those hunting for alternatives to Doodle which emphasizes group coordination, Rallly is the best choice. The tool enables users to propose dates and vote on them. Therefore, teams can make collective decisions on venues, agendas, and more. So, if you’re grappling with how to find a meeting time that works for everyone, this platform is worth considering.

This tool is most similar to Doodle since its functionality revolves around polls. In comparison, Square Appointments and are more customer-centric. Therefore, they provide more advanced features than Rallly. For instance, there are no analytics, reporting, integrations with other apps, etc.


Voting system for scheduling

Limited to scheduling only; no additional features

Easy-to-use interface

No calendar integrations

Perfect for community events and gatherings

No dedicated support channel

The lowest price for the paid plan among analyzed Doodle alternatives

Pricing and plans

Free: Unlimited polls and participants.

Pro: Advanced features.

  • $5/month – if billed monthly
  • $2.50/month – if billed annually


Customer reviews and ratings

Trustpilot: 4.2/5 out of 6 reviews


9. CalendarHero: The Intelligent Doodle Alternative

Doodle Alternative CalendarHero

CalendarHero positions itself as an automated meeting scheduling tool. It’s not just an app like Doodle; it’s an AI-driven assistant that works in the background. This solution helps coordinate with multiple calendars, set up meetings, and ensure optimal time slots.

CalendarHero has 9 video conferencing integrations, which is the most compared to previously reviewed platforms. Also, it automatically adds driving or walking traveling time. Other Doodle alternatives have a similar feature but require managing it manually. Like Calendly and Chili Piper, this tool also provides round-robin availability.


AI-powered for smarter scheduling

AI features might be overwhelming for some

Integrated with most CRM and conferencing tools

Requires some time to set up and customize

Task automation beyond just appointment organization

Detailed meeting briefings

Pricing and plans

Basic: Free – Limited features.

Professional: $8/month – Advanced scheduling.

Teams: $12/user/month – For team coordination.


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.6/5 out of 99 reviews

Capterra: 4.6/5 out of 30 reviews


10. Koalendar: A Cloud-First Alternative to Doodle

Doodle Alternative Koalendar

When discussing cloud-native scheduling platforms similar to Doodle poll, Koalendar stands out. Designed with cloud-first functionality, it ensures real-time syncing across devices. Its intuitive interface, coupled with smart features like ‘availability view,’ makes it an excellent choice for professionals on the go.

Like Calendly, Koalendar also lets invitees set the meeting location. What makes this platform stand out is its vast language support. In particular, it allows you to choose one out of the 27 languages available. Like Doodle, it also does not support payment processing.


Simple and intuitive interface

Less feature-rich compared to competitors

Easy integration with Google Calendar

Limited third-party app integrations

GDPR compliant

No mobile application

Support channels are limited

Pricing and plans

Free version available.

Premium: Advanced features.

  • $9.99/month – if billed monthly
  • $6.99/month – if billed annually


Customer reviews and ratings

Capterra: 4.8/5 out of 131 reviews


11. Picktime: A Doodle Competitor with Resource Management

Doodle Alternative Picktime

Picktime is one of the alternatives to Doodle poll that offers comprehensive resource management. It is especially apt for businesses that rely on managing both human resources and equipment. Its design ensures that overbooking or resource conflicts are issues of the past.

Similar to Calendly, Picktime also enables payment processing using PayPal or Stripe. This platform also shares the reservation feature with Square Appointments.


Appropriate for both individual and team bookings

The user interface is less modern

Customizable service catalogs

The free version has limitations

Vast integration options

Occasional reports of slow performance

Integrated analytics dashboard

Supports multiple locations

Pricing and plans

Free: Basic features – For up to three users.

Starter: For small businesses, up to three users.

  • $4/user/month – If billed monthly
  • $3/user/month – If billed annually

Pro: Advanced functionality – For more than ten users.

  • $3/user/month – If billed monthly
  • $2.25/user/month – If billed annually


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.8/5 out of 11 reviews

Capterra: 4.8/5 out of 48 reviews


12. Bookafy: Scheduling with a Personal Touch

Doodle Alternative Bookafy

In the realm of scheduling tools like Doodle, Bookafy stands out by offering a greater degree of personalization. It facilitates automated appointment reminders via personalized messages. Whether a simple meeting or a detailed service booking, Bookafy adds a touch of personal care.

Like Square Appointments and, this tool’s main focus is not meeting but appointment management. The platform offers time zone conversions, similar to some of its abovementioned competitors. Moreover, Bookafy provides its users with analytics tools, which Picktime and Calendly also do.


White-labeling options

Customization requires a learning curve

2-way sync with major calendars

Limited features in the basic plan

Automated SMS and Email reminders

Booking page customization

Pricing and plans

Free: Basic features – For up to three users.

Starter: For small businesses, up to three users.

  • $4/user/month – If billed monthly
  • $3/user/month – If billed annually

Pro: Advanced functionality – For more than ten users.

  • $3/user/month – If billed monthly
  • $2.25/user/month – If billed annually


Customer reviews and ratings

G2: 4.4/5 out of 14 reviews

Capterra: 4.7/5 out of 135 reviews


13. kulibri: The Doodle Free Alternative with Task Integration

Doodle Alternative kulibri

For those seeking a comprehensive Doodle alternative, kulibri brings scheduling and task management under one umbrella. Designed with an integrated approach, it not only allows users to schedule meetings but also to assign tasks, ensuring that post-meeting actions are never lost in the shuffle.

Until October 2022, kulibri had been primarily known as a free meeting scheduler. The platform has since introduced a premium plan to provide enhanced functionalities. Nevertheless, the free version continues to offer all the necessary scheduling features that most users will find sufficient for their needs. In terms of functionality, the platform resembles Rallly since it also focuses on date and time polls.


Minimalistic and user-friendly interface

Lesser-known tool

Automatic time zone detection

Some advanced features still in development

Direct messaging available under the poll

No native mobile app

Pricing and plans

Free: For irregular scheduling.

Premium: €24/year – More customization options.


14. Dudle: The Privacy-Centric Doodle Poll Alternative

Doodle Alternative Dudle

In the era of privacy concerns, Dudle emerges as a free Doodle poll alternative that champions data protection. With no user registration needed and encryption as standard, it offers a refreshing approach to privacy in the world of online scheduling.

Like kulibri and Rallly, Dudle is well-suited for basic needs such as creating an event-scheduling poll. However, its interface is less appealing than its competitors’ ones.


Anonymous poll creation

Very basic user interface

No registration required

Limited to just polls and scheduling

Open-source tool

Lacks advanced scheduling features

Data privacy focused

No integrations with other tools

Pricing and plans

Dudle is free to use.


15. A User-Friendly Doodle Alternative for Quick Scheduling

Doodle Alternative is a simplified alternative to Doodle, designed to eliminate the complications often associated with scheduling meetings. Its straightforward interface makes it easy for users to create and share meeting links. At the same time, the app itself synchronizes availabilities across different calendars. It also automatically adapts to the time zones of the meeting participants.

Similarly to Calendly, enables automatic translation of scheduling pages to different languages. Moreover, reporting & statistics are also available to users.


Intuitive user interface

Ads in the free version

Advanced features for enterprise needs

No CRM integration

Time-zone intelligent

Pricing and plans

Individuals: Free – Includes basic scheduling features but with ads.

Professional: Advanced features, branding removal – For up to 30 team members.

  • $11.99/user/month – if billed monthly
  • $9.99/user/month – if billed annually

Enterprise: Customized.


Customer reviews and ratings

Capterra: 4.7/5 out of 75 reviews


The vast digital world of 2024 offers a plethora of scheduling tools. Doodle alternatives are making waves with distinct features catering to unique business needs. From the CRM-integrated scheduling of Hubspot to the client-centric features of Acuity Scheduling, the Doodle competitors are not to be overlooked.

To our discerning readers – as the technological landscape evolves, knowledge becomes the keystone. Explore, experiment, and determine which paid or free poll like Doodle best aligns with your requirements. The future, as they say, is just a click away.

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Is there a free version of Doodle?

Yes, Doodle offers a basic free version, though with limited features and accompanied by ads.

What is the best alternative to Doodle?

The “best” tools depend on individual needs. Calendly and Acuity Scheduling are popular Doodle alternatives, but user requirements dictate the best fit.

Is there a free equivalent to Doodle?

Yes, many solutions offer free versions, like Calendly’s basic plan. There are also entirely free alternatives to Doodle.

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